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1 month ago

#19 On The Waterfront Finally, we made it to Brando! On The Waterfront is a crime drama about longshoremen in New Jersey and their crooked labor union. Marlon Brando plays Terry Molloy, a man who could have made it big as a boxer if not for the mob. He inadvertently helps a guy get bumped off, and like everyone else on the docks, tries to keep D-and-D (or Deaf-and-Dumb) about what he knows. He falls in love with the sister of the victim, and his conscience gets the better of him, leading him to make some tough decisions whether to talk or not. This movie won a zillion awards, and it also was loosely based off the story of a real Hoboken longshoreman who really testified to the Waterfront Commission about some sketchy activities on the docks. The priest played by Karl Malden was also based off a Waterfront Priest in Manhattan. Johnny Friendly, the mob boss, was also based off a few real life crime bosses. On The Waterfront also features the iconic line, “I coulda been a contender!” Year Added: 1989 Year Released: 1954 Watched: 19/750 Source: Bad quality version on YouTube played at .75 speed with a flying stars border and terrible sound #onthewaterfront #waterfront #marlonbrando #brando #icouldabeenacontender #docks #longshoreman #newjersey #movieposter #moviebuff #1950s #1954 #crimedrama #hoboken

1 month ago

Who can guess where I am? Whenever I feel frustrated with an aspect of my life, I remind myself that everyone has a struggle. What I can handle, others can't, and what others can handle, I could not. My faith, family, and friends help me get through these times. Certainly my health roller coaster has been a journey I didn't anticipate, but through it I have seen such good in people. I have experienced more medical distress than most people my age but in return I have received so much love, generosity, and caring messages. Through it all I have still maintained the discipline to eat a healthy diet, even over Christmas which is a big deal because I am a comfort eater. I may not reach peak physical prowess that I crave, but I am still able to achieve, worthy to be loved, and have untapped potential. Thanks for reading my rantings about my #health #transplantlife #discipline #tylenol3 #livertransplant #icouldabeenacontender

1 month ago

Manqué (mong-KAY) Adjective: -Short of or frustrated in the fulfillment of one's aspirations or talents —used postpositively. -Having failed to become what one might have been; unfulfilled. Noun: -Someone who has not had the opportunity to do a particular job, despite having the ability to do it. From French, from past participle of manquer to lack, fail, from Italian mancare, from manco lacking, left-handed, from Latin, having a crippled hand, probably from manus. First Known Use: 1773 Used in a sentence: “Despite all of his training, the chef manqué just couldn’t get a job at his favorite restaurant, not even as prep cook.” or “Don’t be such a cheeky manqué.” The Grandiloquent Word of the Day Calendars are still available - but don't delay, quantities are limited! Link in profile (https://gwotd-2019-calendars.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders) Two remarkable calendars – grandiloquent words with definitions, period illustrations, daily holidays, and more!

2 months ago

Day 4 is done! It’s really hard to start over & realize how far you are from where you were. But cryin’ about it won’t fix anything! So, you get a goal, you meet that goal, and you move on to tomorrow. #consistency #icouldabeenacontender #turtlewinstherace

2 months ago

“HEY POPS maybe I am good at sports god damnit !”- me to my athletic father after being allowed to play on the Lucille Ballers 2018 season. Special thanks to @rzastar for inviting ME! I am blessed and ripped now and ready to play for the 76ers. #icouldabeenacontender

3 months ago

Flashback Friday: Whoa! Chicago Halloween 1991. What a hot stud I was, except for the fake chest hair. Emphasis on WAS. 😕 (Photo courtesy of my dear friend Holly Schroeder 😘) #fbf #flashbackfriday #the90s #chicago #halloween #costume #leather #biker #bikerjacket #leatherhat #dude #daddy #leatherdaddy #chest #hairy #hairychest #toughguy #badboy #badass #glare #studly #stud #nostalgia #actor #improv #thegoodolddays #icutyou #marlonbrando #icouldabeenacontender (I coulda ben ah contendah!)

4 months ago

I woke up yesterday all ready to compete in the LVMPD K9 trials - only to be told I missed the registration deadline. (I think there was some other fine print and red tape but I stopped listening at that point. Short pini attention span and all that.) BUT- I made off with some swag! #miniaturepinscher #icouldabeenacontender #minibutmighty

4 months ago

Throwback Thursday!!! I know ya'll thought I popped out of the womb just super cool and all that, but once even I struggled as an actor!!! This is me playing a disgruntled PA (background for the win, this is why I have sympathy for those poor souls) on the set of Analyze That! (Who KNEW that I'd actually BE a disgruntled PA in real life before finding my way into the Makeup Department??? Not this gal!) So. Many. Memories.⠀ ⠀ #throwbackthursday #checkoutthosebangs #hadtowearthatsameoutfitfor13days #continuity #tbt #backgroundactor #analyzethat #icouldabeenacontender #nah

5 months ago

"I Coulda Been A Contender" I'm broke and I'm hungry, I'm hard up and I'm lonely I've been dancing on this killing floor for years And of the few things I am certain, I'm the captain of my burden I'm sorry doll, I could never stop the rain Once you said I was your hero You would dance with me on a dime We could spin this world right right right round And catch back up on the flip side I was gonna get this real big engine I was gonna get them Broadway stars You were gonna be my Judy Garland We were gonna share your tin man heart There's a dirty wind blowin', there's a storm front comin' in There's an SOS on the seas tonight Steady now, steady now, soldier, hold fast now It's heads or tails and heart attacks and broken dreams tonight We used to drive all night All over town We'd go waltzing Matilda When Matilda came around I sang them blues to you There's a dirty wind blowin', there's a storm front comin' in There's an SOS on the seas tonight Steady now, steady now, soldier, hold fast now It's heads or tails and heart attacks and broken dreams tonight There's a dirty wind blowin', there's a storm front comin' in There's an SOS on the seas tonight Steady now, steady now, soldier, hold fast now It's heads or tails and heart attacks and broken dreams And heart attacks and broken dreams Atlantis is my only dream tonight #gaslightanthem #icouldabeenacontender #myplaylist

6 months ago

Happy love day, everyone! Beloved Marlon Brando doing his own makeup on location, filming one of my favorite movies of all time, Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront. Only love. ❤️

6 months ago

Today’s episode is a little different. We dive into a specific scene from #OnTheWaterfront starring Marlon Brando. We walk you through the scene and then break down the bigger meaning that you can apply to your life… What is this scene and what are the lessons to be gained? You’ll have to check out the full episode! https://bit.ly/2vnq2DK —— @bonjourjuliet @afterbuzztv #afterbuzztv #marlonbrando #mondaymotivation #scenestudy #classicfilm #evamariesaint #boxer #mafia #mob #afi #classic #eliakazan #lessons #lessonsfrommovies #learning #freedom #icouldabeenacontender

6 months ago

Three guesses where I was last night! Had some residual effects from the car crash, and ran some more tests. Sadly, one of the side effects of the concussion is anxiety, so the lower back MRI was a no go with my fight flight instincts kicking in full force, even after the anxiety Med they gave me. Like trying to stuff a cat into a carrier right before a vet visit. Um, no.... 😼 Thanks to everyone who texted with me while I was there to keep me company. One of these days I’m going to feel better again, and then watch out world! Ha... #icouldabeenacontender #twostepsforwardfivestepsback #ireallyshouldwearmorewhite #ilooksotan #mayikeepthisgown4000otherpeoplehavewornbeforeme #gladthereisnoviralvideoofmeenteringtheMRImachine #itmaybeusedasevidence 😳 #exitnexttothegiftshopitsclosed

7 months ago

10 years ago... 😢 #tbt

7 months ago

Just over a year ago the first CBC piece was made. I had no intention on ever doing anything with this and I just wanted to make something for myself I thought was cool and different. When @beyondsouthbeach approached us about taking part in #meetmiami I initially said no. My family pushed me, my friends pushed me, BSB pushed me but most importantly my sisters pushed me. It hasn’t been easy and I’ve given up more times than I care to count but then I had probably one of the most inspiring meet ups I’ve ever had with @groveandanchor . I learned about passion, dedication, business, believing in yourself, taking pride in your work, and producing quality products all in a matter of a few hours. Whether Rob knows it or not he ignited a new flame and because of that new things are coming that I never expected could ever happen. At Meet Miami the baby was born and this baby finally turned one. Happy birthday to us! Thank you @lauren_negrin & @hannahnegrin for never giving up on me. Thank you @beyondsouthbeach for giving me my start. Thank you @groveandanchor for inspiring me and thank you to everyone who has believed in what we do. . . . . #woodworking #crybaby #custom #southflorida #wood #create #florida #miami #ftlauderdale #leather #paint #art #new #gucci #commission #design #interior #interiordesign #icouldabeenacontender