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The “it’s not sir, it’s ma’am!!” Customer has a pop! Toy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #itsmaam

16 hours ago

Not tryna be that guy but... you know what? Nevermind. #itsmaam

1 day ago

I think it would be pretty irresponsible for an ambulance to take you home really.

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ITS GALENTINE’S DAY!!!! Adventures in the city again! Prequel: “You look familiar” “like your dead girlfriend” “only when you smiillle” #iwatchedrenttwiceinaweeksueme SILLY SALMON IS HERE AND REMAINS THRU THE CHAPTERS. Chapter 1: Jazzy boomerangs on the train Leaving Trev at Stamford #galentinesparty Random lady sitting next to us constantly staring Chapter 2: WELCOME TO MOES!!! Beating the lunch rush and eating the best pineapple salsa ever. #nocap #welcometomoes Chapter 3: GETTING RICKROLLED IN CENTRAL PARK! Trying to find our rock via pictures from last year and matching the buildings. Finding our rock and placing the rest of my peach sprite in the snow to keep it cold lmao SNOWY SELFIES ON OUR ROCK #itreallybeyaownrock #binchandbenchtakecentralpark #diggininthedirt Chapter 4: Caramel Macchiatos in Starbucks having sister chats and getting that good good caffeine #howtoyeetinthestreet101 #skeetyouryeet Chapter 5: THE RETURN OF BIRTH OF A PEE BABY!! A quiet bathroom??? In grand central??? Who would ever guess???? “Get your flowers so you’re not sleeping on the couch tonight!”-vendor Chapter 6: THE #PINTWINS RETURN TO SEPHORA TESTING OUT MAKEUP AND SPENDING LIKE $70 ON MAKEUP LMAO WHATS GOOD Unpopular opinion: we didn’t like the UD naked cherry palette #bigyike #mybrowsgotcomplimented #itwasrlyhotintheretf Chapter 7: BACK ON THE CHOO CHOO!! Headed home with hands covered in Sephora products and not giving money to some dude selling candy out of a candy box lmfao “for the basketball team”...which one bruh??? Meeting Trev on the train again and starting the “train sqwaad” group chat #itsmaam #daremetosillysalmonoutofthistrain ? End: The best sister ever! I love you so much! Thank you for spending Galentine’s Day with me! Today was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again next year. NOW WE GET READY FOR FEEEMUUURRR!!!! “Dinner tonight? Sneak a swim?” 👀👌🏻🐴💜🐴🤪💄☕️™️😎🏞

2 days ago

I saw this dude running around in Houston and had to take a picture of his truck. That’s definitely not a Dodge Ram. HA #itsmaam #Dodge #maam #Ram

2 days ago

i’m laughing way too fucking hard at this shit💀💀💀💀💀 #itsmaam

2 days ago

Calm down sir.... It's ma'am!!!!!!!!!! #itsmaam

2 days ago

“WTF YVR in 60” | Episode 35 | "Gaylord Entertainment" • Watch The Full Episode @ (link in bio) • LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE (on YouTube!)

2 days ago

This one is great 😂😂😂👏 The thing about this sitiuation that irritates me beyond belief is that just because HE dresses like a woman and says HE is a woman, HE is treated differently than any other man. If any other man went into a gas station and destroyed property they would be arrested. Why in today's society do we justify this behavior just becuase we are afraid of hurting peoples feelings. Since when are feelings above the law? __________________________________________ #libtards #libtardssuck #getrektlibtard #american #americanaf #america #conservative #republican #americanconservative #socialism #socialismsucks #conservativememes #liberal #liberalmemes #socialistmemes #🇺🇸 #americafirst #thisisamerica #political #politicalmemes #politics #news #2019 #factsdontcareaboutyourfeelings #itsmaam