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comment’🍋’ for a dop and a rate . LEMON ROSE WINTERS she’s the young girl who’s constantly stumbling over her words. you can usually find her curled up in her bed reading a book or outside taking photos of the sunset. she’s scared of love, since every time shes tried it’s always failed. most likely always her fault , too. sl clearly, she’s single and most likely will be all her life with her luck. she hates conflict, when arguing she most likely will just run off and hide because she never knows how to handle it. lemon has one friend, her name is rocky. and she would move more. so feel free to befriend her in the comments. - - - - - - - ♡ #followtrain #like4like #followtrain #like4like #5sosrp #dirtyrp #ashtonrp #likeforfollow #likeforlikes #openrp #newopenrp #1drp #daddyrp 🌸 #ddlgrp #harryrp #arianarp #literaterp #singlerp #takenrp #dmrp #anyrp #twinkrp #5sosrp #anyrp #dmrp #kittenrp #princessrp #justinrp #daddyrp 👅 #submissiverp #domrp #subrp #riverdalerp #rp #anyrp #gayrp

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Я не хочу тратить свою любовь на кого-то, кто никогда не будет моим.

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You can really see the passion he has for singing

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ninguém sai ileso de ninguém 🌙

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" Y aunque quizás esté no sea tu mejor momento, recuerda que en todo lo malo hay algo bueno " #likeforfollow

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all u bitches better like this or else i’m sending momo to ur house .. LIKE FOR A DM ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀▌Money In The Bank. ▌
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀→ #JWmitb 
━━━━━━ ✺ ━━━━━━
「Mandy Rose」vs.「Maryse」 ⠀⠀⠀◤Divas championship◥
━━━━━━ ✺ ━━━━━━
⠀⠀Mandy Rose asked for a challenge worth fighting and Maryse answered the challenge making her shocking return to the Joker ring! Maryse defeated Gold Rush in order to secure her championship match against the Golden Goddess Tonight, followed by taking out Gold Rush AND mandy rose the following week! It all comes down to this one on one match between two faces! ━━━━━━ ✺ ━━━━━━
⠀The Bell sounds and we’re off! Maryse would charge at Mandy until Mandy tangles herself on the ropes, forcing the referee to push Maryse back! Maryse would take a few steps leading Mandy Rose to claw the eye of the challenger! Mandy immediately goes for the Bed Of Roses but Maryse is able to squirm out and land on her feet! Maryse would deliver a boot to Mandy Rose causing Mandy to roll under the bottom rope. Maryse would follow her but Mandy connects a stiff kick to the mid section and rolls her back in. Mandy Rose now tosses her to the corner end unloads with right hooks! Mandy Rose goes for the snap DDT but Maryse reverses into the fireman’s carry! COVER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY THE GOLDEN GODDESS! Maryse now goes for the French kiss immediately but Mandy counters into a rollup pin! Using the ropes for leverage but the referee catches it and doesn’t count! Mandy argues with him, letting Maryse roll her up from behind! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Mandy now takes advantage and connects a running knee, flipping the body of the French Deity! Mandy would drag Maryse by her legs to the corner and begin to slam it against the shield of the ring post! She now grabs her by her hair and slams her face first into the floor before stepping on her skull, applying even more pressure! Mandy Rose goes for a Irish whip over the announce table but Maryse counters and tosses her instead! Maryse now stands on the announce table and connects a diving crossbody on the body of the divas champion! Maryse rolls her in the ring and measures her for the finishing move but Mandy hits a elbow and delivers the glory neckbreaker!

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im excited asf

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She is so good girl ❤

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Dejé de creer en las palabras de gente falsa y me siento mucho mejor :) #instachile

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Oh my goodddddd 😂😂

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He is so fking cute 😍🤤 @boyswish

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No esperes los buenos momentos para ser feliz, se feliz, y los buenos momentos llegarán solos 🇫🇷❤️

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LIFE STYLE 🌿🌱☘. Celebrando el valor de la amistad. `Espírítu Pachamama' y las mil y un parrillas... Pasión por las brasas N ° 1017. Como una entrevista que le hicieron en España al genio Atahualpa Yupanqui: - ¿Qué es un amigo pa usted?… un amigo… y lo pensó, y fumó… dos pitaditas… y dijo: Un amigo… es uno mismo, con otro cuero. . . . #love #drawing #color #fuego #pencil #beautiful #pasion #f4f #follow #picoftheday #photography   #followme #colors #like4like #diseño #9 #fashion #man #smile #pencildrawing #repost #cool #me   #instagood #asado #artlovers #likeforfollow #tbt #fire #fire

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Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. 🧛‍♀️📚 - Stephen King -

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셀카화질 왜이러세요 🙄

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Part. 28 3월과 4월, 그 사이에서 #IamADreamer

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Part. 27 그렇게 겨울이 가고 봄이 오듯 #IamADreamer