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It’s crazy how critical our self talk can be. This was almost a year ago and I remember thinking in that exact moment that I had so much work ahead of me. Fix my sh*tty skin and my damagedAF hair, whiten my teeth, lose 10 lbs, gain muscle definition, tan and contour, etc etc etc. One day, 30 years from now, I’ll come across this photo and wonder why I didn’t just love myself in the moment as a pure and happy child, doing the best that I can. It’s not easy, but on the long journey to heal my past traumas, silence my negative self talk, heal my relationship with food and self image, and to become my best self. I have good days and bad days, but with one precious life I’ve been given I’ve just got to do this for myself.🖤🖤 #infp #selflove #healing #selfimprovement #selflove #everythingisokay #bodydysmorphia

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Ughhh THIS 💀💀 whenever I get mad at my significant other I just want to grit my teeth and play the power struggle, but I know that at the end of the day, it’s up to ourselves to create our own lives and happiness. When given the choice to act out of love or fear, always choose love. #infp #life #love #selfdevelopment #beyourbestself #intj

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. يُمكن لأشياءَ بسيطة ان تُرجع للحياة حلاوتها . . . . #infp #كتاباتي ☔️

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BOOKS // Reading a GOOD book is certainly one of life’s most delicious pleasures. However, having young kids make this near impossible during this season of my life. There is just no spare time. Enter, audiobooks! I discovered that I can listen while tidying the house or lying with kids until they fall asleep at night. You can listen to many fantastic audiobooks on Spotify, so I would like to recommend one: Jane Eyre, read by Anna Bentinck and produced by @dreamscape_media. I read this Charlotte Brontë classic for the first time as an English major at University in 2002. I initially found the themes a little heavy. We studied it as an early feminist gothic novel with marxist/patriarchal/colonial undercurrents. Listening to the audiobook breathed new life into the story for me... it definitely now ranks in my top 10 favorite books of all time. Jane’s story tells of her personal growth through many difficult circumstances. She resists all attempts at conformity at odds with her personal values. She lives her life on her own terms, with immense kindness to others and is on her own, life-giving journey of faith. She prays and God answers in magical ways. As the narrator, Anna Bentinck performs the story superbly. I enjoyed every minute of it and will listen to it again in future. Oh, and Jane is most certainly an #INFP. (As am I!) #audiobooks #lifequotes #reading #janeeyre #bronte #happiness #englishliterature #feminism #marxism #colonialism #patriarchy #bildungsroman #personalgrowth #favoritebook #readtome #mommytime #metime #happinessoverdignity #goodbooks #theclassics #annabentinck #dreamscapemedia #spotify #spotifyaudiobooks

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#whymandala ? Bridge over troubled waters... transitioning from one place to another. Precarious Balancing act. Off the beaten path. Searching for something? Me too. I have discovered wild mandala practice to offer me a still point, a nexus, allowing fresh perceptions to come to me. It gets tiring doing all the work. All the things. Maybe it is not necessary. Maybe everything we need for the next step is right in front of us. Actually no maybe about it. Everything we need to take the next step is right here, now, already. Probably just waiting to be asked. Maybe start with breathing and a smile. #wildmandalas #earthcircles #suburbanseeker #infp #sunshinecoast

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🔮Going live now!🔮 ▫️ And now that I’ve discovered green/aqua clthes can be fun with chroma key, I have a bunch of other sundresses to wear when I stream haha😆👗

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Watching thoughts arrive is a weird part of writing. Observing something emerge in your mind like you are approaching a distant point on the horizon. It grows and grows until it becomes undeniable. This is the rising sun, the arrival of something new in the heart. Uncalled for, some things simply appear, simply are. × × × × × × #poem #poems #amwriting #poetrycommunity #poetsofig #writersofig #poetsofinstagram #spilledink #writersofinstagram #writing #writerscorner #poemsporn #wordsmith #writer #micropoem #micropoetry #instapoetry #writingcommunity #spilledthoughts #spilledwords #infp #art #instaart #instagood #labancole #tweegram #textpost #qotd #igdaily #gallery

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~grace~ "Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life." -John Updike What are your favorite quotes about grace? 💕 Posted 2/21/19

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ENFPs are the most introverted extroverts and I can totally believe that because I find myself questioning my extroversion constantly!

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This is how introverts feel when no one is around.😊 Did it happen to you ?

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After a life well lived, melancholy and nostalgia are permissible. À la grandparents recalling childhoods in the post war era, or during the cataclysmic struggle for independence. But when one so young, whose days stretch out innumerably before them, retreats to an existence in the realm of memory it is worrying. Their bodies so full of vigour, their destines barely explored they should be demanding to see the world, experience it and partake in all the good of the land. Fellow introverts, INFPs, melancholics, pessimists, fatalists, tired and depressed youth. Let us live life here and now in the today! Ours is an unfinished story, purpose to put unexpected twists and turns, not to ruminate over the prior chapters and acts as if our courses have already been set in stone. #olubayi_writes #writersposts #writersofinstagram #catharsis #captiontale #selfimprovement #melancholy #melancholic #infp #mbti #moodypoetry #poetry #poetrypoetryoftheworld #nostalgia #longing #mentality #memory #Si #introvert #introvertedsensing

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- I really love her. shes taking time for herself to become stable.

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when they talk about the tortured genius, somebody always brings up van gogh— how he swallowed yellow paint because he wanted to put the sunshine inside himself. how his psychosis was probably the result of lead poisoning. they call him a miracle, but what i see is a man who was so sad, he found a beautiful way to kill himself. they say, “it’s awful isn’t it?” they say, “it’s always the talented ones who go before their time.” and me, a nine year old kid who’s always been told they were so talented, wonders when i am going to die. we study them in school, the tortured artists. look at all the poets who killed themselves what would their work have been without their depression? if it's beautiful, isn’t it sad? as if depression is a parlor trick— pull it out at parties, impress all your friends. as if depression isn’t seeing how long you can go between showers before somebody notices or pizza rolls for dinner three nights in a row and then nothing the night after, because going to the store is an impossibility that you have not yet gathered the courage to conquer. it is the least beautiful thing i’ve ever seen and we call it the mark of an artist to stand in the center of an ocean and see nothing but desert. to be seated at a feast, but still swallowing sand. depression is the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint, the yellow paint— art is a coping mechanism. van gogh is good because when he had nothing, he had paint. when he was empty, he had paint. when the world was awful, he had paint. when he hated himself, he didn’t hate the paint. he whitewashed over his own masterpieces, because it was never about being famous, it was about doing the one thing that made sense when everything else didn’t. and they say, “without his illness, we never would have gotten all—this.” because they value his art more than his sanity because god forbid you lead a happy life and leave nothing to remember you by. — VINCENT, by Ashe Vernon . . . #quotes #vangogh #yellow #yellowpaint #dailyquote #art #infp #depression #thingstothinkabout

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- kiss her mind and her body will follow

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We are done having children and Recently it hit me, finally, that I will never hold my own baby again. The sweet arms of my own toddler will never find mine for cuddles, their small hands won’t search for mine for security. The weight of this is so heavy. In my career, I witness so many new families emerge and grow and it brings me deep waves of memories from my journey through motherhood. It’s truly my greatest adventure and one totally worth being present to. I don’t regret any sacrifices I’ve made as a mom and am cherishing these last few years of Toby being little. It’s so hard to put feelings into words sometimes...I almost wish I could make a movie to express what I’m feeling currently. It would have dreamy lighting and so much music and flashes of laughter and fun and heartache and so many rights of Passage. Does anyone else ever feel this way? 💕

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Well Hi There. I'm Hali. I really love raspberries. App filters are fun sometimes. This filter is called raspberry. So was my lipstick that night. I don't love being in front of the camera, but good filter fun can sometimes enhance true stories... plus, it's been awhile since I showed my face here. Along with raspberries, I also love deep soulful dives with creative process, moving color, making marks, moon-gazing and woodwalks, seeking truth, helping others (and myself) see, heal, relate, rest, engage with more Love+wonder+faith, and reveling in the joys and possibilities of creative energy that are ever-present, even in the most ordinary or quirky moments. I'm glad you're here, Creative Soul! What do YOU love within and beyond the ordinary? ... #beingsilly #truestory #berealbeyou #seekingtruth #solarreturn #artistoninstagram #workingartist #lifeisart #pisces #introverted #infp #beinghuman #dowhatyoulovetodo #visualstory #meettheartist #everythingisconnected #artheals #loveeachother #faithhopelove #sacredordinarydays #loveheals #halikarlaarts #creativeprocess #contemplative #simplejoys #begratefuleveryday #creativepractice #creativewomen #colorlove

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Got to check out Recipe for Change tonight! This awesome event featured a host of female-only chefs who offered delicious food and fascinating stories. Women make up 50% of the food service industry, yet only 20% are chefs and 6% head chefs. I wonder what the numbers are for home cooks...the public/private spheres are alive and well, let’s keep smashing that patriarchy!

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I love riding on trains and just being in train stations in general. There's something beautiful about being in a place where people are either starting their journey or ending it to begin a new chapter of their lives.

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a couple of hydrangea flowers in our garden at home 🕊🤗 the hydrangeas were white in early summer and are just becoming a beautiful light green colour ! 🕊🌸 do you often garden too or have a favourite kind of flower (or a couple of favourite kinds) ? #nature #naturalbeauty #iheartnature #allkindsofnature #hydrangea #hydrangeas #garden #organicbeauty #naturalbeautyblogger #beautyblog #beautyblogger #beautybloggers #bblog #bblogger #bbloggers #greenbeautyblogger #greenbeautybloggers #greenbblogger #greenbbloggers #allthingslove #allthingslovely #beautifullife #infp

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Yes I have a sensor best friend. By saying that I don’t have anything against sensors it’s just they make me feel so not normal (except some of course like my friend here and I thinks she’s the most intuitive sensor I know) and it makes me sad sometimes lmao but if you guys have any oppositions of her type or anything, go off in the comments❤️‼️‼️ . OMG SORRY GUYS I GUESS I DONT KNOW GRAMMAR 🤧🤧 . . #infj #infjs #infjpersonality #infjproblems #infjconfessions #infjlife #infjthoughts #mbti #mbtimemes #mbtitypes #isfj #enfp #enfj #esfj #infp #intp #esfp #entp #entj #isfp #entj #esfj #intj #entp #istp #istj #personalitytypes #myersbriggs #myersbriggstypeindicator #16personalities #typology #typologymemes #isfppersonality

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Aquamarine Pisces vibes, with the moon in Venusian Libra. My Plutonian planets make me always attuned to the darkness beneath the surface of things, which is why I always expose evil and darkness behind the scenes (in my stories mostly), and, why I love a deep berry lip color 🌸 always feeling the polarity of opposites.... #water #pisces #venusian #plutonian #deep #infp #mermaid #mermaidlife @bitebeauty black truffle

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Разум и тело.⁣ ⁣ Я обожаю заниматься саморазвитием, духовностью, целостным здоровьем и верю, что у каждого человека должна быть «цель»🙌🏻.⁣ ⁣ Следовать своему собственному «пути»- быть творческим и иметь жизненную цель - это здорово и полезно!🧘🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Вот смотрите:⁣ ⁣ Женя в основном ест овощи, она ходит в спортзал 5 раз в неделю, но у неё не любимая работа и постоянный стресс😞.⁣ ⁣ Анна тоже в основном ест овощи, но по выходным она может съесть пиццу и занимается дома йогой. Она продаёт цветы, и учит людей как их выращивать, она любит свою работу☺️.⁣ ⁣ Кто из них будет здоровее и счастливее?⁣ ⁣ Целостное здоровье (Holistic Health) - философия в медицинской сфере, в которой физические и психические аспекты жизни взаимосвязаны. Вы должны заботиться о теле и уме как одно целое.🧘🏻‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Сейчас все пытаются похудеть и соблюдают какую то диету, но многие забывают о своём психическом здоровье.🧠⁣ ⁣ Вы довольны своей жизнью?⁣ У вас есть цель в жизни?⁣ Как ваши отношения?⁣ Будьте честны.⁣ ⁣ Может, вы часто кушаете - потому что у вас стресс.⁣ ⁣ Может, вам сложно просыпаться по утрам - потому что вы ещё не разобрались со своей «целью» в жизни⁣ ⁣ Может, вы отвлекаете себя едой / алкоголем / Netflix из-за того что вы не позволяете себе чувствовать и начать меняться⁣ ⁣ Решение телесных проблем зависит не только от диет, но и от вашего психического здоровья.⁣ ⁣ Подумайте об этом

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Today's message is one of Imaginary fears, unreal hazards, and realistic caution. - In what areas do you let fear control your life? Is that fear a projection rooted in past traumas, or is it based on real hazard? - - Just because something is imaginary or based off of the past does not mean that is not scary or easily conquered. However, it does mean that we need to acknowledge where these patterns control us. Where did they come from? What can we do to ease the burden? Many times we pick up fears and habits as a defense mechanism to protect us in times of pain, sadness, and stress. We carry the trauma and fear with us, and it often heavily affects our lives, even if we are not aware of it. - - While some fears serve us (for example, knowing when a situation is unsafe) some fears harm us (social anxiety or distrust in relationships,etc). We must be honest with ourselves. Through this, you gain strength. Confronting imaginary fears can often require just as much strength as real ones. Be patient with yourself, but do be aware of the difference between real dangers and those that our minds & imaginations feed us (I know sometimes they are indifferentiable). Know that you are powerful and capable of overcoming, even if it takes awhile. Healing can sometimes be a long process. Know that you are loved, strong, & courageous. - - Take time to distinguish between the fears of your mind and the fears that require real caution. Check in with you. Some things are truly dangerous and our fears are justified. Be aware of your thought processes, even if you aren't yet ready to confront your fears. Be gentle with yourself wherever you are. If you are ready to confront your fears, be patient and remember that the inner work will serve you now and later. - - Unsure of where to start? Perhaps look into seeing a therapist if that is available to you. Pick up a journal and write out your feelings completely unfiltered. Talk to a supportive friend or family member. Question your reactions daily, and listen to the feeling in your gut in certain situations. You can also always reach out to me, there are some things I need to work out myself 🤣

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Introvert : You continuously cut me off! My opinions don't seem to matter to you! You never listen to what I have to say. You don't recognize me! She is experiencing Resentment: Resentmrnt is the feeling which can be caused by several different situations, however, they all involve a sense of injustice or wrong- doing from an individual. #marriedlivesmatter #married #husbandandwife #wife #love #life #homeandfamily #problems #longhair #realtalk #couples #christiancouples #marriage #dating #saggitarius #gemini #cancer #capricorn #libra

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When your outlook changes on life... your life changes to reflect that. This is the basis of manifesting. Doing the inner work, removing blocks and raising your vibration... feeling what you want before you have it. Anything is possible. Life is as beautiful as you make it 🦋.

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عندما يجد الـinfp مسلسل/فلم/انمي/كتاب جميل و اعجبه.. -قبل النوم:لن اخبر احد عنه..، -صباح اليوم التالي يقول لصديقه المفضل:توقع ماذا بالامس وجدت..؟؟! -صديقه:ماذا لا تقل لي نظرياتك الغبية...،' -infp:لاااء لقد وجدت مسلسل/فلم/انمي/كتاب جميل و اعجبني و انصحك به هيهيهي. (من مشاركة احدى الجواهر اشكرها..♥️) #infp #enfp

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✨ ✨ Stop apologizing for how much you love‬ For the extra glitter you carry in your pockets seams hair mouth eyes Leaving sparkles everywhere You’re a lil bit extra Well so am I Don’t apologize We all carry different kinds of love All beautiful All ever so bright Don’t apologize if yours sparkles a lil bit extra...

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I started doing this a month ago. It's nothing earth-shattering. You definitely won't find me offering courses on home organization or showing off my color-coded life planner (that I have never owned 😆 #nottypeA #enneagram4 #infp ). But this simple thing right here, it's made a huge difference. . Right now evenings are what work most consistently. I write out my gratitude and the sweet moments from the day. Counting it all up just like I learned to do years ago after I read #1000gifts. . I write out a handful of prayers. The people to whom I said, "I'll be praying...", I actually try to do that. . I write down a handful of things I need to do the next day. The appointments and the things I'd like to try and accomplish. Not a lot. We are in transition. It's much better if I decide right then what I need to say no to instead of feeling like a failure the next day. . Important to note, reflecting on my day and writing down the next day, it helps me get to sleep. #takethatanxiety 👊 . And I write down one scripture...right now from the Psalms. In times past, I've read giant passages and studied and journaled. But right now with a newborn and transition and recovery, writing down one scripture is what works. It's how I'm able to meet with God. And that really is the point. (So don't let anyone make you feel like the only holy way to spend time in the Word is by reading 3 chapters, mmm-kay). . I'm almost embarassed to share this because it really is so simple. But maybe you are going thru a rough cold/flu season with little ones, or recovering from something big, or you've added a new family member... maybe you need to remember to adjust accordingly, that you don't need to do it all, but you do need to slow down and turn to The All-in-All. 💛 . What's working for you right now so you can meet with God?? Share in the comments. 😁

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The types responding to “can I copy your homework?” Pt. 2, extroverts. What’s your type? -Lily, ISFJ ♥️

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Warning: small rant ahead. . : I’m not busy. Truly. I’m not juggling, spinning plates, hustling. None of it. So why is it that so many online “experts” start their pitch with: . “I know LIKE ME you are so busy...” . Why? Don’t we have enough pressure without you telling us that, really, if we’re not busy, something is wrong with us? . For years, I tried to keep up and live the busy life. Later, I believed the shorts cuts and productivity advice might actually work (and spent real money on all the nonsense). Finally, I woke up to my own rhythms and my own truths. . : I am Type Z. I like naps, wasting time, pondering and wandering. I may not stay up all night working, but I do my work. I do the real work of being human every day. I’m just not in a hurry about it. #unbusy #productivity #notbusy #wordgathering #rhythmicallydevoted #writerstribe #yogatribe #embodied #infp #enneagram #ennegram4 #reallife #qoya #midlifewoman #womensupportingwomen #selfawareness #selfdiscovery

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Hmm, here's another. Let me know what you think👇