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the way he makes my heart do flips and whatnot - - credits: nunaanim

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Fans have been browsing iKON Junhoe’s instagram account and found something very interesting, he apparently unfollowed his agency founder Yang Hyun Suk.  He went on a mini unfollow spree, he unfollowed a total of five accounts going from 20 accounts to 15 accounts, he also unfollowed WINNER as well.  What fans found interesting was that he didn’t unfollow his former group member B.I (Hanbin). Many fans actually applauded his actions; many fans are still upset about how YG Entertainment handled B.I’s drug controversy and the way he was dropped as soon as the controversy was dropped on.  On the other hand, Yang Hyun Suk made his instagram account private after new reports emerged about him, he continues to deny everything.   What do you guys think this means?  ------------------------------------------⠀ Follow me @jazmine_media for daily Kpop and kdrama news 😉  You can also visit the blog for more exclusive Kpop and kdrama news 🤗

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Cidden konserlerin Hanbin'siz bu kadar coşkulu olacağını düşünüyor musunuz?

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What is this falling from eyeballs😩😭 I wonder what he is doing now.. my hanbinie..As always i have to say babe everything will be fine. Untill then eat well and be happy. We wont ever leave u. @shxxbi131 When this winter passes Spring will come~ @bobbyindaeyo `~♡~` Cr to owners ' #ikon #ikonic #bi #bobby #kimdonghyuk #koojune #songyunhyeong #jungchanwoo #kimjinhwan #jay #june #kimjiwon #kimhanbin #yg #ikonbobby #ikonbi #ikonics #ikonmemes #bts #bobbyikon #ikonjinhwan #ikonyg #ikonedits #doubleb #junbob #yunbin #junhwan

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Comment yours so I can laugh 🌸 . Hanbin touched my thighs because why not 😂 this is actually funny

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✰ i miss hanbin so much he deserved better :(( #q : late but what are you opinions on the scandals surrounding yg and hanbin lately? — ꒰ #leehi #이하이 #stage #noone ꒱ song : no one by lee hi ft. bi of ikon

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》DON'T REPOST BECAUSE IT'S MINE《 🤷🏽‍♀️ I didn't have the courage to release this cover, this is only a part of it. When the song came out I wanted to see if I could play it and I could. I was so amazed by the lyrics and the choice of chords. The same chords are used in their song "I Miss You So Bad" Some parts I did mess up on, and took me a while to find thus one note, that I couldn't really understand, I have no idea if it was the right note I just improvised so it could sound good with the main chords. I don't sing btw. I don't like singing, I just play instruments and learn dances, that's all do. I hope it sounds okay, I will debate if I should keep it up or not, because I'm super shy when it comes to sharing things like this. Hope it sounds good to you guys 😅 It also took a couple of days to learn all the different parts, omg it was a hassle. I had to record three backing tracks. Then I played the main part. It was fun though. I kept getting off tempo, because I kept hearing something outside, that was lowkey creeping me out btw #iKON #아이콘 #KimHanbin #김한빈 #KimJinhwan #김진환 #KimJiwon #김지원 #SongYunhyeong #송윤형 #KooJunhoe #구준회 #KimDonghyuk #김동혁 #JungChanwoo #정찬우 #AmericaniKONIC #StaywithiKON #Trending #WeareBIhindyou #Dancers #iKONpleteme #StandwithHanbin #USA #7OGETHERWITHiKON #ikonic #Kpop #Viral #iKONiscomingUSA #TeamiKON

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~ I don't want to speculate anything yet, but these 2 different kpop prediction acc have uploaded tweets that something good will happen (and still a lot out there not just them both of them). And they uploaded some news or tweets about iKON in their tweets. I don't know what will happen, but I hope it's really something good that happens to iKON, maybe the ot7 iKON will come back together. Because from today there have been a lot of irregularities, such as June ig account that suddenly changes its profile picture, and is unfollowed YG and some YG artist except the ot7 iKON. Actually what is happening?? I really want to know. ~ Cr : to the owner #ikon #ikonic #kimhanbin #hanbin #bi #kimjinhwan #jinhwan #jay #songyunhyeong #yunhyeong #yoyo #kimjiwon #jiwon #bobby #kimdonghyuk #donghyuk #dk #jungchanwoo #chanwoo #chan #yg #ikonot7 #ot7forever

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HALU TIME!!! Midnight is the right time to halu🙂🙂. Imagine hanbin as ur best friend❤️ . Jangan baperrrr!! . Kim . ©️twitter . Jangan lupa like, follow dan share ya keteman teman kalian.. Repost? Tolong kasih tanda @tetanggaikon Like and comment for support💞 . Tag ke teman kalian yang bucin dia😍❤️ @shxxbi131 @_dong_ii @sssong_yh @juneeeeeeya @chan_w000 @gnani_____ @bobbyindaeyo #Kimjiwon #Kimhanbin #Kimjinhwan #songyunghyeong #Koojunhoe #Kimdonghyuk #jungcanhwoo #ikonicindonesia #iKON #ikonic #lovescenario #killingmeikon

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→ q: idol who is currently in a group that you think would be a successful solo artist? i feel like the song isn’t complete without hanbin in it yk.... i don’t wanna go on a whole rant but hanbin deserves better. they both deserve love and happiness and nothing less. this song was stuck in the head when i first heard it, honestly a bop

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Hey, chị nghĩ là bớt nhớ về em thôi. Nếu không ngày của chị sẽ buồn thật là buồn. Một kẻ kiêu ngạo như chị nhất định không để ai làm chủ tình cảm của mình ấy vậy mà mày làm chị buồn muốn chớt. Chị đôi lúc cũng nhắc nhở rằng mọi chuyện the end rồi. Chỉ có thể mong em an yên hạnh phúc thôi, nhưng lại không cam tâm. Nhớ Binnie đến mức nằm mơ là thấy. Tự hỏi em ổn không? Mọi chuyện rồi sẽ tốt thôi. Rồi chị lại nghĩ đến việc Binnie không trở lại nữa. Lại khóc. 😭😭😭 Những chuyện liên quan đến idol luôn làm chị iếu đuối hahaha. Hà Nội mưa quoài. Chị nhớ Macau. Chị muốn tự do. Và nghĩ rằng nếu không phải vì đam mê hay là em cứ bay đi. Trở thành người bình thường ý. Em vui là được, tự tại là được. Mọi chuyện rồi sẽ ổn cả thôi. Chúng ta rồi sẽ hạnh phúc cả thôi. Đúng không Binnie?? #hanbin #kimhanbin