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y sí

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I’m mad at that interviewer for being unprofessional. That’s it. Y’all don’t have to be mad at them but I am. Let me live.

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la marca de agua que está arriba nadie la vio si? era del vídeo (re paja sacarla) ✨

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وقتی بین سارا و سنا کل کل ایجاد میشه 😂😂 اینم همتون ببینید، همتووون، حتی تویی که ۱۰ سالته و اینا روت تاثیرات منفی میذاره (وی کلا نمیتونه مامان بزرگ نباشه) قضیه اینه من خودمو مامان بزرگ لریه ها میدونم :)) بعد خیلی رعایت میکنم که یوقت کسی رو چیزی حساسه ناراحت نشه 😂😂 ولی تموم شدددد...اون سارا مردددد...از فردا براتون سکس تیپ لری میذارم...اصلا میرم شخصا از لری فیلم میگیرم *وی دیگه به جنون رسیده* 😹😹 #sis_tommo _________________________ #louistomlinson #louis #tomlinson #harrystyles #harry #styles #niall #horan #niallhoran #liampayne #liam #payne #larrystylinson #larry #stylinson #onedirection #directioner #1D #دایرکشنر #واندایرکشن #وان_دایرکشن

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Part 13 -------- They chatted with Kendall, exchanged numbers and Taylor went home. She went up to the 13th floor and, walking down the corridor, took out the keys and didn't notice the person walking towards her and pushed him and her keys fell, he picked up her keys .. she immediately recognized his tattoos - it was Harry - Harry! You showed up! Where have you been? - I had to think, you know what.. I won't torture you, I will go better, I don't know why I came here .. - Stop, don't leave, tell me what happened After a minute of silence, he ran his hand through her hair and said softly, but so that she heard: - I do not like that you spend so much time with Niall, you say that he is your friend, but it is obvious that it's not true and I dream that I have someone like you so that I can be with her and not feel lonely I want to love and be loved.. - I believe that every person has his soulmate, so I think such a beautiful person like you will have his half - I want you to be my soulmate.. - What? - she said scared - I know you a for a long time, Taylor. Don't get me wrong, but I saw you for the first time in college and I was curious, you know a girl all dressed in black with a red scarf and my favorite book in her hands .. I asked all students about you, but nobody knew anything .. since then, I spent several hours every day in the library reading this book and remembering you in class that day .. That day in the library, when we met, it was not accidental and since then I can't forget you. Before we began to communicate, I thought about you and rejoiced when I saw you, but when I met you I stopped being strange Harry, the dude in a leather jacket, I became Harry, who knows the most beautiful girl in the college, heck on the whole planet .. - Wow, Harr- - Don't answer, I just shared with you what tormented me .. I understand that I have no chance to be with you, but we can sometimes hang out if you don’t mind - Of course .. * they looked each other in the eyes and it seemed that Taylor was going to cry at the same moment, but she did not* ~ continued in comments ~

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how white people age when they are unproblematic

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It all worked out @niallhoran. You got to be in one of the biggest boybands and then started your solo career.. quite amazing solo career and I am so so so proud of you! ❤️ It’s been nine years since that tweet and it really all worked out, love. Always gonna be here for you, no matter what. 💓

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This, this is why you shouldn't let five year olds use internet, my friend.

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harry looks so happy in Japan I luv him ugh my hEaRt🥰🥰

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I was today pretty busy 🙄🤧

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baby in pink

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Ufff💘💘💕💕 He is so hot and sexy and I would let him choke me with his bare hands. #liampayne

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Hello, my name is A and I'm starting this new account because I love Liam Payne and want to meet more people who do the same. #liampayne

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