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7 minutes ago

so we really debating if an isis member should return to the UK? nothing less than the death sentence

9 minutes ago

ugh my dad is really making me leave my house at this gotdamn hour to give him a bloody phone🤧

13 minutes ago

guys shouldn’t do the sex and masterbation bc their peen will get dry like raisin

15 minutes ago

nice to see that my boys are doing god’s work in all aspects🥰🥰

18 minutes ago

someone literally burped in my face today when they were getting off the bus so now I believe capital punishment isn’t such a bad idea after all

21 minutes ago

me after finding out what I thought was chlamydia was actually HIV

24 minutes ago

y’all why do I have to catch feelings for someone with such a SHITE personality like fuck

26 minutes ago

again, me after namjoon does ANYTHING

30 minutes ago

me @ my pussy after namjoon does anything

32 minutes ago

me after chemo

34 minutes ago

me after showering naked 😎🥰

37 minutes ago

me when my mum threatened to send me to kenya after catching me black out drunk

41 minutes ago

ugh account is moving slow I’m gonna cry

46 minutes ago

hello. I’m starting this account because I’m depressed and bored, will prop stop posting after a while bc of my commitment issues and the fact that I will be stuck on 10 followers forever. Enjoy nevertheless 🤧

1 hour ago

Little @little_lady_leia has been so supportive and Occassional takes off one of her beautiful made eco sustainable bonnet who are made by her very clever mum Carrie @sweet_as_april To wear some of our little Josie Joan’s clips . Every time I see an image or a video of Little Leia she brings the biggest smile to my face. . 📷 @sweet_as_april . . . #hairpretties #calledtobecreative #candidchildhood #thatsdarling #kidsofinstagram #fashionkidz #trendytots #kidzbop #kidzootd #kidzfashion #thatsdarling #holdthemoments #vintagekidsclothes