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1 hour ago

We started making some progress today after all the rain we've been getting. We wanted to get all the purlins, baseboards, and hipboards in today. As time passes we have decided that getting just the three purlins finished today will make for a good day. #hoophouse #minicassia #springstorms #gardenprep

2 hours ago

Made Strawberry & Vanilla Panna Cotta with the strawberries we got from @brocksfarm_nc 🍓 Panna cotta is creamy and passes the wobble test! I would normally make a compote with the strawberries to pair with this panna cotta. But the strawberries are just so sweet with a hint of tartness that it just balances out the creamy texture of the panna cotta. You can easily eat these berries on it's own - it's that good! I can eat a whole lot of this! One of my favorite desserts!

4 hours ago

***FREE SLICE OF PIE*** and GLYPHOSATE... _ If you haven’t watched the latest YouTube video from my sister, @wendyachatz , yet, you need to! Link is in her bio. - She’ll tell you how to get a FREE slice of pie at @achatzpies (thru Tues, 5/28) if you’re in #metrodetroit or $5 off a Pie That Flies. Subscribe to her YouTube channel to qualify. _ MORE IMPORTANTLY, she talks about how glyphosate is pervading our ecosystem, food stream, water supply, and more. Please watch the video and comment on YouTube to let her (and the world) know how you feel about this poison. And please share this post to spread awareness. _ BONUS: This video has super cute footage of her baby chicks! 🐥 _ https://youtu.be/oQ48wuMAlL4 _ Photo Credit: @achatzpies

5 hours ago

Skippers in the garden 🌱

7 hours ago

Day late and a dollar short #throwback to when the #high was 75 degrees and not 50. Oh how I love you #colorado #weather. Calendar says it’s May but damn it feels like March

7 hours ago

With tons of help from @allisonstray , we've been navigating the transition from early spring to early summer better than we ever have before. Here our hoop house is mostly cleaned out and ready to be put to bed, with one healthy-looking last hurrah of #lisianthus coming to usher summer in.

7 hours ago

Happy Friday from the farm!! Can’t wait for these cherry tomatoes ! 🌱🌱

8 hours ago

It’s peony season in Utah! The glorious few weeks with these blooms delight flower farmers and florists alike BUT are a bit fleeting. High tunnels (low-cost, passively heated structures) alongside our field peonies helped us double our harvest season length and moved production forward enough to hit the valuable mother’s day market (something field-grown peonies miss pretty much every year in Cache Valley). Check out our fact sheet (link in bio) that details growing peonies in high tunnels and reports on 5 years of data from growing the ever-popular ‘Coral Charm’ peony. #factsheetfriday #peony #slowflowers #cutflowers #grownnotflown #USUextension #UtahStateUniversity #hightunnel #hoophouse #caterpillarhouse #plasticulture #research #report #seasonextension #mothersday #coralcharm #charming #Utah #utahflowers #temperaturemanagement #tryit #weddingflower #readit #investment

1 day ago

Sumter Cucumber > Day 44 Apr 9 - sown from seed Apr 22 - repotted to red cups May 13 - transplanted to soil May 17 - male flowers noticed May 21 - noticed female flowers May 23 - female flower and a bumblebee pollinator Here I am anxious the flowers won't get pollinated and ready to pollinate by hand. Mr Smith says I don't have to worry because it will eventually get pollinated. Guess he's right!

1 day ago

Chives are such an easy perennial herb to grow in your garden. We love the edible flowers for us and the pollinators to enjoy. We do remove any stems with flowers from our bunches because it tends to get woody after producing the flower. #citygreengardens #certifiedorganic #organicreno #regenerativeagriculture #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #loveyourfarmer #localfood #renofood #renolocalfood #reno #renotahoe #renonevada #nevadagrown #growyourownfood #growyourown #organicherbs #hoophouse #herbs #farmsmall #urbanfarmreno #smallfarms #urbanfarm #smallfarm #marketgarden #permaculturedesign #growyourown #gardening

1 day ago

American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis) Butterfly loving the bachelor buttons.

1 day ago

I took a step back from taking close-up photos to admire this spot in the garden. From left to right: beets, bachelor buttons, mammoth sunflower, ornamental grass, sumter cucumbers. Spot the American Lady butterfly loving the nectar I suppose.

1 day ago

Check this dragonfly out. Just another day at the garden.

1 day ago

At Elberta’s first Farmers Market of 2019! Lettuce, radish, spinach, spring mix and even our first batch of beets!!

1 day ago

I hope my kids always see me as a strong independent person who can do anything. • • • I hope that they watch their dad and I work, and see that hard work leads to big dreams coming true. • • • I hope that they learn that even when you fall down in the mud ayou pick yourself up and say “I’m good”. • • • I hope our lifestyle teaches them to love and care for the animals in their life. To grow their own food, to try and fix things before buying a replacement, to make what you can at home. And for them to know their worth. • • #substainableliving #alaskafarming #growyourownfood #hoophouse #kids #ranchandfarmlife #ranchraised #carhartt #oakiwear #buildingthings #womenempowerment

1 day ago

Planting late this year, at least for us. The cover is off the hoophouse for the summer so it’s basically a regular garden with sides. Planting mostly flowers this year, with corn and pumpkins for fun. #urbangardening #hoophouse #family

2 days ago

TOM TOMS, ALL DAY 😍😍😍🍅🍅🍅 When I got here, this hoop house was a skeleton with black tarps covering the soil. As a team, we re-covered it, pulled back the (worm covered) tarps, measured out the beds, weeded, broadforked, composted, raked, and today we filled it with tomato seedings! Can't wait until we can taste the fruit of our labour! 💙💙💙 #BUILDgrowLEARN #Damsel #moskow #roni #chefschoice #tomato #hoophouse #organic #sustainable #playinthedirt #notill #lowtill

2 days ago

It’s a hot one out here today at the Union Square Market @ Bo Diddley Plaza - Downtown Gainesville! We’re here every Wednesday evening 4-7pm. Come out, say hi! Grab dinner, and help us stay cool 😎 . . . . . . . . . . #korfarms #dontpanicitsorganic #organic #knowyourfarmer #knowyourfood #earthwayseeder #greenhouse #greenhousegrowing #hoophouse #vegetable #growyourownfood #homestead #firstgenfarmers #ocala #florida #marion #alachua #gainesville #farmersmarket #marketgarden #knowyourfarmer #eatlocal

2 days ago

As we anxiously await the building of our greenhouses and facility, we started our planting season in two hoop houses this spring. The tomatoes and eggplant are already making their debut! In a few weeks, they will be transplanted into our fields. A big thanks to the Atlantic City Firemen who brought these hoop houses to life. #eatorganic #healthyfood #poconoorganics #regenerativeagriculture #hoophouse

2 days ago

The highs and lows of farming. Pic 1: the High! We replaced the side wall plastic, covered the ground with heavy duty landscape fabric and planted peppers and cucumbers! 😁 Pic 2: the Low. After an insane wind and rain storm during the night, we lost the fabric on a different hoophouse. ☹️ Fortunately, the plastic needed to be replaced soon anyways and the crops in that house aren’t temperature sensitive and can still be protected from the deer. It could have been much worse and we’re thankful for the small blessings we receive. • #kingshillfarm #hoophouse #farminghighsandlows #greenhouse #organic