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16 hours ago

I spent the whole winter dreaming of having light pink and light yellow roses, and here we are almost a full year of living here and we're just now finding these light pink roses! Did they even exist before, or are they just another one of my manifestations?! 🌹😁🌹 #manifestation #pinkroses #rosebud #inbloom #springtime #flowergarden #zone4b #maine #westernmaine #homesteading #gardenlife #permaculture #polyculture #hugelkultur #backyardfarm #smallfarm #plantbased #veganic #growyourown #backtoeden #selfsustainable #selfsufficieny #gardensofig

21 hours ago

A little thing I’ve been working on. It’s a total experiment. I didn’t want to spend money on anything but plants so with limited soil options I chose to use pinecones in the bottom to take up space. I think it should work out just fine, plus I wanted to see if these herbs will really keep bugs away from our back door like I’ve read🤞🏼so here’s what I did: 1. Fill stock tank halfway with pinecones. 2. Fill in with random dirt from around the property, some old some new. 3. Source bug repelling plants & shade loving edibles. 4. Throw in a little worm castings & plant! 5. Wait to see how your super cute hugelkultur kitchen garden experiment turns out 💚😅 Plants I used: -Citronella -German Thyme (couldn’t find lemon thyme at the time 😂) -Cilantro -Parsley (curled & flatleaf) -Basil - Leaf beat seeds that my amazing SIL @savannah_pants gifted me which I direct sow along with some other greens and radishes 🥬 . . . . . . #hugelkultur #horticulture #gardenexperiment #backdoorgarden #bugrepellantgarden #citronella #gardnergarden2019 #thegardnerhomestead #justplant #100daysofgrowingfood

22 hours ago

Nu är sonens majs nerplanterad i en mindre version av hugelkultur. Hade jag tänkt efter så hade jag skapat bädden i höstas, men majsen var inte meningen att bli sådd och jag kan inte kasta plantor 😅 Det jag gjorde var att använda tjockare grenar från när vi kapade grannes träd. Sedan tog jag ris ifrån vildhäcken, la på ensilage, hästbajs blandad med halm och gammal lerjord blandad med ny planteringsjord. Efter jag planterat la jag på ett lager fermenterat gräsklipp. Nu är det bara o vänta o se hur de tar sig. #hugelkulture #hugelkultur #köksträdgården #trädgård #trädgårdenmin #majs #odlamajs #odla2019

22 hours ago

Temperaturen i jorda er ikke lik selv om det er i samme hage. Hele 8 grader skilte det igår . 💚Øverst til venstre, nytt hugelbed, 22grader 💚Øverst til høyre, i jorda, 14 grader 💚Nederst til venstre, trippel pallekarmhøyde med med sauetalle og jord 💚Nederst til høyre, hugelbed laga i fjor sommer/høst var det 18 grader 🌿 🌿 🌿 The temperature in the soil is not the same, even if it is in the same garden. . 💚Top, left, new hugelbed has 22 degrees Celsius 💚Top, right,directly in the soil has 14 degrees Celsius 💚Down to the left, high bed with manure from sheep mixed with soil, has 18 degrees Celsius. 💚Down to the right, hugelbed made last summer/fall, had very little soil, But temperature was 18 degrees Celsius . . . . . #matihagen #soil #buildingsoil #compost #permaculture #hugelbed #hugelkultur #backtoeden #permaculturegarden #jorddekke #soilhealthmatters #tavarepåjorda #gardening #grønnsakshage #odla #mulch #økologisknorge #kjøkkenhave

1 day ago

När jag tittar tillbaka på förra årets bilder ser jag att jag satte ut tomaterna på lotten den 24/5, ligger alltså nästan en månad efter i år. Men nu är iaf deras plats förberedd, igår fick jag hjälp att rensa bort allt ogräs och gräva ner Bokashi och biokol, idag har jag monterat ställningen för att kunna binda upp dem och samlat täckmaterial. På onsdag är planen att plantorna skall få flytta in! #odla #odlingslott #hugelkultur

1 day ago

🌿A beautiful start to the weekend today with the footing laid for our second raised garden bed. 🧱 I believe we learnt a little from the first one and James spent a little more time making sure the concrete was laid completely level, so that we don’t have to focus on rectifying any unevenness with mortar when it comes time to lay the bricks. I feel like I may even attempt to lay the bricks on my own on Monday if I the weather is fine enough. I think I would feel mighty accomplished if I could handle that. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Other than that, James & Gene enjoyed a morning trip to a local market while I hung out at home in the studio drawing and playing music at an inappropriate volume! Who else loves to listen to their music loud, especially if no one else is around? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tell me, what did you get up to today or what are your plans for the day? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍄Amy🤗🌿

1 day ago

#hugelkultur progress from yesterday! I added a couple layers of leaves and soil, watered it to settle things down into gaps, then pruned so much rosemary and added that as a layer then more soil. It's mounded up pretty nice now. I'll post that photo later.

1 day ago

Layer 1 = chop n drop (winter wheat and weeds) Layer2 = homemade mushroom compost (using @deezbagz mushroom bags) Layer3= indigenous soil full of worms (from my property) Layer 4 = leafs and leaf mold (collected last season ) Layer5= straw from the family farm (wheat straw and corn stalks i bailed last season) #hugelkultur #year2 #organics #havingfun #Muchloveworldwide

2 days ago

Collecting fallen live oak branches from the graveyard. I’m turning the side yard into a bit of a #hugelkultur bed. I doubt I’ll get it very tall because it’s larger than a raised bed but it will be good for the soil, help with weed pressure and bring all the good critters. #notill #hugelkultur #permaculture #buildingsoil

2 days ago

Bast Botanicals finds Love everywhere. Bones can be added to compost- although sometimes I find them dragged out and in the garden. This former resident's hips and spine were discovered in my neglected hugelkultur that has been torn apart by our free-range chickens. Even death can look lovely. <3 #bastbotanicals #compost #hugelkultur #love #heart

2 days ago

We ate so many potatoes this winter. Clearly not enough. Moral of the story? Give more away, plant less, eat MORE. weedy onions. A round of barley. A strip of millet, clean beds in hoop house. Hoping for some HEAT! Plants seem a little weary in this cold weather. #smallfrygardener #vtsummer2019 #hugelkultur

2 days ago

This is what gardening looked like today with my little firecracker 🧨 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Because the raspberries are pretty much all finished now, I’ve been starting to clip them back. We have two main areas where we grow raspberries. One that has recently been netted and this area here behind our veggie garden, greenhouse and pump shed. After tending to these for the past couple of days and heavily pruning a number of deciduous tangled mystery trees (I think they may be plums that have never fruited) I am starting to think we may need to consider another walk-in netted area here. 🍒 There is a cherry tree that has only ever been sacrificial 🦜 and I’m thinking I would really like to taste our home grown cherries one day (plus add a few more varieties to the mix.) There is still so much work to do in this back area as we can often just forget about it and try not to think about how overgrown it is. But I would love to start introducing some structure here and adding more fruit trees (avocado a must!). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In the next day or two I might walk you through this area and see what you guys think about some of my ideas and whether you have any other suggestions. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Hope you had a great day! 🌈🤗Amy 🌿

3 days ago

#hugelkultur is a method of planting that turns ordinary ground into fertile soil by layering biomass that breaks down over time. As the layers break down they create super fertile soil that will keep our beds producing long after my time here. One of my main focuses with this project is to employ as many #permaculture principles as possible so as to make it as sustainable as possible once I'm gone. . Unused winter logs. Tree trimming branches. Hay mixture. Grass clippings. Turf (grass down). Top soil.

3 days ago

Hügelkultur or Hugelbed. A growing system which requires minimum maintenance. We put some old wooden trunks on the ground and covered them with soil. Next we sheath-mulch with cardboard followed by a thick layer of compost. As the trunks slowly break down, they turn into humus and then into nutrients for the plants. The cardboard keeps weeds from growing through the compost. We have planted 10 different types of mint, thyme, lovage, rosemary, lemongrass, geranium, artichokes, some bell peppers and a gingko tree. Then plants in this bed will be used for propagation for larger scale production in the field . #hugelkultur #hugelbed #organic #humus #permaculture #sustainable #herbs

3 days ago

I am mainly growing cassava plant for its roots, albeit others eat the leaves as basic green vegetables. The plant is poisonous, full of cyanide from its leaves to its roots. However, thorough cooking gets the harmful toxins out, and as such, make it safe to eat. It is a tropical root crop similar to taro and yam and is grown for food in Pacific Island countries, South America, Asia and Africa. Processed cassava products, such as cassava flour and tapioca pearls used for tapioca pudding, are safe because the cyanogenic glycosides are reduced to safe levels during manufacture. It takes about 24 months for the cassava roots to be large. The leaves, however, are ready right away.🍀🌿☘️🍀🌿 . . . #gardeningaustralia #cassavaplant #cassavaleaves #permaculture #permaculturegarden #organicgarden #permacultureprinciples #ediblegarden #ediblelandscape #foodforest #organicgardening #sustainablegardening #horticulture #hugelkultur #brisbanegardens #tropicalplants #tropicalgarden #gardeningtips #gardeninglife #homegardening #homegrown #blissful_aficionada

3 days ago

An update on our new hoogleculture beds inside the polytunnel, 4 weeks after planting! Cantaloupe Melon is reaching the trellis where it should climb up and meet with the Watermelon in the opposite bed! Vine tomatoes grow up the centre and and an interesting bush tomato growing in the back corner. Sweet peppers and chilli pepper are doing well in the centre with herbs along the outside for easy access! Passion fruit is climbing very well on the back corner! In comparison to those growing in the semi glass greenhouse, I would say these plants look at least a couple weeks ahead! #growingvegetablesfromseed #growingfromseed #polytunnellife #polytunnelgrowing #hooglleculture #hugelkultur #growingmelons #growingtomatoes #growyourown #growyourownfood #growinginthesouthofengland #gardeningideas

4 days ago

Nantes Carrots 🥕 Mine are not pretty, but definitely edible. This harvest is going straight into this evenings homemade chicken noodle soup. Nantes Carrots are sweet, tender, and low in calories. 🌿 Note to self: Always direct sow carrot seeds into the garden - never transplant. #amysgardentotable #halfacreofheaven. . #carrots #nantescarrots #alwaysdirectsow #wonkycarrots #orange #carrottops #organicgardening #hugelkultur #harvest #springharvest #gardentotable #mngardening #mngarden #raisedgardenbeds #gardening