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2 minutes ago

Here's one out of three illustrations in the book I designed for a client last year. I love the school bus yellow they chose!

17 minutes ago

I am still learning how to paint properly in PS 😂😂 I had this idea of a group of modified soldiers, who are being brainwashed to lose humanity and not feel any compassion towards their enemies - this OC is one of them:)

22 minutes ago

la diosa que todos buscan y pocos encuentran.| the goddess everyone’s looking for but only few can find. #tbt #pocaspalabras

23 minutes ago

Cooling ♠️

24 minutes ago

8 foot Bunch Prints to go alongside my Beetlejuice release in a couple weeks. This will be my last Eye Ball Disjointed Crawlah release for a bit. So I will have tons of teasers in the coming weeks to lead up to it. I’ll have plenty of new sticker packs and art for everyone with this release. Full details soon!

38 minutes ago

🦎 . . . . #Repost @bobalgreene • • • • • • 🎲 ⚔️ 🐉 I recently started a Dungeons and Dragons campaign at work and it’s fun as hell. I wanted to render myself and my #squad : A lizardfolk rogue (me), human/draconic sorceress ( @flightlessbutstilltrying ), tiefling warlock ( @doowxela ) and a halfling bard ( @doctorpuppet ) . . . . . . . . . . . . #dnd #art #fantasy #fanart #digitalart #illustration #illustrator #illustratorsoninstagram #illustratorsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #artistsofinstagram #color #magic #gaming

40 minutes ago

I watched the film Samsara in 2012 at the Mayfair cinema in Ottawa and it blew me away. I had one of those sofa-box couches in the back (for couples) for myself and very few people in the theatre. Mid-way through the film I plunged my hand deep into the folds of the couch (I was hungry) and instead of stale popcorn I found an eighth of weed. I ate that instead. The movie was incredible. Years later I was still inspired by the scenes of the sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar. And made this small watercolour study. Maybe I’ll expand on it at some point. My transition fund is three days in and growing! Almost to the 2000$ mark! Thanks @deadbirdparty for managing me ❤️. There is a link in my bio if you wish to donate #illustratorsofinstagram #aquarelle #watercolour #watercolor #environmentstudy #comics

41 minutes ago

Lover’s Eye commission! These are so fun for me to do, and make a really unique gift! These little artworks are $25, and that includes the original watercolor piece, a sweet little frame, and domestic US shipping! I can paint your pets eyes too! Link to my Etsy shop in my bio, DM me with any questions 💕💕💕 #art #myart #myartwork #makearteveryday #contemporaryart #artlife #visualart #artoftheday #paintingoftheday #watercolor_daily #watercolorartist #watercolorpainting #watercolorart #watercolorsketch #watercolors #instaart #artistoninstagram #instagramartist #illustragram #illustratorsofinstagram #instapainting #artistsofig #artistsofinstagram #instagramart #louisianaart #louisianaartist #loverseye #makeartbekind

42 minutes ago

Fantastic creature. Need to add some freestyle illustrative details.

43 minutes ago

… [EN] Guess who fell into the Queen + Harry Potter AU?! My sis ( @maovi_os )has been posting the boys and their patronus in te past few weeks and I really wanted to do my version, so it’s my turn!! Here’s Roger, expect the rest of the band in a few days. In case you don’t know about this AU yet, it was created by @svetanda and you can se more of it in these amazing accounts: @therealyokiter @yantarnii @aliceeberti ⭐️⭐️⭐️ [ES] Adivinad quien ha caído en el AU de Queen + Harry Potter?! Mi hermana ( @maovi_os ) ha estado publicando a los chicos con sus patronus y me apetecía hacer mi versión. Aquí está Roger los demás vendrán en los próximos días. Por si no sabéis de donde sale esto, lo creó @svetanda y podéis ver más sobre ello en estas súper cuentas: @therealyokiter @yantarnii @aliceeberti

48 minutes ago

• BABY • My small business baby has taken a bit of a back seat over the last few months as I’ve been working on something else. I had forgotten just how brutal the first trimester of pregnancy could be, but I realise I’m very fortunate to get to experience this for a second time. Hopefully now the sickness easing I’ll be back to creating more content and prints for D & D. Thanks for bearing with the lack of posts guys! #modernlettering #handmadecards   #illustratorsofinstagram   #supportthemakers   #handmadeparade   #wearethemakers   #wemakecollective   #lovemymakers #lukh #shopsmall #modernmaker #punny #mycreativebiz #creativebusiness #capturemycraft   #handmadeisbest #modernmaker #bestmadehandmade #smallbusiness #shoplocal #lovelocal #drawsomething #makersformakers #typography #typographyprint #quote #mummymaker #baby

48 minutes ago

Hi guys 🖐 welcome to my new art channel! I'm really excited to be sharing my art and content with all you guys 😁😁. My goal is to try to post daily sketches and illustrations for you guys with various art styles, and what better way to start this adventure than with a sketch i did today of Gon from Hunter x Hunter. Enjoy 🙌🙌❤❤

54 minutes ago

🎶Some things in life are bad, They can really make you mad, Other things just make you swear and curse. When you're chewing on life's gristle Don't grumble, give a whistle!🎶 ...and countless incredibly kind souls will shell out wads of hard-earned money for your transition fund! I’m am at a loss for words, and definitely feel like I’m in everyone’s pockets now. But if you’ve donated, or are looking for a chance to (link in bio) You’ve shocked me back into life from the edge of a very deep drain 🕳 As for the image, this is a small comic I made two years ago. It’s convicts drinking tea. I always appreciated GY!BE for what they (allegedly) did with their Polaris Prize money. I’ve had a bad couple weeks with school, I’m hoping to post more interesting things soon! #illustratorsofinstagram #aquarelle #watercolour #watercolor #inkdrawing #comics

54 minutes ago

What makes a good character? (Its never an easy answer)🤔 I produced over 20 thumbnails and I need to whittle it down to 1. To do that, I wrote a list of personality traits I want my character to have. She's an upbeat adrenaline junky who craves adventure. But acts to headstrong and impulsively for her own good. (She also collects stickers😜) So far I was able to bring down the # of thumbnails to 6. 👍😌👍 #digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #conceptdesign #digitalsketch #character_design #digitalartworks #digitalart #thumbnailing #characterillustration #scifi #scifiart #scifiillustration #scificoncept #aliencharacter #spacegirl #spacecreature #spacealien #illustratorsofinstagram

59 minutes ago

[144] - Today is like one of those days where everything I draw is messed up. 🤣 Maybe I have more luck tomorrow... ☕

1 hour ago

trying to draw a face a day to keep practicing but this was more like a face every 3 days 🤦🏼‍♀️

1 hour ago

Hi hi🌙, here's a doodle from when I was super inspired by the D&D world~~ I'm not so sure about what she is, but anyway,,, I did it randomly without even thinking of anything in particular,,,, it was just a way to fill up the boring hours at school uwu👌🏻 Hope you like it! Still trying to maintain the page alive,,, hope to be able to draw something more interesting soon!✨✨✨ sorry for the lack of "good" content~~ ~~ #dungeonsanddragons #draw #drawing #art #illustratorsofinstagram #illustration #sortaofagirl #sortaofademon #ballpointpen #gottagostudynow ~~

1 hour ago

Drawing practice: kitchen utensils! Yesterday, I got into a really good creative flow of scanning and coloring work and it felt amazing. I haven’t had a day like that in awhile, it has been more jolty, starting and stopping work to rush off to do other things. Having a snow day at home gave me to much needed nudge to focus and dig in. I have a lot of new work to share and turn into things this year. I’m thinking these guys would make cute fabric, what do you think? 💕

1 hour ago

Here's another Hairdorables/Miraculous Ladybug mashup! This time I gave the Hairdorable Willow the horse Miraculous and named her Fawn! Swipe left to see the image I used to draw Willow. Swipe left again to see a screenshot of a few characters in superheroes outfits(the one with Willow's outfit is on the right.) The horse Miraculous hasn't been used in the real cartoon yet but I like using the new ones anyway. She has the power of healing. Did you see Kitty Noir yesterday? Make sure you come back for more soon!🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 #hairdorables #miraculousladybug #mashup #horse #creative #drawing #art #artist #draw #instaart #instaartist #artistsoninstagram #illustration #illustrator #illustratorsofinstagram

6 hours ago

Had a fun editorial workshop yesterday with Danny Miller from @humanafterallstudio , redesigning an issue of @weaponsofreason ✨ ⁣ ⁣ I decided to create original illustration to go with the article ‘Better Loving Through Technology’.

11 hours ago

Iconic! ✨

1 day ago

Dreaming avocado series- summer edition.🍸