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3 weeks ago

I’m amazed by the high growth of this #hoyacarnosa this is its third location in my home & it’s thriving. First was in high, dark shelf where it didn’t die but didn’t grow either. Next was in #westernexposure where it thrived. But this #awningwindow faces #southeast & you can see the foot-long vine coming out of the frame, that grew within the past six weeks since moving it to this window. The cutting was originally #libraryplants #workplaceplants #workingplants #plantsofinstagram

3 weeks ago

I inherited this #dracaenamarginata plant aka #madagascardragontree at work (and was promised the entirety of the flora on our second floor after the current caretaker/gardener/Library assistant retires). After years of neglect I pruned it hard in January & thought I killed it because it was months before new leaves sprouted; finally they appeared this spring. It was leggy & growing horizontal believe it or not. Every weekday I see it, I smile knowing I revived it & now it flourishes #plantrescue #plantsofinstagram #plantsintheworkplace #workingplants #workplaceplants #libraryplants

8 months ago

Time for the potted plants to get some special attention. #libraryplants

9 months ago

Some of our library staff have green fingers.. #libraryplants

10 months ago

It's already Tuesday (?!) and our #libraryplants are oh, so happy.

1 year ago

With plant. 🌱

1 year ago

@miss_larissa again with #protip no. 1, read your newspapers! Just spending ten minutes reading a newspaper will increase your brain function by 40%. Okay, that's not true, but you'll still learn a lot that you didn't already know. #protip no. 2, don't tear up our plants! I worked hard to bring these plants into the library (the ones downstairs that is), and when people tear them up I'm unable to pay for more. Lecture over, but look at that last picture - doesn't that succulent look so much better than the other one? Doesn't it look happy? #libraryplants #newspaper #themoreyouknow #wallawallaulib #petersonmemoriallibrary #wallawallau #wallawallauniversity #librariesofinstagram #studentworker #ilovewwu #learningthings #nowiknow #happyplant

1 year ago

Library's cilantro plant flowering! 🌷🌼🌸 plant courtesy of patrons who left for the summer #libraryplants

1 year ago

Welcome back to term 3!! We hope you had a wonderful holiday break. We've been doing some reading around biophilic design, and the benefits of green spaces in learning environments, and were very excited to work with @polly_and_the_wren to introduce some gorgeous greenery into the #juniorschoollibrary - this snake plant is just one. Suitable for low light, low maintenance and hardy, we think these plants will complement our space perfectly & hope you enjoy them #librarylife #greendesign #biophilicdesign #plantsofinstagram #libraryplants #snakeplants

2 years ago

I'm here to give a talk on seed starting this evening, just checking out the #libraryplants This begonia looks really happy! *edit* Over on FB EMILY Stuart IDs this as an episcia!