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7 months ago

I was feeling discouraged the other day. Do you have those moments when you work so hard for something and you don't feel like you're doing a good job? Well, I decided to do a pink and white to see how far I've come. The first photo is the first sculpt I did just over six months ago. The second is the one I did today. Yes it has flaws and the mediums are different but all in all I'm pleased with how far I've come. (did I mention this is my first hard gel pink and whites?) #practicemakesperfect #westjordanutahsalon #utahnails #lantis222 #phenixsalonsuites #nexttimetheywillbeflawless

7 months ago

Today I want to give a shout out to @beyondthemirrorwithcarly who is without a doubt the most wonderful and amazing hair stylist I know! She donated a lot of time and talent to help someone very dear to me feel better about herself. I also want to thank @brooksby_beauty for her wisdom and help! You ladies are rock stars and I am so blessed to know you! Seriously, I work with the best people in the world! I love you both! #whenthegoinggetstoughthetoughgetgoing #lantis222 #phenixsalonsuites #sparkle