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35 minutes ago

Two of the coolest people I know. This was taken at the very tip of Denmark's Jutland peninsular. Behind us is the Baltic sea and the North sea crashing together. 🌊🇩🇰

37 minutes ago

Still mornings in Aoraki //

38 minutes ago

Living our best lives as Vikings 🇩🇰

41 minutes ago

All of the Viking boats built by the museum are completely sea worthy ⚓️

43 minutes ago

When @beardy.ian suggested we go to a Viking Ship Museum, I wasn’t convinced. I imagined dark little rooms with lots of writing describing old boats—not very exciting. So I was surprised when we turned up and the majority of the museum was outside. I was even more surprised that the museum was building new Viking ships, exactly as they would have been built by the Vikings (by analyzing the ships they found on the ocean floor they could determine what tools were used, type of wood, exact measurements etc). It was fascinating! I’m glad I let the history nerd convince me to go to a ship museum— it was one of the best things we did in Denmark! 🇩🇰

44 minutes ago

Lining up this morning

48 minutes ago

1, 2, 3, 4 or all? Throwing fishermen in Hue, Vietnam 🇻🇳

1 hour ago

Share love and not hate! I have the feeling it’s said a million maybe a billion times but a lot of us still don’t get the message.. Let each other be and respect the other! You never know what battle someone is fighting, even and maybe the most when someone seems perfectly fine on the outside. Don’t judge someone's situation/feelings if you don’t really know what is going on, instead give them some love! Have a happy Wednesday ❤️

1 hour ago

Can’t get over these NZ views. From one of the best sunset shoots I’ve been on.

1 hour ago

💖💛💜 Špekáček z Naše maso a nealko pivo z Lokálu je určitě kombinace, na kterou to zítra při závodech pojede!👌😂Držte palce.💪 . . . . 📷 #exploretocreate #pursuitofportraits #moodygrams #fairylights #marvelous_shots #featurepalette #folkportraits #urbanadventures #advetureisoutthere #lifeofadvenure #urbanpeople #urbanjungle #fire #iglifecz #igerscz #visualsoflife #prague #beer #instagood10k #watchthisinstagood 💖💪🏽TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS❤️💜 💘💕 Cool 📷 by @vitprindis @misa_libre 💞💙 (Thank you so much❤️💘.) ..💞+💙* ❤️💜Tag us @kayakingwelove #kayakingwelove to get featured. 🎽🎽👟👟 Cute SHIRTS, MUGS, BAGS, SHOES - click the link in my bio 👉 @kayakingwelove +💛**❤️==

1 hour ago

다 짜중낰

1 hour ago

На большие изменения в жизни нужны силы и не только ⠀ Решительность, воля, энергия, стремление, страсть, мечта. Примерно так звучит минимальный список качеств, которые неотъемлемо должны присутствовать в вашем арсенале при попытке изменения своей жизни. ⠀ А ещё терпение, способность вставать после неудач, принятие, вера и, конечно, самое простое и первое - желание этих изменений. ⠀ Путь становления сложный, все мы прекрасно это знаем. Как говорил герой одного малоизвестного фильма: "Обычная жизнь может быть скучной и угнетающей". ⠀ Скучной и угнетающей! Слышите?! У меня холод даже идёт от этих двух слов. Именно поэтому я нахожусь в движении, я на пути становления. ⠀ И сейчас один из необходимых этапов, после которого, я знаю, я стану только сильнее. ⠀ Мой блог не был бы мотивационным, если бы в конце поста я не дал бы пару советов! Вот они! ⠀ Когда нет физических сил, сила убеждения работает плохо. Другое дело, когда у вас достаточно энергии для движения, вы можете правильно смотивировать себя на сложные и не любимые действия. Копите свою энергию и не тратьте её впустую на бесполезные дела! ⠀ Начните мотивировать себя. Шаг за шагом и изменения не заставят себя ждать. Вы же желаете, чтобы ваша жизнь не была скучной и угнетающей?! Тогда действуйте прямо сейчас! ⠀ Поделитесь в комментариях мыслями или напишите мне в директ. Также не забывайте сохранять пост в закладках⚡

1 hour ago

•⁣⠀ The event takes place in central Zurich around the lake and rivers with market stalls lining the streets, stages with live entertainment, a Chilbi (funfair) centred on Sechseläutenplatz and a general festive atmosphere (⠀ —————————————————⁣⠀ Blowing the Alphorn | Zurich, Switzerland⠀ —————————————————⁣⠀ #worldbestgram #roamtheplanet #tlpicks #nakedplanet #welltravelled #shotzdelight #earthofficial #theworldshotz #travelandlife #worldshotz #keepexploring #worldtravelpics #getlost #landscapehunter #landscapelover #iamatraveler #travelworld #modernoutdoors #photographylover #lovetheworld #exclusive_shots #igshotz #visualsofearth #tourtheplanet #exploretheglobe #instagood10k #leica #travelgram #travelphotography #leicam10

1 hour ago

Exploring Rhodes Old Town

1 hour ago

First day in the Peak District. We were expecting just that, peaks. Big peaks. Instead we found a cave, but not just any cave, apparently Thor's Cave! I had to mavouver around 3 older blokes with tripods that seemed like they were learning the ways of photo taking. We cruised past The Roaches, these interesting rocks which we couldn't resist climbing over. Finally tried to find a way up Chrome hill but failed and instead just found ourselves driving through farms. Just took a photo in front of it to remind us how we much we sucked at navigating that hill... . . . . . . . #thorscave #peakdistrict #uk_shooters #lovegreatbritain #stayandwander #visualsofbritain #moodnation #trappingtones #allaboutadventures #folkgreen #theoutdoorfolk #photosofbritain #vol5k #earthoutdoors10k #ordnancesurvey #derbyshire #peakdistrictnationalpark #uniquedistrict #gloriousbritain #voyaged #winnatspass #ukpotd #britains_talent #ukscenery #lf10k #instagood10k #visualsofearth #mountainstones #exploreobserveshare #moodybritain

2 hours ago

Not really feeling like we’re ever going to have a proper autumn. But I appreciate the trees trying to make us feel like it’s here anyway 🍁

2 hours ago

Paul went in the river for this shot and discovered the bridge was hidden by trees 🙈

2 hours ago

cultures, spirituality & nature collide creating life & a purpose for mountain folk. for others it is a reason to revere.

2 hours ago

Ministry of Peace (Minipax)

2 hours ago

May 2018

2 hours ago

🏔 Gentle Giants in the Swiss Alps . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . . . 📍 Swiss Alps, Switzerland

2 hours ago

Riga was so much more than just a gold label marathon. I didn’t expect much but it stole my heart. The sights, the rooftops, details - I can clearly feel the love of citizens. Do I want to come back? Yes please!

3 hours ago

Hay lugares que parecen sacados de otro planeta, que al contemplar parece que el tiempo se detiene. Esto nos transmitió el desierto de Wadi Rum.🐪 • ¿Qué lugar te ha parecido de otro planeta? • Lawrence de Arabia fue un arqueólogo y militar inglés que llegó a estas tierras inicialmente con fines arqueológicos. Sus conocimientos ayudaron a promover la revelión de los árabes contra los turcos otomanos. 🤓 • Lawrence era un auténtico apasionado del desierto de Wadi Rum y no nos extraña su amor por este lugar.❤️ • @mondo_es #wadirumdesert #wadirum #jordan #jordania #desert #visitajordania #visit_jordan #beyondwadirum #travelcouples #travellerspic #travelpic #instagood10k #aimtb #thediscoverers #bloggersdeviajes #buscablogs #travelbloggeres #mondofotodelmes #creativetravelcouples #coupleslovetravel #coupleswhotravel #girlswhotravel #visitwadirum #ig__jordan #jordantravel #instatravelshare #wanderlust

3 hours ago

Morning view from New Jersey 🌷 . Aperture: f/2.8 Shutter speed: 1:640 sec Focal length: 70 mm

3 hours ago

Oh, the places you’ll go🤘🏽

6 hours ago

My fear of heights is unnoticeable in this photo. Good job self! 😅

3 days ago

🗺 Take a moment to appreciate . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . . . 📍 Paris

2 weeks ago

Skill up with Ujene...

1 month ago

🔎 Tell me when you see it . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . . . 📍 Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

1 month ago

⛰ The best part about travelling is the people you meet, and we met two of the best in San Francisco to then find our way over in their homeland of Switzerland a few months later to meet their family and immerse ourselves into what it means to be Swiss. @bardhae and @qendea we will see you again soon ✈️ ❤️ . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . . . 📍 Oeschinen Lake, Switzerland

1 month ago

✈️ Where to next? . . . . 📷 DJI Spark . . . 📍 Gili T, Indonesia

1 month ago

🏜 It’s not worth it if you didn’t earn it . . . . 📷 Sony a6000 16-50mm . . . 📍 Algarve Coast, Portugal