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On July 18, 1996 – Michael visits South Africa for a few days, he arrives in Johannesburg, where he attends a private birthday for President Nelson Mandela. Mandela invited about 2000 children to the party. Michael and Mandela remained life long friends. . Happy birthday, President Mandela!

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In the mockumentary of the liars James n Wade , James mentioned that Michael took him to Zales Jewellery to buy an engagement ring and he claimed that Michael bought that ring for him .. well, the story is Michael is seized by armed police after being mistaken for a robber whilst shopping in disguise with Jimmy Safechuck at Zales jewellers in Simi Valley.. Michael never confided his personal relationship to children so stupid James have no idea about why Michael bought that engagement ring for ... Michael friends know that Michael had a relationship with an African woman living in California bay .. Flo Antony said she thot they were engaged .. Michael proposed to this woman but she thot she wasnt ready to marry him !! That hurt him so much .. well, I brught pics from the oclock which Michael wrote the Remember the Time on it and notice the dates well .. he talked about that ring .. Then he talked about that girl when he wrote yhe words behind the painting .. I dunno why ppl judge before doing any kind of searching !! The media is attacking MJ as if he were the enemy !! MJ army of love, Preach 🙏 #mj #mjj #mjisinnocent #mjisthebestofthebest #vindicatingmichaeljackson #kingofpop #searchbeforeujudge

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Which song is your favourite? 😍

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••• I dream about meeting him all the time. It would’ve been a moment I would of cherished forever. This man means more than I can put into words. He was not only the best entertainer of all time, but he was a loving son, a genuine and humble human being, an humanitarian, a beautiful soul, and THE best father. I’m proud to be a fan of Michael Jackson. ••• . . #michaeljackson #moonwalkers #mj #badera #love #legend #kingofpop #beautifulandkindhearted #streammjmusic #nomutingmj #mjvitiligo #mjlegend #mjj #ultimateentertainer #humanitarian #matureera #dangerousera #offthewallera #mjfam #puresoul #mjisinnocent #factsdontliepeopledo #mjtruthsquad #iknewleavingneverlandwasbs @michaeljackson . .

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Michael Jackson photographed by Herb Ritts, c. 1991. #MichaelJackson

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TJ JACKSON:💔""Paris and Prince told me that they started to feel Isolated and Trapped while wearing the Masks, they didn't want to upset my Uncle, so they kept quiet about it until after he passed away."💔

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👼🏾 Repost! 👼🏻 Which I am very sorry about but I just had to fix it.. Hope the repost was worth it 😅 Swipe for the comparison.. . Quick sketch from 1989s soul train awards where he won 4 pieces and literally couldn't hold them all alone and I thought how cute and funny that looked 😂❤️ . [ #drawing #painting #draw #mjfan #michaeljacksonpainting #moonwalker #music #popmusic #anime #justiceformichael #michaeljackson #applehead #mjinnocent #soldieroflove #art #artist #artwork #michaeljacksonart #poplegend #kingofpop #printerest #sketch #sketchbook #neverland #thrillerera #mj #innocent ]

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Hes beautiful✨💓 - Dt: tagged

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WHO'S BAD?🖤 _ Just listen to the rhythm and after more than 30 years this is much more modern and better than today's music!👑 • And about his voice and movements is totally needless to discuss🎶☝️ • Long live the king of music. We all love you!♾💙 _ @wingheartmj ♡♡♡

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✨| Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in the classic 80s trilogy “Back to the Future”. If you have not seen this movie, I definitely recommend it.

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MichaelJackson's "Invincible" album certified 2X Platinum in US. #KingOfPop. Jackson sold 10,000,000++++ copies Worldwide of "Invincible".

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💘🌟🎶💫🎼” Don't Want to Grow Up" my beautiful #disneyloves SO VERY EXCITED TO 🤗🤗ANNOUNCE the release of my album “The Chronicles of Wendy Darling” recorded at Henson Studios & available NOW for PRE-ORDER on iTunes - album released AUGUST 1st on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon & more 🎉🥳⭐️🧚‍♀️ It’s been a long time coming and I simple can’t wait for you all to hear it ❤️🤩‼️ Here’s a little taste 🙏🙏🙏PLEASE SHARE THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #songwriters #unsignedartist l #songs #vocals #producers #voice 👸🏻 #disneyloves #disneyside #d23 #d23expo #hallebailey