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5 months ago

Repost• • • Miss Alexandra Rain in a dramatic gown made of 42 yards of orange linen for the #ANDOLSEK Anniversary Collection. #ishopyellow • • • Hair and makeup by me. I loved working in this show!

10 months ago

Last Latergram Highlight Blast for this year’s @loveandautism. ❌ 1 & 2- @davidfinchtagram & Michael Andolsek of @andolsekcompany @andolsekwoman talk about his journey down the road to becoming a clothing designer and the amazing things his company does for other autistic folk like himself. He creates a workspace for them that caters to the way their brain works. Check out the About page on his website under his company IG profile. It’s so awesome!! I loved hearing his story of how he grew up and kept his passion alive to be a serious force in fashion design. ❌ 3- Jenna Boyd sits with @davidfinchtagram to discuss representation of autistic characters in shows like Atypical where she plays Paige, the girlfriend of the main character, Sam. This was a really fun interview and made me appreciate the effort that Netflix seems to be putting forth for developing depth and nuance in the characters, and bringing in real autistic actors this time around with Season 2. ❌ #AndolsekCompany #MRAndolsek #Ishopyellow #Andolsek #DavidFinchtagram #FashionDesigner #Fashion #Womensfashion #FashionDesign #Creative #NeurodivergentCreative #Creativity #ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #Autism #AutisticAndProud #AutisticFashion #AutisticCulture #Imagination #Neurodiversity #Inclusivity #Atypical #JennaBoyd

10 months ago

It's raining, it's pouring and no these clothes aren't boring! We love the work of client Michael Ryan Andolsek for @andolsekcompany and this editorial by of Michael's 2017 line gives us life on rainy mornings like these. 🌸☀️ In addition to their high fashion women's wear, Andolsek also has a higher purpose: employing and providing professional development to individuals with autism. "Not everyone is aware of the challenges and the incredible skills people with autism have. This led me to think: what if you gather together a group of people, find out their interests and skills, and then create jobs according to those interests and skills? So, by developing jobs around different individuals' skills, the ANDOLSEK Company started the journey of testing this hypothesis. It is my hope that if we discover success through this process, current and future employers of all industries will adopt such a method. You're giving them a chance to live without an unnecessary amount of stress, a chance to do what they love; to feel as every human being should: useful and valued." Be sure to look through these beautfiul photos and visit to learn more about this beautiful local brand. 😍

1 year ago

Three is all it took. Rounding out the trio as the second silver girl for the #ANDOLSEK April 14th Collection show: Miss Lex Barrus ( @lxoir ) of Niya Models ( @niyamodels ) ANDOLSEK | #ishopyellow