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Sightseeing with the Supreme Leader offers a glimpse into the mind of the man behind the binoculars. Zine by @ojnorth - See more at

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I feel like a bad ass.

4 days ago

Please follow me πŸ™πŸ» Follow Me: @jeep_clubs If love JEEP via @jeep

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Ibiza beach vibes β˜€οΈπŸŒ΄

1 week ago

Look at these peepers πŸ˜πŸ’™

1 week ago

A cornea transplant replaces diseased or scarred corneal tissue with healthy tissue from an organ donor. I received two new Donor corneas. πŸ‘‰πŸ»πŸ‘‰πŸ»Swipe to see 27 stitches in my eye, it looks like Frankenstein. And yes, they had to remove those same stitches with tweezers while wide awake. πŸ‘€ @donatelifeamerica #DonateLife #UCLA #JeepersPeepers #crossmyhearthopetodiestickaneedleinmyeye #lavenderdreamcreations #legallyblind #AnnenbergFoundation #julessteineyeinstitute

1 week ago

filmed a Q&A about ghosts, embarrassing moments & being your damn self πŸ–€ β€’β€’β€’β€’ LINK LIVES IN BIO

1 week ago

The most comfiest 100% cotton dress I own and it’s perfect for this summer heat. I’ve honestly been sweating in places I didn’t even know could sweat and this dress keeps me cool at all times πŸ’—

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back in 1973 people were excited about the first mobile phone call. what are you excited about today? β€’β€’β€’β€’ outfit details are up on da blog, LINK IN BIO