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8 hours ago

Early benefits of digging to build a Hügelkultur: free potatoes. Yeaaahhh. 🙃 Hügelkultur is the whimsical child of permaculture. It is a horticulturual technique where a mound constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials is later planted as a raised bed. #potatoes #hiddentreasures #smallfarm #harvesting #hugelkultur

19 hours ago

Instead of putting branches, leaves and grass clippings in bags by the curbside for the garbage... build a hugel bed. Simply mound logs, branches, leaves, grass clippings, straw, cardboard, manure, compost or whatever other biomass you have available, top with soil and plant your veggies. The gradual decay of wood is a consistent source of long-term nutrients for the plants. A large bed might give out a constant supply of nutrients for 20 years (or even longer if you use only hardwoods). The composting wood also generates heat which should extend the growing season. Soil aeration increases as those branches and logs break down... meaning the bed will be no till, long term. The logs and branches act like a sponge. Rainwater is stored and then released during drier times. Actually you may never need to water your hugel bed again after the first year (except during long term droughts). Sequester carbon into the soil. 🎶Let's put our faith in the natural way Forget the chemicals And your pesticide spray Educate yourself for the children of today 'Cause food grown organic and pure Will always be the number one cure🎶 #permaculture #organic #hugelkultur #free #experience #plant #life #grow #movement #mother #live #love #mindful #save #happy #water #grateful #carbon #soil #wakeup #green #heal #healthy #educate #patient #compost #garden #mycelium #waterretention

1 day ago

The new hugelkultur bed is cranking. 🌿🌿🎃🌿🌿 Every year in the garden, I try something new. Green manures (buckwheat, rye), different companion planting (hello Three Sisters), various types of veggies that I haven't grown before (artichokes, tomatillos). Some things I love and keep doing while other things are a one-time experiment. This spring, I spent a very long day building a hugelkultur bed. Sepp Holzer is my inspiration for this no-dig bed and I sooo recommend anyone interested to look it up. I must have wheel-barrowed 30 loads of branches, manure, sod, manure, topsoil, straw, manure (!) into this mound. It measures about 8' long x 4' wide. The heat from composting all the layers encourages plant growth while also retaining water. The mounded shape (specific angles are important) allow for more plantable surface area. I managed to plant 15 squash and pumpkins in here and now it is a massive vine jungle with leaves bigger and greener than I have ever had . I am impressed and this will be something I do every year.

1 day ago

These are the pumpkins that reseeded after they were used for decorations at our vows ceremony last Fall. They’re taking over the #hugelkultur we built last year! If anyone says you can’t grow vegetables in the high desert, tell them it can be done! We built a rock bed from the existing lava rocks in abundance here, piled it with branch cuttings from the juniper, topped that with compost and aged manure, and planted it. The branches and decomposing logs provide years of nutrients to the soil while holding water so plants don’t wilt in the heat. It’s a humid ecosystem of microbial activity inside and made from what we had on hand. #hugel #pumpkinpatch #tomatoes #watermelons #dill #peppers #cilantro #lavender #foodnotlawns #permaculture #bioremediation #sharpandlighthorseunion

1 day ago

SHARE THIS POST with 3 FRIENDS for a chance to win THE PERMACULTURE MARKET GARDEN book in a draw this Friday, 🌿🌿👉🏽Building raised garden and nursery beds using organized the organized hugelktur method is a sure thing for market gardening and homesteading. Early production, easy to manage, fast to build 🌿🌿🌿👆🏽upcoming workshop @sterlingcollegevt SEE LINK above in profile to SIGN UP🌿🌏🌿🌏🌿 #permaculture #marketgarden #organic #garden #homestead #hugelkultur #sterlingcollege #vermont #massachusetts #newhampshire #newyork #quebec #connecticut #pennsylvania #soil #workshop #farm 🌿

1 day ago

The progress of the hugelkultur. I dug down into the ground and filled the hole with logs from a dead willow, topped with branches, twigs and wood chips. Then I layered hay, aged manure, grass cuttings and other compost, sod from the hole I dug, and topsoil. A labour of love for sure but it’s paying off already and I’m looking forward to building more and expanding the growing space! #permaculture #hugelkultur #raisedbeds #organicgardening #growyourown #garden #hobby #teachthemlifelessons #jade #littlegardener #farmfresh

1 day ago

Nu börjar snart semestern och lotten kommer behöva klara sig utan mig i drygt tre veckor. Har förberett bäst jag kan med täckodling, vattnat på djupet via mina dunkar och bädden är bottnad med trä, #hugelkultur . Pratade med trevliga nya grannar också som lovade titta till och vattna om den här torkan fortsätter. #odla #torka #odlingslott

1 day ago

The first harvest from my volunteer peas! Tiny little sweet juicy green balls of protein. These peas are just one of the lovely volunteers from the #hugelkultur beds I built last year. I let the garden go a bit wild after the fall. Harvest some of the bounty, let some go to seed, and only collect some of the seeds...and voila! Volunteers! Watching nature do her thang! Its the best. Especially after the mice managed to eat all my pea sprouts in the greenhouse, every time I replanted, until there were none left. Thank goddess for the volunteers. 🌱🌻🍀🌸 #gardener #grower #foodismedicine #naturelover #peapatch #mountainlife #HumboldtCounty

1 day ago

How does your garden grow? Mine is loving the heat. I’m so impressed with the hugelkultur bed - the plants in there are literally twice the size of the ones in the regular bed. #hugelkultur #permaculture #organicgarden

2 days ago

It feels like I'm digging a grave... Only a quarter of my hugelkultur dug out and I'm pooped. It may not look like much but this looks so good and satisfying to me. Next steps mulch, compost and to soil. #hugelkultur #permaculture

2 days ago

Last week’s site visit to @moontime_medicinals farm in #humboldt blew my mind more than a little bit. 🤯 I’ve been researching #hugelkultur and even started working on my own hugel in my back yard. And then I got to see Moontime’s MONSTER hugels they’ve been busting ass on this year. 😳😳😳 Hella impressive! It’s exciting to see good people doing good work. Oh, and they also happen to grow amazing cannabis! Integrity, persistence, and a deep commitment to #sustainablefarming is beyond commendable and is such an important part of shaping the cannabis industry. #knf #organicfarming #closedloopsystem #cannabis #humboldtcounty

2 days ago

Been laying a little low on the IG, just have my head down, working towards the finish line. There are some big changes coming for ol Two Plank that I hope to share soon. In the mean time, I’ve really been enjoying the hugelkultur we built this year as an experiment. A calming space to watch the sunrise. These pictures are 2 weeks apart, no fertilizing. #thisisboise #hugelkultur #shitispoppin #carpenterlife #ijustwannagrowplants #permaculture #urbangarden #imnotsurewhatmostofthoseplantsare #gardening #suckitmonsanto #

2 days ago

Sunnyside hugelkultur made of tons of coffee - storm damage wood waste - the town's fall squash waste - and compost, ash, n biochar. #hugelkultur #permaculture

2 days ago

👋 Bye bye crumbling old building!! Now to pull nails out of any old wood to #salvage. The floor will remain where it is, it’s basically decomposed already and will make an excellent first layer for a #hugelkultur #flowerbed (no food....I don’t know what all might have been stored in there over the years and tho we tried really hard to capture all of them the roof nails definitely had lead washers😵😷) #demolition #repurpose #outwiththeoldinwiththenew

2 days ago

Good morning🌞 Here’s my morning coffee view. Hugelkultur beds with medical, veggies, and the last one is a flower bed that hasn’t yet sprouted. My first goal was to make this garden as cost & labor efficient as possible. My cost goal for medical is below $25/pd. for nutrients & compost tea ingredients (while growing gorgeous dank buds). 2nd goal- Organic, no synthetics, no bottled nutrients, using no pesticides 3rd- leaving lots of time for my artwork. No monster plants this time! And, time & ease because I’m getting married next month. I’m hoping the flower bed is ready by then! So far, soo good. 💚🌱💚 Can you spot the “tops” of these cannabis plants? #lightdep #sog #livingsoil #hugelkultur #sungrown #soilfoodweb #supercropping #topping #lst

3 days ago

Not these and pesticide free! 🍓🍓🍓🍓 “USDA tests found that strawberries were the fresh produce items most likely to be contaminated with pesticide residues, even after they are picked, rinsed in the field and washed before eating. For these reasons, strawberries are again at the top of the Dirty Dozen™ list for 2018. If you want to avoid pesticides and soil injected with nerve gases, EWG advises that you always buy organically grown berries. We make the same recommendation for other Dirty Dozen foods.” Read more here:

3 days ago

#Harvests. #Sangha. Common #meals , gorging on #garden. Unexpected visits from fiddlers and Korean women paying observances at the temple. Sitting #meditations. Laughter and wine. Wild blueberries, blackberries, and winter green on your hike to the top of State Rock. Gratitude. These were the themes and feelings of our most recent visit to continue our #cooperative #regenerativeagriculture project with the residents and guests at Furnace Mountain Zen Center, at the edge of the #danielboonenationalforest in #easternkentucky. Overall, my partner Michael Beck and I could hardly expect a better response from our soil work and #permaculture #design --we began in late March with soil quality more suitable for pottery than crops. We are still learning, observing and reacting to what the soil community here teaches us; but our #earthworks and terracing in #swales and #hugelkultur (woodcore raised beds) are yielding plenty now, after only a total of 12 workdays and now 5 visits including initial disturbance and construction. Meanwhile our #treecrops slowly grow; and the residents and guests discover their interactions with the system. For me, personally, I am at home and comforted wherever between earth and air we find shared supper, intellectual and spiritual conversation, humor, and real affection. I could not be more grateful to this place, to this sangha; I only hope to enjoy it more, and learn through shared experience as the wheel of the year turns round. #FestinaLente , Hasten Slowly #Furnacemountainzencenter

4 days ago

A visit from a #cow from a local farm. The #hugelkultur is in the background. She did a fine job #trimming the overgrowth along the edge of the garden.

5 days ago

Here we have one productive little dude playing with his favourite dump truck (it was found at the local garbage tip!) in and around the new #hugelkultur garden bed. _ _ _ It's been quite a massive job. There are still two more layers to top off the heap with and it will be complete. So far this process has taken me about 10 hours of actual physical labour. _ _ _ Interested in permaculture or practice it on your farm in Australia? Please let me know how you've managed your beds. We're in a very dry climate (Mediterranean) with sand as a soil base. I'm just starting out so any tips are soooo very welcome. _ _ _ #permaculture #gardeningaustralia #organicgardening #ecotourism #food #foodie #growyourveggies #seaweedgardenbeds #freecompost #australiangardens #organicfood #freshfood #healthyeating #nourish #australia #westernaustraliangardens #farming #veggies #eatyourgreens #ocean #compost #fresh #family

5 days ago

My Potimarron squash all died. So I pulled it out today to make room for a second round of cucumbers. We sure are loving all that we are getting right now, dill pickles, lime mint pickles, kimchi pickles... it’s all good!

5 days ago

these are so busy in the #hugelkultur weeds this year they left my beans alone. good deal - japanese beetles are up there with mosquitos on my "go to hell" list

5 days ago

Its too good not to share right away. [SWIPE LEFT FOR BEFORE PIC] This garden was completed in late 2016. Last year was its first full season, and now in mid 2018, This garden is one of my finest works to date. Thanks to @garrett.murphy3 , @no7glass , and @fiercely_sweet for helping complete this gorgeous living art. All your wonderful energies are embedded forever here. The Nature's Gardener team really dialed in this garden, and in less than 2 years, it went from lawn, to Secret Garden. This entire Garden is built with my soil building methods, and it goes to show, even though the plants may go dorment in the winter, they keep growing in under the soil. Soon we'll be traveling the US teaching these soil building methods. Possibly even building gardens in-between festivals. Soil Saves Lives! Love ya'll . #madewithlove #love #garden #gardening #permaculture #soilbuilding #sheetmulching #hugelkultur #secretgarden #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #naturesgardener #sustainable #sustainablelandscaping #ecolandscaping #nolawn

6 days ago

Harvested and pulled the #favabeans from one of our #hugelkultur beds yesterday just in time to make space for the #providerbushbeans and #strawberries (which are both flowering and asking for more light and space). The leguminous fava stalks and pods were laid between the corn rows to add to the mulch cover just in time for our hottest months. Succession planning (and planting) is part science, part strategy and part art. I love geeking out on stuff like this 🤓 . . #permaculture #organicgarden #vegetablegarden #growyourownfood #backyardharvest #successionplanning #companionplanting #mulch #growyourgroceries #fillthefreezer #comoxvalley

6 days ago

A forgotten Malaga radish from likely the most neglected bed in my garden. I planted some late broccoli, radishes, turnips, bok choy, etc- all susceptible to flea beetle damage and so were covered immediately with a floating row cover. Needless to say, the flea beetles still got in AND they can chew right through the cover if the leaves are touching it. 😞 Just once , I wanted radishes without swiss cheese tops (purely out of vanity, of course- my daughter is the only one who eats them).. So my annoyance of this has led me to pretty much ignore this bed. But last night I took a quick peek and pulled this beauty. And was reminded of a CSA customer who asked me last year why the radish tops had holes in them. I told her "that's how you know they're organic" 😁 And then I gave the radish to my rabbits because radishes taste like hot dirt 😂 😳 . . . #radishes #fromthegarden #backyardgarden #backyardgardening #gardenlove #ilovegardening #homesteading #permaculturegrown #hugelkultur #organic #realfood #malagaradish #thehomestead #organicgardening #coldclimategardening #nochemicals #goorganic #garden

6 days ago

Just a few outdoor for fun plants...seedlings are Oaxacan Zipolite x Black Afgoji and only 3 survived the rolypoly slaughterfest LOL. 🌱🗡🐜 The teens planted in the hugel are Bird 15:1 CBD by @theseedkompany. We are growing these plants for a friend and plan to make infused honey as well as toss a bit of cherry chem pollen her way. Haven't done near as much with the garden this year as I would have liked. Still time tho I guess 🍒🍯💚♻️💚 #notill #livingsoil #subirrigatedplanter #cannabiscommunity #coloradooutdoor #hugelkultur #weneedrain #weneedmulch #wegotworms #dowhatyoulove