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56 minutes ago

Sidways crystal growth- but why that way?

2 hours ago

Are ice fractals cool? Yes, they’re very cool. You could say they’re... frozen.

4 hours ago

From this morning's breathtaking hoar frost. ❄️

5 hours ago

Snow Flurry Crystal Ring

6 hours ago

It sure is cold, but at least it’s pretty 💛 there was a layer of ice crystals over everything until about noon. That’s a cold day 😬 picture #3 is a clump of fuzz that is covered in ice. It looks so cool! On days like this where the sun is shining the horses fur gets so nice and warm 💛 I just go cuddle them if I need to warm up ☺️💛

8 hours ago

Hallöchen... Am Wochende war es wieder eisigkalt Im Studio 😋 Wir haben uns die Nicole eingeladen und sie zu einer weiteren Eiskönigin gemacht... Es war ein toller eisiger Abend mit tollen Bildern.... So ich Wünsche euch einen schönen Abend. ❄❄❄❄❄❄ #shooting #photoshooting #photography #picture #fotografie #studio #studioshoot #dark #blue #fancy #fantasyshoot #icequeen #icecrown #snow #icecrystals #foggy #cold #model #photomodel #portrait #beautyfull #amazing #girl #greyhair #shorthair #makeup #lace #instagood #pictureoftheday #danielfotografiert Model: @rehauge235 Make-up/headdress: @moni26887

9 hours ago

"I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate, To know that for destruction ice Is also great." ~ Robert Frost. Did I say I didn't have any nature shots? 😂 Well, I should have kept my mouth closed, because an ice storm came along soon after. It was dangerous to travel, but I was able to walk around the backyard and get a few pictures. I just love the little patterns in ice crystals. Jack Frost told me he made them just for his new crush @thewanderingrosechild 😉💎 Have a wonderful day and new week, my friends! 😊

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11 hours ago

If inspiration is what you are looking When the inside needs a jolt Look outside or around you There'll always be something just around the corner Or out in the open Today's chili morning is finger numbing It also is beautiful With every fallen leaf, grass, of a twig surrounded with ice crystals As if it was what inspired all those sugary or salty treats at home or in stores As the morning rays fall on them, they glisten and glimmer As you shiver at the cold and crisp air outside Look at these wonders up close And you will find your heartwarming at the same time. Keep an eye out! What inspires you today? #WeAreAlwaysLearning #nature #winter #crystals #ice #icecrystals #morning #perspective #inspiration

11 hours ago

“It’s the beauty within us that makes it possible for us to recognize the beauty around us. The question is not what you look at but what you see.” - Henry David Thoreau . These ice crystals formed on blades of grass that are poking up through some ice in my yard. ❄️ . Some days I might have walked right by, but I am making an effort to take a few minutes to just slow down and enjoy the time outside with my dog in the morning. . It paid off...each blade of grass is such a work of art! So happy I saw this. Now back to work! 😆 . . . . #naturalwonder #slowdown #naturephotography #thoreau #inspirationalquotes #mindset #makeitagreatday #closeup #icecrystals

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1 day ago

Frozen fern on the riverside in Austmarka