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Missing sunshine and the ocean. ☀️ 🌧✌🏻

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Hey my loves 🐠 🐠 have you guys seen the trailer for my new tv show airing on the 26th? If not head on to @dyhtravel and go watch it! I spent a few weeks in Australia with some amazing people working on this travel reality show! Be ready to watch some glorious adventures! Buckle up buttercup you’re in for a wild ride! 📷 @adamduffyphotography

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Family✊🏽 Pacific Rootz tees for the lil’ nesians and adults👌🏽

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Paradise lies at the end of the rainbow...Savusavu 🌈 🌴❤️

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One of the most stunning waterfalls in Indonesia is Tumpak Sewu, which means “a thousand waterfalls” located in East Java. ⠀ This secluded site, also named “Coban Sewu” is overshadowed by Java’s highest Active Volcano Mount Semeru with @filippo_cesarini ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ➡️ @thebossofbali for the Best of Bali and Beyond ✈️🏝⠀ ⠀

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Reach for it; don’t fall for it.

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Yes! You could be here with us! Go to @billabongwomens profile on Instagram to know how to win a trip to Mexico! 🇲🇽🌮🌴

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Is it summer yet?! 🏝

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#Repost @therapytuesdays ( @get_repost ) ・・・🚨🚨🚨 Issa Vibe with @_djplomo Every Tuesday @therapytuesday the best showcase in #Dadecounty _____________________________________________________________ Enjoy an amazing #Vibes , #Food , #Vendors , & #Performances 🍻Happy Hour- 7:00pm - 10:00pm RSVP your Bottle of choice $20 Beer Buckets |$20 Hookahs __________________________________________________________ 🚪Door Open at 7:00PM |Free Before 9:00pm 🎤Hosted By: @Iam.alejandra & @Ysnsteela must be 18 over to party. _____________________________________________________ Support the Movement $5 raffle ticket enter to win 1 hr studio time / 1hr photoshoot by : @oktwitdemsticks ___________________________________________________________________ #miami #dadecounty #miamigardensdr #Miamilife #movement #youtoosleep #togetherwecan #Livemusic #Spokenword #Food #veganswelcome #showcase #openmice #islandvibes #RnBNight #datenight #ladiesnight #drinkspecials #hookahs

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Some days I’m like: who am I? What do I want to do? Who do I want to be? __ Always remember that you don’t have to do anything special all these things will unfold on their own. All you have to do is feel good. __ Tag a friend you want to share this message to ❤️

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We often get asked if its ok to come on retreat solo- YES! 🙌 One of the most special things we can do in our lifetime is go on a solo adventure. When we are outside of our usual day to day life and the roles we have within that, we are free to just be ourselves and rediscover that special connection with our deeper self 💖 And rest assured, you will be surrounded by a group of lovely, like-minded women so there will be plenty of company and laughs if you so choose. Have you traveled solo before? ✈️ . . . . #soloretreat #solowomensretreat #solobaliretreat #retreatforwomen #luxurywomensretreat #womensretreatbali #luxuryretreatbali #baliindonesia #islandvibes #femmetravel #luxurybalitravel #femmegoals #retreatyourself #escapehaven #escapehavenbali #baliretreat #retreatinbali #baliretreats #retreatsinbali #yogaretreatbali #baliyogaretreat #healthretreatsbali

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The mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime. 🚙✨ Our @tepuitents Explorer Series Ayer 2 person RTT is still in need of a home on the road. It’s in excellent condition and ready for adventure. DM for more information or questions. Can be shipped to neighbor islands through Young Brothers. 🤙🏼 #goodtimesgreatadventures

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I’m always eating lovely now thanks to @chefshamwow Roots & Reggae Friday Feb 22nd 7pm-10pm Taking this one old school. Come experience flavors I grew up enjoying and the dub plates that rocksteady playing in the background. This one will touch the roots I came from and the vibes that I love show. You dont want to miss this dinner. Link in bio.. Grab your seat Asap. #chefshamwow #hamskitch #blackchef #foodporn #maryjane #cheflife #jamaica #dubplate #roots #reggae #foodie #dinner #events #bkchef #infused #private #cannabiscommununity #experience #culinary #culture #rocksteady #thc #cbd #420 #microdose #islandvibes

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when that summer tan hits ϟ the perfect crop top/shorts combo for major comfort + optimal cuteness. @princesspollyboutique kills the cool summer style game + i appreciate that v much. also, swipe to see the cutest silky headscarf that i’ll be wearing every day until i die, k. 1.19.19 #princesspolly

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Todos los días le doy gracias a Dios por la oportunidad de crear. No existe nada más en este mundo que me guste más que eso por eso me levanto todos los días súper temprano para trabajar duro para llevarle lo mejor a ustedes. Todavía faltan muchas cosas por hacer y definir, pero estoy tan feliz con mi progreso. Gracias a ustedes por todo el apoyo! Les quiero!✨

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Remember the days you prayed for the things you have now 🌙

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🌻 | Waikapū

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Anybody else like to surround themselves with friends before taking a cat nap? 😴

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#RoyallySpeaking ☀️There's something about you girl And EY don't think it's just your smile EY dunno how to say it now, I've been thinking for a while The best way to say it wombman, "your energy is right", yes so right Before EY hold you in my arms EY wanna hold you in my heart Before we share our love up on that bed EY want to place this crown upon your head wombman Queen of the Jungle, you are de Lioness _ Salutations on your Extened Journey of RA, Issa Celebration! @EmpressYefo 🎉🎉🎉 _ Get the Look @MakeManifestbk Crown by @WrapCentury _ 📸 @MorGlobal

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#MAPY #SOCA #ISLANDVIBES #HOLLABLOCK Reposted from @iammapy - Hey my Soca Lovers !!! ❤️🌴 Who is ready for Carnival season? 🎉🔥🔥🔥 Song: #OVERDUE by @erphaanalves @iammapy violin cover #Mapy #ViolinQueen 🎻👑 🚨Comment your flag bellow!! ⬇️👀 🇹🇹🇯🇲🇬🇾🇷🇪🇧🇧🇧🇿🇬🇩🇲🇶🇬🇵🇭🇹🇻🇮🇧🇸🇰🇳🇻🇨🇳🇬🇫🇷🇺🇸🇩🇴🇵🇷🇦🇼🇩🇲 🚨 TAG A FRIEND WHO LOVES SOCA !!! - #regrann

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creating memories ❤️ #CIA

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Turks Tip - If a guy comes to you and you don't want to talk to them, challenge them to see how low they can go. Most laugh and walk away. This guy and I had a great time having a dance off 🤣 I won the how low can you go challenge 🏆

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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

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Learning to distance yourself from all the negativity is one of the greatest lessons to achieve inner peace.