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Before and after 😻them natural lashes though 😱🔥

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3D volume lashes $100 for a limited time dm to book 💕

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Hybrid Lash Extensions • • • • • • | Bookings Via

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Get Gorgeous Lashes while you sleep with Lash Boost!!

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🌻 Full Set Volume 🌻 Feels so rewarding giving this babe a service she’s never had before! Loved having a play with these lashes and absolutely LOVED making this look on her eyes! 😍 - - - - - - - - - #lashes #lash #lashextensions #lashesextension #lashboost #lashing #lashobsessed #lashstudio #lashbeauty #lashmaster #lashed #lashpro #lashdolls #lashqueen #beautiful #beautifulwomen #salon #salons #beauty #eyes #volumelashes #volumelashextensions #volumefans #hybridlashes #hybrid #classiclashes #classic #goregous

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Hi all!! I’m so excited to share my personal experience with R+F lashboost. ❤️❤️❤️ I’ve always had short lashes. They’re sooo short that they project downwards and I often hurt my eyelids every time I attempt to curl my lashes. 😖 At one point, I was close to getting extensions but it was very costly ($200 for full set, then $70 every two weeks to maintain). 💰💰 So I tried lashboost and to my pleasant surprise ... my lashes have grown longer! I’ve only been on lashboost for over a week and I can see the difference. Lashboost costs $155 and good for two months (that’s about $75 a month). Much cheaper than latisse ($180 and you would need prescription or get it from an aesthetician). Extensions are annoying and can cause lash loss and damage. With lashboost IT IS YOUR REAL LASHES growing and thickening! How amazing is that? 😍😍. I’ve posted photos here and you can see that my lashes before are so short. I’ll be posting more before and after shots in the next few weeks (and without makeup) to show the progress of my lashes .... so stay tuned! 😘 For more information on lashboost please visit my website: Pm me for more information! 😊🥰 #longerlashes #lashboost #betterthanlashextensions #realresults

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Welcome to my studio ♡ ♡

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It’s important to book regular refills to ensure your lashes are looking their best at all times ✨

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*Glad to hear from client feedback in the morning*😍😍 Hello everyone, Miss.lashlift is here!! Door to door service available: #ShahAlam #Subang #KotaKemuning #AraDamansara #SriMuda DM/PM for more details! LASH LIFTING + LASH TINT'semi permanent makeup! Waking up with beautiful lashes everyday, no more waking up early curling your lashes every morning! ❌NO fake lashes ❌NO lash curlers ❌NO lash extensions ❌NO maintenance needed ⭕Treatment 100% done on your ORIGINAL LASHES ⭕Lasts 2-3 months ⭕Made in Europe ⭕Helps baby lashes grow ⭕Hassle free! #miss_lashlift #lashliftmalaysia #lashlift #lashliftmurah #lashliftmsia #lashliftmy #lash #lashliftandtint #lashbeauty #lashes #lashboost #lashing #lashtrainer #lashes 👀 #lashpro #lashlift #1ashliftandtint #lashliftmurah #lashliftkl #lashextensions #bulumata #bulumatanatural #bulumatamurah #beautiful #lashliftcourse #keratin #keratinlashlift

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This is why Rodan + Fields is the no. 1 skincare brand in North America, friends, and why I’m proud to share these products! It’s called multi-med therapy (the right amount of the right ingredients in the right order) plus consistency and you can have the best skin and lashes of your life too! If you have sun damage, dullness, discoloration or uneven skin tone you want to address, the Reverse regimen is the one for you! Plus, look at her gorgeous, natural lashes thanks to Lash Boost! • • • • #rodanandfields #reverseregimen #lashboost #activehydrationserum #bestskin #skincareisselfcare #numberoneskincarebrand #bestskinofyourlife

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If you’ve been following me then you know I literally had NO lashes after the birth of my second child. I didn’t want to get extensions and have to make appointments and keep them up. 🤷🏻‍♀️So in October of last year I tried R+F lash boost-and it works ladies!! 🙌🏻I now have lashes!!!! 💥💥If you’re in the same boat 🚣 I was, then we need to talk. I’m a walking billboard of the proof Lash Boost works. And I am one happy 😃 woman 👩🏻 Want more info? Shoot me a DM💌I’m having a SPECIAL‼️‼️ #lashes #yesitworks #bloggerfriends #randfconsultant #settinggoals #lashboost #randf #bloggerstyle #beautyblogger #bloggersofinstagram #sharing #influencer #blog #ceoofme #immyownboss

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Let's kick this Spring Referral program into gear! • Starting today (March 23rd), any new Preferred Customer or Consultant referrals you send me, and makes the qualifying order by April 30th, you'll receive FREE R+F products from me! #wahoo • Know someone who could benefit from Rodan+Fields? • Well now here’s the chance to get some free R+F from your referral! • 🌷1 PC Referral - FREE two pack of Instant Makeup Remover Wipes. 🌷2 PC Referrals - FREE Eye Cream or Bright Eye Complex or Lip Renewing Serum. 🌷3 PC Referals - FREE Radiant Defense + Liquid Brush or Active Hydration Serum. 🌷4 PC Referrals - FREE Lash Boost or Spotless! *Receive $100 FOR ANY CONSULTANT referral! • Please be sure to message me or tag your referrals in the comments. Have all your referrals mention your name at the time of purchase so you get credit! • This is just for a limited time, so hurry up and snag some yummy freebies! Comment, Like and Share this post! • (❗️Important ordering information- All referrals must order now through April 30th. New referral program starts today, not yesterday or last month, TODAY! March 23rd. *ALL new PC orders must be over $80! • #yayyou #yay #referral #rflife #rfgals #bestie #rodanandfields #lashboost #spotless #freebie #cashback #free #tagyourbestie #rfglowwithme #glow #spring #springhassprung

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#LashBoost never, ever disappoints...... 👏👏👏

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Not extensions, all her real lashes 🤩 - The YumiLashes product is the very definition of elegance and high end keratin lash treatment in the industry today. YumiLashes is a European brand made in Paris. EU approved, which exceeds the normal standards of the FDA. It's hypoallergenic, non-toxic, paraban free, formaldehyde free, & contains no harsh chemicals. - ⏱️ Process time, 75 - 90 minutes ✅ Lasts 8 - 12 weeks 🚫 Very little to no maintenance - #yumilashes #yumilashlift #lashlift #lashlifting #keratinlashlift #keratintreatment #livelovelashes #livelovelift #lashesonfleek #iwokeuplikethis #hudabeauty #lashesfordays #lashboost #lashbotox #lashenhancement #eyelashes #natural #naturallashes

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💕I do believe this company was built with people like @amyhehre in mind! Keep swiping and I know these images and her story below will SHAKE you like they’ve done me. This truly is #lifechangingskincare . . Amy is a US Certified Physician Assistant, Kenyan Clinical Officer, CEO and founder of OVI Children’s Hospital -a 24/7 medical facility offering free, life-saving treatment to critically ill orphans an abandoned children across Sub-Saharan Africa. . . She is also a ROCKSTAR Consultant who is able to fully fund her heart’s efforts. With her RF business she is able to personally donate the majority of her earnings to the care of their babies every month and also support her and her husband’s salaries for the first time ever! They were able to pay off all debt thanks to their income from skincare! . . In here words👉🏻”You guys, this feeling is unreal! I didn’t even want this opportunity at all! Honesty, I had no idea what it would mean for me. But I went in blindly and obediently, because God ALWAYS knows better. AND HE DID! 🙏🏽It’s not Christmas, but it sure feels like it!!! ALL zeroes on ALL credit cards for the first time EVER. 🎄When we first became missionaries I felt strongly that we should just live on our personal savings from Rob’s past work and what we made from selling our vehicles. In doing this, we could use 100% of donations to OVI Children's Hospital for the treatment and care of our precious patients. Clearly with life and CHILDREN that ran down quite quickly and we had to call in the plastic rectangles of doom. It was so defeating! 😣 But thanks to God pushing me into this wild, unexpected world of R+F, I am now able to personally donate the majority of our earnings to the care of our babies every month and also support our own salary for the first time ever!!!” {this is her unique story, for typical results, search RF ISD}

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Sultry Saturday 🖤