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3 hours ago

Classic topped with a classic #sinfulcolorsendlessblue and #revlonholographicpearls Bestie @smile_hazeleyes bought this for me after Bargin Beauty Princess raved about it on her YouTube channel. Where is Bargin Beauty Princess? Its hard to capture this in the house under the light. Maybe tomorrow in sun I can get a better pic. Side note if you have a extra bottle of Holographic pearls.. Toss it my way. Its one of my favorite toppers, its discontinued 😳😩😠. How dare you @revlon ! #shortnails #prettynails #idomyownnails #sinfulcolors #revlonnailpolish #summernails2019 #endlessblue #holographicpearls

9 hours ago

Junicorn 🦄 Slayer!!

1 day ago

Amethyst Ombre from PuggleMoon ⠀⠀ There have been times where I felt ombres needed a white base coat. I am now of the opinion that I only need a white base coat (personal preference) when the tips of my nails are the light part of the ombre. ⠀⠀ This particular style with the purple in the middle of the strip is perfect without the added step of a solid colored base layer. ⠀⠀ #ombrenails #glitternails #purpleglitternails

1 day ago

One last look at this pretty before I move onto the next Junicorn! 🥰

2 days ago

These beauties are Desert Princess from #lilyandfox I was so excited to order these after seeing them on someone else. But once I got them I got cold feet. I've been waiting months to be inspired to put them on. When I finally applied them I realized that the tip design is a challenge for me. Just like horizontal stripes and french tips, I have a problem getting them centered. It may be the shape of my nails and it may just be user error. Either way as much as I wanted to love these they totally weren't my thing. ⠀⠀ #goldtipnails #lilyandfoxnails

2 days ago

Junicorn number 4 still looks pretty good (and how cute are these metallic gold polka dots? 😍) but I’m determined to get through at least 2 more manis this month, so on to the next one! 💅🏾🦄

3 days ago

Second test for me on the silver backed $1 Fun Nails from #tfln ⠀⠀ With a good top coat I don't see why these shouldn't last a few days to a week. ⠀⠀ Unfortunately, this design, Love Happy Cute, didn't #sparkjoy so I took them off quickly despite how cute and happy looking they are. #tflnails