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JORDYN THIS IS POST WHICH I WANT TO SEE YOU SO BADLY!♥️ I don't know how can I explain my love in front of you! I love you from the day when I saw you🔆 you are amaizing person,so warm,cute and the kindest ofc!🌻 I was working hard for you FOLLOW,LIKES but I know u worth that!🌹Bc u love your fans ! Your every single like makin my day happier and more positivity🔆 it was some bad moments when I thought to go from this fandom but then I was looking at your likes and your love front of fans and just told myself: how can u leave this angel person 💜 and I stayed! And I know i chose the best choice!🔆Bc I stayed with you to be your back forever! I like your everything! I just love your every single step🌹 you are making my motivation my days to be better and easier! Your every single video is my born again🌻 I don't know how lucky is your family,mum,dad,brother,sister,boyfriend,friend,best friends Bc they have YOU!❤️ and ofc our big fandom Bc we have YOU!❤️ you are reason why we all are happier and happier every day! I don't know how u are for anyone but for me you beautiful,young 18 years old girl are STRONG PERSON!💜 who learned me a lot of things,how can I came out from depression, how can I be more positivity and full with cool temper and this is Bc of you! 🌹 my love,my reason for life,my angel, the kindest,cutest,prettiest my little princess❤️ every single hour is for you,every single minute is for you,this second is for you !❤️ I just don't know how can I explain you with words, I can't describe you in English words! I nee all the worlds languages to explain my love to y! ❤️ just see this post! Just see! Just like !💜 don't skip I rlly want to read this post!♥️🌹 Bc every second of my life is you ! My Half Part is you❤️ my dream is you ! Every night you are my dream and I'm dreaming when i hugging you! Taking selfies! And I'm with you❤️🔆 hope my dream will come true and before this will happen I will be here for your back and to be your supporter forever ! 🔆 I love you @jordynjones ❤️🔆 #teamjordyn #jordynjones

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daddy alex 🤤 . ( wait until the end for a surprise 🤪 ) c; me dt; alex app; vs and ultralight @blesiv @wtfblesiv ♥️ .

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day 20 - s̶l̶e̶e̶p̶i̶n̶g̶ i hope y'all will have a better day than i did (:

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•Tayler, once I found you, you became an integral part of my life. Because you're the sweetest, kindest, craziest person I've ever met. All your pranks make me smile every time, and your smile is the sweetest and most beautiful, I separately thank your parents. Every time you make me look for something new, I learn English for you. Just know that I love you so much and everything you do is amazing. be happy, good mood and pastime. @taylerholder @tayler @brycehall @badzachx @jordynjones @jordanbeau @wendyholder @joeybirlem #taylerholder #tayler #brycehall #wendyholder #badzach #joeybirlem #jordynjones #jordanbeau #joeybirlem #edits #edit

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"Why do you like/love/stan Jordyn" Okay so I had this idea for Jordyn's birthday and sksksks I don't know how to explain this but like "Why do you like/love/stan Jordyn" and you guys comment why 😂 (comment if you don't get it so I know) but if I don't get any (or enough) then I'll go with my other idea!! 💕ALSO random tags (I just wrote Jordyn Jones and click the first ones that came up, so if you want to be added off just ask💘💕 [Random Ass Tags] #jordynjones #jordyan #jordanbeau #leave #brycehall #badzach #brandonwestenberg #realona #youtube #jacksonkrecioch #youtubers #jordanbeau #love #jamescharles #zachclayton #lorengray #taylerholder #graysondolan #ethandolan #daviddobrik #billieeilish #haleymorales #arianagrande #lorenbeech #justinbieber #selenagomez

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biches hatin , i’m lovin😂🥰

16 hours ago

You were just another person in my way to happiness

17 hours ago

Jordyn remember that i love u and i’ll always be there for u. if u need time for u we’ll understand. i don’t like when you are sad 😞 hope you’ll be okay soon<3 je t’aime. @jordynjones #teamjordyn #jordynjones