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REDUX. . The Holy Trinity Anglican Church is located in the historic community of Strathcona. . The local Anglican congregation, looking to replace their aging wood church, funded and started construction of this building in 1906. Unfortunately following some economic difficulties, work ceased in 1907 leaving behind only a completed basement. However, by 1912 enough funds had been raised to allow construction to resume. In 1913 the church finally opened in a ceremony presided over by Bishop Pinkham of Calgary. . Design work was done by local architects Arthur and Henry Whiddington. The two made use of the Gothic style, while taking heavy inspiration from traditional English layouts and designs. The most standout feature of Holy Trinity is it's extensive use of clinker brick. Clinkers are irregular and imperfect bricks caused by the baking process, which are often lumpy and display hues of reds, purples and greens. These bricks give an earthly quality to the building and helps compliment it's ornate Gothic design. The clinkers interestingly go in an ascending pattern, with very few around the base of the building, to many at the top, an effect which is most notable on it's tower. . In 1923 the congregation purchased a large organ to commemorate 46 of their members who died overseas in the First World War. Following the Second World War the congregation continued to expand, forcing the construction of two annexes. The first, a parish hall, was added in 1949, while a addition to the east was added in 1962; both are extremely sympathetic additions, nearly indistinguishable from the original building. . In May of 1982 the church was designated a Provincial Historic Resource. . Included is a period photo from 1913.

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Трава. . . . . . .

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Auch mitten in Potsdam gibt es ein Brandenburger Tor👀🙌 Neu gelernt, 1770/71 ließ Friedrich der II. das neue Stadttor aufgrund seines Sieges am Ende des 7 jährigen Krieges errichten, welches das alte Stadttor von 1730 ersetzte. Wenn man in die Stadt Brandenburg wollte, musste man das Stadttor passieren, heute steht es an der Brandenburger Straße. Es ist einer der 3 noch erhaltenen Stadttore🚧🏰👀 . So genug Informationen, nu ruft der Schlaf, hoffentlich bei euch auch, eine Gute Nacht wünsche ich euch jedenfalls😘👍😊 . . . #brandenburgertor #potsdam #niceshot #beautiful #nice #bluesky #travel #trip #sundaymood #weekend #pretty #culture #history #knowledge #peoplephotography #sunnyweather #sunnyday #iphone #photography #ig_today #ig_color #ig_daily

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anticipation's running through me, let's find the key and turn this engine on

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new account for photos outside of my personal life. here’s to new beginnings and new memories.

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!!! Yad elden yanıma çağırdım seni Gelmek istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar Rüyada, mektupta albümde seni Bulmak istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar Umutlar hayaldir acılar gerçek Çileye mahkumsun, kim ne bilecek Ya bir kuru selam, ya bir top çicek Salmak istiyorsun, bırakmıyorlar. Otuz yıl ağladın hep yana yana Yeter, yazık diyen olmadı sana Vefasız dostluğa kalleş zamana Gülmek istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar Çalış derler ayak, bağlı el bağlı !!! Konuş derler, dudak bağlı, dil bağlı Kalk git derler, kapı bağlı, yol bağlı Kalmak istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar Aydınlık ararsın hergün her yere Çekerler önüne yedi kat perde Zulüm kimden gelir, adalet nerde? Bilmek istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar Yıllar boyu uykuların bölündü Uçacakken kanatların yolundu Hayat hakkın vardı elden alındı Ölmek istiyorsun bırakmıyorlar #abdurrahimkarakoç . . #instagram #instagramphoto #ig_color #ig_sanat #ig_turkey #ig_today #turkobjektif #turkinstagram #hayatakarken #turkobjektif

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Sometimes you just have to jump in the car and explore some new areas

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book 📷 ✘ @karina__model r o l l i n g s t o n e d r e a m s.

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"my favorite journey is looking out the window"

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M o o d y S u n s e t Hunting with @teamin7 & @corradomukmenov 🙏 _______ Если бы не близкие для меня люди - многие фото так и оставались архивными. Так и было "спасено" это летнее фото. Уфа, Черниковка. ------- #уфа

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The Giants with wires.

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Сегодня я открываю 24 страницу своей книги и что то мне подсказывает, что впереди меня ждет еще много сюжетных поворотов 🙆 P.S. Пока были в Риге, не упустили возможность съездить в Юрмалу и побывать на море 😏 #awesomepix #inspiration #love_my_life #inspiration #behappy #happyme #momentsofmine #makemoments #littlestoriesofmylife #photooftheday #autumn #september #weekend #wonderful_places #worldtravelpics #travelpic #travelinladies #travelgram #sea #balticsea #ig_europe #ig_color #jurmala #riga #rigacity #rigaonline #latvia #latvia 🇱🇻