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Share your fiber haul from the festival, tag us and we'll feature you too! #Regram @chickenlibrarian ・・・ Good Morning friends! I’m finally getting around to sharing my haul from the @catskillsfiberfestival. Look at all this pretty stuff!!! Yarn from @color_craze_fiber and @toadhollownj and that pretty Halloween themed project bag from I had such a good time! I even blogged about it (link in profile). Happy Sunday y’all! Fall is finally here and all I want to do is knit! . . . . . #simpleliving #homestead #homesteader #homesteadlife #nikon #nikond3100 #nikonphotography #catskills #catskillmountains #upperdelaware #upperdelawareriver #ourgrassisgreen #oursimplelife #countrylife #rurallife #farmher #chickenlibrarian #happyhomesteading #chickensanddirt #chickenlife #yarn #fiberfestival #catskillsfiberfestival #projectbag #bethelny #knittersofinstagram

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30 days of 30 ways I use mason jars #23. I use mason jars for seed saving!! These are my family’s heirloom pie pumpkins. We have been saving the seeds for generations! We originally got the seeds from Indians in Nebraska! Each season we collect seeds from select pumpkins, label and save them! They make the best pumpkin pies ever!! (More on this soon!)

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Some of these mamas are so round we’re wondering if they ate their calves! 🐮They’re out here looking like they have to roll everywhere 🔄🔄😂

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This weekend Tina and I built a small off grid sink and counter area for our future homestead. It's not perfect, and isn't up to code, but it's a start. We wanted to make something to make our life a little easier and more comfortable while we build up the land. In the end, it didn't cost us anything to do, since we used wood we salvaged from another failed project, and I had a great time working side by side with my best friend @mudder_farm_ #homestead #homesteader #offgrid

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A good day well spent on a farm typically ends with your hands looking similar to this... Am I right or am I right?! Lol. Last night I helped @anneofalltrades replace all the supports in the attic of her new old metal shop... It was a pain but we got it done! Just in time to go to bed at midnight so I could wake up and hit the road at 6am to head up to Paul's house to help out in the garden and hang out at his tour! Last week during his tour I was approached by a couple and they were like "Is this you?" as they showed me my profile on their phone lol. Then the week before there was a lady that spotted me out who remembered me from being the first Back to Eden gardener of the month back in April! It's pretty awesome how I've met so many of you without even making plans to meet up! I love it! It's great! So hopefully later today at 2:30pm pst I'll meet one or two+ more of you lol. . . . #workhard #dontquitetillthejobgetsdone #thatstheonlywayiknow #growingbacktoeden #backtoeden #gardening #backtoedengarden #homestead #homesteader #sustainability #sustainable #selfsufficiency #permaculture #groworganic #organic #eatrealfood #gyo #organicgardening #garden #farmfresh #farmtofork #freshlypicked #produce #farm

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Good Morning friends! I’m finally getting around to sharing my haul from the @catskillsfiberfestival. Look at all this pretty stuff!!! Yarn from @color_craze_fiber and @toadhollownj and that pretty Halloween themed project bag from I had such a good time! I even blogged about it (link in profile). Happy Sunday y’all! Fall is finally here and all I want to do is knit! . . . . . #simpleliving #homestead #homesteader #homesteadlife #nikon #nikond3100 #nikonphotography #catskills #catskillmountains #upperdelaware #upperdelawareriver #ourgrassisgreen #oursimplelife #countrylife #rurallife #farmher #chickenlibrarian #happyhomesteading #chickensanddirt #chickenlife #yarn #fiberfestival #catskillsfiberfestival #projectbag #bethelny #knittersofinstagram

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Clinging onto summer.

7 hours ago

Look who’s standing on her own after a week of just lying on the ground! I found this hen in the laying flock last week not wanting to put weight on her left leg. Now, over the years I have developed a pretty keen eye for spotting whether an injury is going to get better or if it means the end for an animal. Trust me.... I have “doctored” so many animals, some with succes and others to no avail, that I can usually tell pretty quickly if it is any use to even try. Farm animals work for us. And we as farmers provide the best conditions for these animals so that they can do their best for us. Meaning, we try to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. It works back and forth like that. I make sure the chickens get to roam the pastures, take dustbaths and have a good balanced diet, and in return they lay some eggs for me. But when something is wrong with a chicken, like with this one, I think it’s a bit silly to give up straight away. I mean, there is a limit to how far I’d go to nurse a chicken back to health. It has to be fair towards the chicken, but also my wallet, because let’s face it, I do run a business. But anyway, I thought that the least I could do for this girl is to keep her separate for a few days so she could rest her leg and see if that would help. After about five days, there was still no improvement and I was really close to calling it quits, but I didn’t get round to doing so and I’m happy I didn’t because look.... day 7 and she can stand again! I’ll keep her separate for a few more days so she can regain more strength and then she’ll be back in to the main laying flock! So all’s well that ends well😉 #chicken #chickensofinstagram #pastured #pasturedpoultry #pasturedeggs #farm #farmlife #farmfresh #sustainablefarming #livestock #poultry #sick #sicko #kip #kippen #hen #allswellthatendswell #eindgoedalgoed #rotationalgrazing #grassfarmer #grassbased #grainfed #homestead #homesteading #homesteader #gayfarmer #selfsufficiency

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The beekeeping chapter of our sustainability workshop left me more determined to be an urban beekeeper #🐝 #🥞 #grazeworkshop

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Blankets at the ready folks! Colder months do have a plus side. Stocking up on blankets when they're cheap in the summer months and never throwing out old towels or blankets. Even the rattiest old sheet can easily been crafted into a draft excluder or door curtain. I saved all my kids baby blankets and now have a huge supply for the cold weather. Scatter them on the furniture and roll up against drafty spots to keep that British weather outside! #momof2 #2018 #prepper #ukprepper #ukpreppergirl #preppergirl #prepperchat #homesteader #diy #upcycle #makedoandmend #reuse #use #skills #smart

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The next three people to join my oil family (because seriously that’s what it is) will get hooked up with detox and relax bath salts 💕 I’ve only got three bottles available and don’t forget everyone who joins receives a welcome kit packed full of all the info you need from me and $25 back (this month only) 🍂🛁

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“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” ~ Jackson Brown 🌿 I remember in February when I started thinking about visiting Utah and attending the @doterra convention for the first time - it seemed silly! It would cost so much! How could I possibly explain spending that much time away from my family? But there was something inside me that said, go! And, as I listened to it more doors began to open to get me here. This week has been pretty magical, inspiring and comforting in ways I couldn’t imagine before. I’ve spent the last 6 days with like-minded women laughing, talking and yes - crying. I feel honored to be a part of a company so committed to quality, transparency and helping others! Tonight as the harvest moon rose over the mountains we stopped to pick wild sage by the road side. ✨my heart is full.

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Episode 13 is live! • We get very real in this episode and talk a LOT about how, “Saying yes to something means saying no to something else.” • The farm is teaching us to prayerfully consider each small choice, and we share about how that concept is really growing both of us • We also talk about some “farm firsts” and answer a few listener questions - we hope this episode is encouraging to some of you! •

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Chicken Mama Jen shared this fantastic coop photo in our group and I wish I live there! What lucky chickens! What do you think?

15 hours ago

In the two months since the release of my first book from @skyhorsepub , 50 Do it Yourself Projects for keeping Chickens has remained on the top 100 list of garden projects books on Amazon. But the book is more than projects. In addition to telling you step by step how to build and make items that will keep your chickens safe and happy, I also tell you why you need it. Lots of years of chicken keeping knowledge went into this book. Not to mention all those years in college studying animal science! Are you planning on getting chickens soon or make your chicken’s world happier and more secure? You need my book! As Pam Freeman, editor of @backyardpoultrymag said in the preface,”These are useful projects that can be adapted to most any situation and need”. I sure hope you agree! #author #writer #chickenkeeper #homesteader #homesteadersofamerica #stepbystepprojects #learnaboutchickens

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Justin is quite the #homesteader. He brought home nine buckets and a tarp full of #apples from a customer’s tree that he pruned and today he made oodles of #applesauce. One batch was a little burned on the bottom but the sauce was salvageable, so for good measure, we added some homemade #pumpkin spice and some sugar and it turned out so good! Into the freezer it goes for some delicious dessert this #fall and #winter. I love this guy! #pumpkinspice #punkinspice

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Listening to the hum of the bees, surrounded by all the glorious goldenrod 🐝 🍂 🐝 🍂 🐝

16 hours ago

It's been almost a year now since we've settled into homesteading. My sweet Indian runner ducklings has been one of my favorite additions ♥️

16 hours ago

Gorgeous sky in middle of nowhere, Indiana

18 hours ago

🌿Breastfeeding: I’m a rookie. My first born was a 32 weeker and was not able to latch until he was close to nine months. I exclusively pumped until that point, this go around I’m exclusively breastfeeding and I’m so grateful. My body grew this tiny little guy and how I missed that belly and the little kicks initially, but now watching him grow and those cheeks get chubbier it gives me so much purpose. Creating a life changes the body and tho it may never be the same I have so much to show for it! So grateful for the chance to have another baby and the ability to feed him and watch him grow! #saggyboobs #softtummy #breastfeeding #fourthtrimester #rootedhands #wellness #healthyliving #natural #healthylife #organic #fromtheearthforyourbody #tinyfarm #urbanfarm #renotahoe #momlife #homestead #momofboys #loveyourfarmer #growyourown #homesteader #slowliving #simplelife #renotahoe

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Happy Fall 🍁 I love this season and all the change it brings.

19 hours ago

Street fair 2018

19 hours ago

First day of fall 🍂🍁 So we did a very fall-ish thing 😉 Life has been both incredibly fast and incredibly slow lately. Fast in that the days seem to melt away into nights, to bedtimes, to midnights, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Yet slow in that we’ve taken on our quieter, fall homeschool routine. But a good friend of mine always tells me, “You have to find your middle.” Davey and I have always been really great at ricocheting between 0 and 60. But really awful at finding the in between. Either terrible or wonderful. Peaceful or chaotic. I guess we’ve been a lot like the heat of summer or the dead of winter. But finally, we are learning to be more like fall. Just in the middle. A good mix of letting go and holding on. Turns out, fall is the best place to be 💛🍂 #marriageissanctifying #feelslikefall

19 hours ago

The sunflowers are bowing their heads, the leaves are starting to drop and the air is becoming cool and crisp... Welcome Autumn!!

19 hours ago

My brother invited us for a cookout and fire 🔥later tonight 🌌, and my job is to bring the ingredients to make S'mores 🍫. So, of course I had to go out and pick some rasberries ❤️ to bring, to show them how to make them more delicious.😋 #HoodieWeather 💕🍁🍂 . . #Smores #WelcomeFall #FallIsHere #WomenInAG #ThisIsWomensWork #SuburbanGarden #SuburbanHomesteading #Homesteader #Homesteading #FarmHer #WomenWhoFarm #Garden #GrowWhatYouEat #GardenToTable #GrowYourOwnFood #FoodGarden #EdibleGarden #Gardener #NewbieGardener #IAmAModernFarmer #FarmToTable #FarmGirl #SimpleLiving #CountryLiving #CountryGirl #IAmCountrySide #WelcomeFall #MomOf4 #FarmHerFriday

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Where they tho?😩 @blackhavenranch 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏿‍♂️😂 Check out 🚜 ➡️ @blackhavenranch out of Chicago! Goals: Pursue and purchase 40+ Acres of homesteading land. Prepare myself with the skills to live a more self-sustainable, healthy and stress-free lifestyle. ​ ​Present options, specifically to oppressed urban dwellers. ​Probe the historical significance of land ownership in culture and heritage. . . . . . . . #homesteading #homesteader #urbanhomestead #Smalltalk #farmland #buylocal #buylocalfirst #raiseyourownfood #raiseyourown #buylocally #farm #organicgardening #permaculture #growyourown #growagarden #suspended #raisedbeds #gardenfresh #gardenfreshherbs #gardenfreshvegetables #homegrownfood #preservetheharvest #gardener #urbanorganicgardener #urbanorganicfarmer #africanamericanfarmers #allotmentlove

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Happy first day of fall! It’s clearly in full swing over here as we just finished harvesting our squash. Acorn, butternut, blue hubbard and two baby sugar pies. Planting around 18 squash plants certainly paid off for our first year—and I thought nothing would grow! 😂 I have been looking forward to harvesting these babies since I planted them in april and I am thrilled with the outcome. With a wheelbarrow full of squash—I am one happy farmer 😁

21 hours ago

Eredetileg (tegnap) arról szólt volna ez a kép, hogy utoljára vettem fel szandált ebben a szezonban. Aztán észrevettem, hogy a szandálom az őszi faleveleken, meg a fele (már) sárga fele (még) zöld színű levelek is milyen jól reprezentálják ezt a hirtelen történt szezonváltást. Az ősz érkezése igen stílusos volt nem? Pont az első hivatalos őszi napig kitartott a kánikula. Egyébként általában nem szoktam ennyit filozofálni egy kép felett, de ez most jól esett 🤪 Részemről jöhet az ősz, mindenével együtt! ☀️🍁🍂🌾🌫🌧💛🎃 #seekthesimplicity #theartofslowliving #momtogs #motherhood #livinglifesmoments #livethelittlethings #momlife #livefolk #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #homesteader #homesteading #nestandflourish #itsthelittlethings #aslowmoment #thehappynow #myeverydaymagic #thesincerestoryteller #itsstill_life #slowlived #stillwithstories #fortheloveoffall #fortheloveofautumn

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In our ongoing attempt to find frugal solutions for the farm, Sean made us nesting boxes for our soon-to-be laying hens! • He built the base out of wood we found on the farm, and made the “boxes” out of 5 gallon tubs from TSC • In total, this cost us approx $30 total for all equipment needed {wood was free but would be inexpensive, had we purchased it.} • I know they aren’t as cute as nesting boxes you see online but we are making due with what we have and I’m so proud of my hard-working husband • He said, “I am NOT good at carpentry, so I’m finding a workable solution” • And he did! • The lip on the front of the buckets is to give them a sense of security & I think he did a superb job • Waste not, want not! • {Sidenote: My Type-A brain came out and I said, “Couldn’t you have put all the buckets facing the same way, at least?!!!” To which he replied, “WHY does that matter, Rachel?!! These will be covered In chicken poop in two days!”😂🐔💩 • Touché •

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NEW LISTING in Homesteader! MLS# E4129807 $374,900 LOADS OF UPGRADES THROUGHOUT! Beautifully upgraded home in Homesteader located in a quiet cul-de-sac! This bright and open 4 level split boasts 3+1 bedrooms. A large living room with laminate flooring. A beautifully renovated island kitchen will sure to impress your inner chef with all the counter space and gorgeous white Ikea melamine cabinets. Newer windows throughout. Fully renovated 4 pc main bathroom. The upper level has a spacious master bedroom with a 3 pc ensuite and two additional bedrooms. The lower level has a family room and was renovated two years ago, it is the perfect space for the kids to play. Adjacent to the family room is a renovated 2 pc bathroom. The basement consists of a 4th bedroom and laundry/utility area. Newer furnace (2016) and new hot water tank (2018). The private back yard has a new composite deck, newer work done in the yard showcasing the flower beds. Double oversized detached garage just had its roof redone two years ago. Newer eaves and chain link fence. A perfect family home! Message me today to view! #charsellshomes #yegre #yeg #homesteader #upgraded #yegrealtor #yegrealestate

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Backyard rainbows are the best!🌈 • Rainbows have always been special to me but our trip to Iceland 🇮🇸 really made me want to capture ALLLL the rainbows I can!🤗😍📸

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Ok Misfits, our Misfit of the Week is @doublecolthomestead . Brooke is a wife and momma who has the cutest animals, a great sense of humor, and is totally relatable! Not to mention, she's a harworker and in between all that, she makes the most amazing soaps! Yes, that's a shameless plug! But deserved! . We invite you to take a look at her squares and follow her journey if you wish. You never know, she may just be a part of your tribe! . #homestead #homesteadlife #homesteader #homesteadersofinstagram #homesteadmisfits #misfits #misfittribe #findyourtribe #mytribe #teammisfits #farm #farmlife #animals #misfitoftheweek

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Potato or pear? ~ Digging up some comfort food is a great way to spend the first day of fall.

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FACE CHOCOLATE!!!! Not to rush anyone, but this stuff is going like gangbusters! Off-Etsy sales are rendering stock kind of low, so get yours now before I am out!!! Looks like chocolate, feels like satin, leaves your skin clean and soft!! Feedback so far has included "holy shit so soft" and "why can't I eat it??" Scented with ylang ylang, this is a perfect mask for the end of a long day or before a hot date 😊 #herbalist #herbalism #anarchoherbalism #anarchomedicine #decapitalizeyourmedicine #forthepeoplefromthepeople #forager #homesteader #witchy #witch

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So I've always imagined a few milking goats on my little homestead when I'm older and actually getting to milk ole Dolly here every morning for the last week or so has confirmed that I will indeed have milking goats one day lol. Now for the alpacas and donkies, who are surprisingly growing on me, I still can't say that I'll have any on the future farm... Well... maybe I'll have a donkie if not a horse. Who knows! In the mean time I'm having fun with these guys and hopefully soon I'll get Reggie ridding either Howdy or Bella (the mini donkies) lol. . . . #milking #milkinggoats #goats #donkies #alpaca #growingbacktoeden #backtoeden #gardening #backtoedengarden #homestead #homesteader #sustainability #sustainable #selfsufficiency #permaculture #groworganic #organic #eatrealfood #gyo #organicgardening #garden #farmfresh #farmtofork #freshlypicked #produce #farm #outbacktradingcompany #outfittinglifesadventures 📸: @anneofalltrades

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Escape artists... Came home from flag football to find this!

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Love this 😍