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20 hours ago

Had to share this moment. We 3 ladies were so excited to finally meet that we didn’t even notice our “photo bomber”! It was a pleasure meeting you Roma & Teresa! Thanks to Doug we not only had a great laugh but a wonderful life long memory that will always put a smile on our faces. Thanks to you and Stacy for sharing your lives, time and humor with all of us at the Homesteaders of America conference and on You Tube. 💖 . . . . . #offgridwithdougandstacy #dougandstacy #homesteadersofamerica #homesteadersofamericaconference #homesteadhomies #homesteadguru #youcandoit #makemyday #whataguy #photobomb #myinspiration #homesteadersofinstagram #backtoedengarden #permaculture #backtotheland #homesteadhustle #abundance #homestead #homesteading #hobbyfarm #farmstead #authenticlife #selfsufficientliving #modernhomesteader #growwhatyoueat #middletennessee #5DogFarm #gobigorgohomestead #ruralbliss #rusticrevival

1 day ago

This weekend I a prime example of nothing going to plan. Despite the chaos at home, we made it to the Homesteaders of America Conference on Saturday, though sadly there will be no vlog about it. No power for 3 days = no charged batteries for the camera for filming. So this is my recap. It was wonderful. Josh and I were SO tired, there just was no way we could wrap our brains around all the talks and seminars, so we sort of bumbled around, looking at things, meeting up with friends, making new ones, having disjointed conversations, and forgetting to pull out my phone for pictures 99.9% of the time. We were so grateful we made it up there, and we all slept for 10+ hours last night when we got home. Today we went out and bought a new refrigerator because it became clear when the power was restored last night that our fridge was dead. Here's to seeing so many friends again at NEXT year's conference, and to the week ahead having a smidge more normalcy. #homesteadersofyoutube #homesteadersofinstagram #homesteadersofamerica #homesteadersofamericaconference #eustaceconway #joelsalatin #justinrhodes #HurricaneMichael #mybrainisfried

1 day ago

You know that expression, "find your people and love them hard?" Well, we found them. Seriously, we've never felt more "at home" with a group of perfect strangers than we did with our new friends at @homesteadersofamerica conference this weekend. Sharing ideas, stories, dreams, struggles and successes with each other in order to spur one another on was such an amazing experience. Thank you @amy.fewell for putting this together. We will be back next year! 🙌🏻💕 . . And shout out to the new and old friends we got to chat with (and many more I haven't tagged here) @sowtheland @lorrainexoxo @rebekah.rhodes @thejustinrhodesshow @roots_and_refuge @wildershomestead @that_1870s_homestead @the.farming.artist @tangi_freedomhomestead 💕

1 day ago

I wish I had taken more pictures from the @homesteadersofamerica conference! @thejustinrhodesshow had two talks and I joined him for the second one about the Great American Farm Tour. We both can’t say enough about how much fun we had! Not only because we were kid free, BUT because we had an amazing time talking with everyone! The community @amy.fewell has created with this event was amazing. If you can get to this conference next year I highly recommend it. And if you haven’t already, go over to Justin’s Instagram account and look at his stories from yesterday. He got a little silly towards the end of the event and took selfies with everyone! 😂 #homesteadersofamericaconference #homesteadersofamerica

2 days ago

We are back at our hotel after an AMAZING 2018 #homesteadersofamericaconference We are all tired, sore, cold, and tired (did I say tired already?) but it has been an AWESOME weekend!! Going to relax by eating some fried chicken, biscuit, and mashed potatoes from Roy Rogers and get in some good reading from @stacylynharris Stay tuned for onslaught of videos and pictures.

2 days ago

Lots of information today at Homesteaders of America. Plus seeing friends that I don't get to see very often. Maureen had a great WAP talk. Joe Salatin was awesome as usual. And a new to me speaker Stacy Lyn Harris spoke about wild game and how to prepare. #homesteadersofamericaconference

2 days ago

Made a solo Target run before day two of the @homesteadersofamerica conference and look who I ran into! I thanked Justin and Rebekah (Abundant Permaculture) for making homesteading with kids look so accessible, we discussed the rather unfair Atlantic ariticle on homesteading I posted on Fb Thursday, and we watched a 2001 SNL Safari Planet skit on a goat with devil eyes 🤣 because goats are funny and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Love attending this conference with existing friends and to make new like-minded friends who value sustainable food sourcing and a slower pace of life. 💕 #goats #abundantpermaculture #homesteadersofamericaconference #snlskit #homesteadingwithkids #sfumatofarm

3 days ago

We’ve had a great first day visiting with so many of you at the Homesteaders of America Conference! We will be back tomorrow. Stop and say hello! #homesteadersofamericaconference

3 days ago

All set up at the Homesteaders of America conference. I have a variety of basic cheese making supplies for the home cheese maker. It really is easy to homemade cheese. For inspiration & encouragement, stop by my cheese making workshop at 11 am today. See you there!

4 days ago

Home Curing charcuterie and Butchery workshop with Hand Hewn Farms! Want the best food? Make it yourself. This Heritage breed Gloucestershire Old Spot was slaughtered only days ago in his free range forest of native nut trees after a long and happy life of 9 months. Imagine curing the best cuts with ancient recipes. Ancient skills. Best taste. #oldspot #homecuring #charcuterie #butchery #farmtotable #handhewnfarms #andy &dougarecool #ancientfood #hertiagebreeds #morebacon #homesteadersofamericaconference #knifeskills #Coppa #prosciuttio #saltcuredmeats #nitratefree #blackhoneycake

4 days ago

Ann is still going strong in her preserving workshop. So far the the class has made garlic honey, canned carrots. Next up...kimchi!

4 days ago

When you travel to a conference and bring an oversized container for all of your supplies...things happen. And to their credit, all of my cheese making items were still organized. See you at the @homesteadersofamerica conference tomorrow!

1 week ago

Prepping for the big Homesteaders of America conference this coming week! Whether you consider yourself a prepper, a Homesteader, have a self-sufficiency goal, or just someone who likes new learning experiences, you will LOVE the #homesteadersofamericaconference . It's an amazing, family-friendly event, perfect for homeschoolers of all ages, too! Plus kids under 18 are free. Can't beat that! Added bonus, the Creating Essence Family will be there, and we have shirts with our name now, so we're even easier to spot! #largefamilyvloggers #homeschool #learningthroughliving #selfsufficiency #homesteading #youtubers

1 week ago

I will be teaching a cheese making workshop at the @homesteadersofamerica conference this year. In addition to the workshop, I will be selling cheese making supplies. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

3 months ago

Have you signed up for this canning workshop? Seats are still available.

8 months ago

Check out the speakers at the 2018 Homesteaders of America Conference. Will you be there?

8 months ago

We are super stoked about the 2018 venue here in Virginia! As many of you know, we weren't able to keep the venue we had last year due to unforeseen circumstances, but we're on to bigger and better things! This year (and tentatively next!) the conference will be held at the Warren County Fairgrounds in Front Royal, VA. To give you an idea of where this location is compared to last year, we're about 40 mins northwest of where last year's conference was held. Closer to the West Virginia border. This new venue brings with it some incredible new opportunities for our attendees, vendors, and speakers. Not only is the venue right off of the interstate, it's also in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, and minutes away from the state park. There are ample amounts of Air B&B locations, hotels, and lots of campgrounds! So many of you wanted to bring your campers or camp out last year—this year you can do exactly that at nearby locations on the Shenandoah River and more! There is once again a large open barn for speakers. There is a stage with bleachers. There are small pavilions for demos. And we will be renting several large commercial tents in case it rains, and for additional speaker and vendor space. On Saturday, there is an indoor flea market that takes place on the property in a separate building. You can shop for some awesome antique finds while you're there! There are several historic museums and locations throughout VA that we encourage you to see. With a straight shot on the interstate, you can make a day trip to Washington D.C. to see our nation's capital and museums. Or take a country drive to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, or Mount Vernon, Virginia. The Manassas National Battlefield Park is close by too! And if you're feeling adventurous, you can make an extra trip to Williamsburg, Virginia! Better yet, make sure you check out Polyface Farm, which is about two hours south of the venue. This would be a great trip to take the day before or after the event! Besides all of that amazingness, there is NO ATTENDEE CAP OFF. That's right. There are no limits to this venue, which means tickets will more than likely be sold at the gate. Read more on Our FB!

8 months ago

Are you ready? We ARE! Our speaker line up is FULL! But not too full that you get overwhelmed by the day. ;) We still have room for VENDORS and SPONSORS! Don't forget ;) We'll release an official speaker schedule (with times) later in the year. We already have it put together, but we're sitting on it for awhile to make sure everything flows well. We're still 8 months away, you know! However, this mini schedule that we're posting now will help you greatly with planning your days for your trip, especially if you can't come both days. There are multiple demonstrations throughout the day that aren't listed. The set up is much like last year where you can enjoy vendors and demonstrators during your breaks. Or just sit back and relax! Just like last year, there are 15 minutes in between each class so that you have time to get to the next class, ask speakers questions at their booths, get books signed, buy apparel, and not feel rushed. This was a HUGE burden off of attendees last year and the number one success that we had when we polled people at our first conference. We have also scheduled lunch breaks and random breaks for each day. This allows you to have breathing room, mingle with friends, visit our vendors, and more! We hope that you are just as excited as we are to bring you some amazing new (and not so new!) classes this year! BUY TICKETS HERE >>> #homesteadersofamerica #homesteadersofamericaconference #homesteading #farmher #agriculture #virginia #homesteadhomies #joelsalatin

9 months ago

So I know it's 10 months away but guess who just got added to the vendor list at the Homesteaders of America Conference 2018 in Virginia!! Ahhhh stoked is an understatement! 🙌🏻

1 year ago

Ran out of picture room on my first post! Here are a few more great pictures of some really sweet (really patient) great people from the #homesteadersofamericaconference ! Thank you so much @pratt_family_homestead @thefundamentalhome @amy.fewell 😁 It was so cool meeting you guys! Seriously everyone if you can manage to attend next year you won’t be disappointed! #geekingout #homesteading #bestweekend #ahoyhomestead #farmgirl #farmlife #instagramhomesteaders #homesteadersofamerica