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3 hours ago

We are unable to reopen just yet due to continued demolition, but the good news is that we should not have to close later again in the summer! Plan on seeing us soon, in early July. In the meantime, enjoy photos of our protected spaces and the #aloebloom ! #summerconstruction #libraryplants

2 weeks ago

One of the plants in the library office. A #whatchamacallit plant. I just can’t figure out what it’s called. If you know it’s name just let me know in the comments. Otherwise, simply enjoy 😊 #libraryplants #welikeplants

2 weeks ago

I invested many hours this last year building my editing resume, applying feedback, and building my business resources. I'm now confident in my abilities and in charging what I'm worth. If you had told me as a dyslexic 4th grader that not only would I be a talented book editor one day but that I would enjoy it more than any other job I could imagine, I would have said you were a crazy weirdo! 📚 We can't ever judge a child based on their shortcoming. Instead, praise their strengths and watch the rest catch up! My parents wouldn't let me see myself as having a "learning disability." They fought to facilitate my talents and showed me how dyslexia could be a gift. 📚 I've had to work a little harder to get where I am, but more than the differences in my processing, my struggle was in overcoming things I or my teachers thought having dyslexia meant I couldn't do. #imaneditor #bookediting #letsmakeabook #amediting #dyslexicauthor #overcoming #changetheconversation #dyslexiaawareness #nothingsimpossible #dontwritemeoff #imdyslexic

3 weeks ago

*Today at the #Atheneum... have you met our potted friend in the #WeezieLibraryforChildren ? . 11:00AM-2:00PM Great Hall Social Security Administration Visa Application Day . 5:00PM-6:30PM Great Hall Teen Advisory Board Meeting . 6:00PM-7:00PM Gallery #Literacy Volunteers of the Atheneum Beginner's English Class . 6:00PM-7:00PM Learning Lab Literacy #Volunteers of the Atheneum Intermediate/Advanced #EnglishClass . For event details, please visit our website (link in bio). See you at 1 India Street! . Thursday Hours: 9:30AM-7:30PM . #nantucketatheneum #nantucket #socialsecurity #visaapplication #learningenglish #libraryplants #loveyourlibrary

3 months ago

Our pineapple plant has a tiny ripe pineapple on it! #libraryplants

3 months ago

Для наших читателей предусмотрен не только уютный общий читальный зал на 1 этаже, но и тематические залы, а именно: зал нотных и аудиовизуальных документов, где можно полистать энциклопедии и журналы музыкальной тематики, послушать виниловые пластинки и сыграть на фортепиано; зал документов по искусству, где вам предоставят книги и журналы по всем видам искусств: архитектуре, живописи, дизайну, кино, цирку, театру; зал рукописей, старопечатных и редких изданий, где можно увидеть уникальные документы XIV–XXI вв. (старопечатные издания до 1830 г. выдаются только наличии письма-ходатайства с места учебы или работы с обязательным указанием темы). Для углубленной научной работы удобно расположиться в зале диссертаций, зале докторов наук или научных читальных залах. И это еще не все, ведь всего в библиотеке 17 залов на 3 этажа. А в зеленой зоне можно просто отдохнуть и провести время за любимой книгой. #главное_nlb

4 months ago

Our library has many potted plants around the building and our Christmas Cactus is now beautifully in bloom near the children’s section. Many thanks to our volunteers who maintain these plants for us! #ellajohnsonlibrary #libraryplants #christmascactus

5 months ago

Meet a few new faces... or leaves🍃🌱🌿... in the library! This will be their new home for the duration of the construction 👍 #libraryplants

5 months ago

Wellness is on everyone's mind at the moment. If you are a stressed undergrad, a teacher trying to support your students, or just want to take better care of yourself, UCL had some resources that can help. We have books on mindfulness for children, especially in the classroom. UCL has support for students, for more information check out @uclcares or visit the link in our bio. We've also filled the library with plants to try and make it a more welcoming place to everyone who walks in. If you need any help find books on mindfulness or finding out how UCL can support your mental wellbeing, speak to a member of staff ❤️ . . . . #wellness #mentalhealth #support #mindfulness #uclcares #curriculumresources #childrensbooks #teaching #curriculum #student #studying #bookstagram #succulents #libraryplants #weareioe #myuclyear #librariesofinstagram

5 months ago

It might be winter break but I was worried about my plants. These babies were indeed thirsty. Yes, I used broken copies of Kiki’s Delivery Service and Big Nate as my shelf backdrop. #plantsofig #teachersofinstagram #winterbreak

5 months ago

We're closing early today, at 3pm along with the entire Free Library of Philadelphia system and will be closed all day tomorrow, December 25th. The Art department will reopen 9am-9pm on Wednesday the 26th as usual #freelibraryofphiladelphia #artbooks #libraryplants

5 months ago

For this Monstera deliciosa it is probably better not to be stacked upwards cause there is more light to catch on the floor.

5 months ago

Yucca in a nice shape Providing lots of cuttings

5 months ago

The library plants never fail to amaze in the low angled winter light.

6 months ago

Our Christmas Cactus started blooming!! Fun fact: nobody on staff remembers when/how this plant got into the library’s possession 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 #mysteryplant #libraryplants

8 months ago

After school on Friday, the library pineapple plant found a rare ray of sunshine! #libraryplants