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We’re $276 away from making $7,000! AND quick reminder that we offer rewards for different levels of giving! Let us send you postcards for cash! #TheLastCroissant #AtticCollectiveLA

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I think it’s important to be able to visualize yourself in the places you want to be. So I asked the incredibly talented 📷: @kidmastro to take some shots of me outside of the @fondatheatre because it’s a dream of mine to sing there. Originally my plan was to edit out whoever’s name was on the marquee that night and edit my own in, but we all know how much I love to be cheesy and @thebachelorabctv was there. . . . . . . #singer #singersofinstagram #rocksinger #musician #music #musicismylife #musicislife #nomusicnolife #losangeles #fondatheater #hollywood #hollywoodtheater #visualize #dreamer #dreambig #dreambigger #walkoffame #hollywoodwalkoffame #la #thebachelor #rocknroll #imagine #visualization #visualize

3 days ago

Love old movie theaters and the Hollywood movie house might be my most favorite. #hollywoodtheater #Pdx

4 days ago

Such a good night! Fave part was when the film burnt up. Gotta love this old glorious theatre. Last time I was there I was a teenager throwing rice. Check out the upcoming movies. It really was a fun night! #hollywoodtheater #avondale #greatfilm #oldschool

4 days ago

Vannia Ibarguen ("Yma") See her performance on March 221, 2019 This dance excerpt celebrates Yma Sumac, the only Peruvian woman bestowed with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Vannia Ibarguen is an international performer, choreographer, dance educator and Artistic Director of VIDA - Vannia Ibarguen Dance Arts. http://www.lawtf.org - - - - - #theaterlife #theaterfestival #soloshow #latheater #lafestival #oursocialbar #lawtf #performerlife #stageperformance #actresslife #stageactress #losangelesactor #onewomanshow #stagelife #actresses #actorslife #festivalvibes #festivalstage #stageactor #onstage #losangelesactress #walkoffamehollywood #hollywoodtheater #hollywoodactress

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We’ve reached 6K is under 2 weeks which is THRILLING! Here’s a reminder of what you’re funding and what’s to come. #TheLastCroissant

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Still haven’t seen James and the Giant Peach? You have 3 more chances. March 23rd, 30th, & 31st at noon. 🍑 This is a @creatingartsco signature original pint-sized play and is a one-hour, immersive & interactive show that is perfect for ages 3 and up. 🍑 Tickets available at: https://creatingcentral.com/

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Ollie’s first movie! 🍿 🎥

1 week ago

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre always hosts a great variety of plays and musicals. Opened on June 4, 1930, it is designed in the Art Deco style. It was designed by Benjamin Marcus Priteca, who was from Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Seattle. He designed the Hollywood Pantages for Alexander Pantages, as well as 21 other theatres for Pantages. Priteca designed 150 theatres in total. Alexander Pantages, originally Pericles Alexandros Padazis, from Andros, Greece was an impresario and vaudeville film producer active in the western United States and Canada. He ran away from home at the age of nine, and eventually ended up in Seattle, then San Francisco, and eventually Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. There he opened his first theatre, the Orpheum. After moving back to Seattle, he finally ended up in Los Angeles. Successful for many years, he was accused of rape in the 1929, and while he was acquitted in 1931, his reputation was ruined and he sold his theatres for less than he built them, fading away into obscurity and forgotten in the history of early Hollywood. Originally a movie theatre, the Hollywood Pantages is currently one of the best live theatre venues in Los Angeles, having shown live theatre since February 1977.

1 week ago

Introducing “Blue” by Lee Hart and Aly Nicklas - Portland, Oregon This gorgeous film is a testament to the inherent creativity, innovation and strength forged in women of the north. Showing in our Adventure Night program, May 18 at 8:00pm. Buy your Festival Pass today!

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What an alternate-reality-outing I have in store this evening @hollywoodtheatr ! I read The Stepford Wives in 1972 when it came out–I’m pretty sure I bought it for my very own self. LeRoy and I saw the movie in 1975; I was at least two months pregnant with @lamonthanson. I remember no ill effects from the movie based on the novel. Let’s hope none come about tonight, over 43 years later! BTW, I’m one seat in front of my fav, on an actual row of nine seats! Woe is me and my knees! There’s a generic reserved sign taped to my fav; I shoulda requested it for myself—even the single seat on the other aisle is reserved. I’m not hurtin’ or upset, nor do I feel out of place. I merely miss my aisle-less movie-viewing experience. #oldladybouldering #cancersurvivor #71yearsold #stepfordwives #thestepfordwives #moviemarquee #marqueelights #hollywoodtheater

1 week ago

Wow, what a night. So honored to be among fellow fat dancers, @bodyhomefatdancepdx , as special guests to this advanced screening of #schrill... with a special q&a afterward with the shows creator @thelindywest. It premieres at midnight on Hulu. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this show, starting with, it’s filmed in Portland and pushes all the right envelopes. . . . #bodypositive #aidybryant #hulu #fat #fatandfabulous #hollywoodtheater #johncameronmitchell #portland #portlandoregon #fatfeminist

1 week ago

#shrillonhulu drops on Hulu tomorrow and I was lucky enough to watch the first two episodes tonight at #hollywoodtheater with #boldandbadass Gym. Lindy West is amazing and the show is witty and raw and fantastic. Watch this.

1 week ago

@yaaas_get_nailed gave this super basic bitch French Tips (NOT) to @thecarlarossi for the @queerhorrorpdx screening of The original Stepford Wives to say that is am excited for this is a MASSIVE understatement. They work that @hollywoodtheatr puts into finding these prints is amazing to me. We ate extremely proud to be sponsors with @doublemountain. Come out and play with us tomorrow at 8:00 pm people on Stepford do what they’re told. #queerhorrorpdx #hollywoodtheater #nailchurch #fingerbanggang #fingerbang #fingerbangportland #fingerbangme

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Woot woot baby! We couldn’t have gotten here without all our wonderful backers. Keep it coming! #TheLastCroissant

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We’re so close to our first $1.5K! Where will your money be going? Croissants, cranes, and aioli - oh my! #TheLastCroissant

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So proud of Raquel!! She made it to the 7th round of the spelling 🐝 but got tripped up on inselberg... (that would have messed me up, too!). 👏💗👏💗 I also love that Amanda came to show her support. #proudmama

2 weeks ago

Tagging the ladies who inspire me to keep moving I love you all could only tag 20! ♥️♥️One of my most favorite moments from a piece I recently choreographed “the good stuff” happy international woman’s day in this moment I was thinking of how at many times as a woman I have felt pulled in all different directions all at once expected to be so many other things then myself today I choose me I love all the amazing dancing women in my life this ones for you! #contemporarydance #dance #onstage #strongwomen #internationalwomensday #ballet #core #partnering #dancer #ladance #ladp #weprevail #lifts #ballerinasofig #mccullamovement #moderndance #voicethrumovement #broadwaterstage #broadwatertheater #hollywoodtheatre #hollywoodtheater #dtla

2 weeks ago

Massive love, thanks & respect to the incredible Monica Martin (owner) & Marjorie Knight (Bookings Manager) on International Women’s Day. 💫 These amazing women put their brilliance, dedication & passion into providing an incredible artistic space & community in Hollywood & they make The Complex Hollywood what it is. 💫 Power, strength & love! 💫 Celebrating all incredible women everywhere! 💫💫💫💫💫 #complexhollywood #brotherchick #latheatre #latheater #hollywoodtheatre #hollywoodtheater #hollywoodtheatrerow #hollywoodtheatredistrict #actorslife #internationalwomensday

3 weeks ago

If lucky, we are afforded a million moments in our lives; some more, some less. Some savor them more than others. Perhaps it depends on who we’re with at the time. Comfortableness cannot be overstated. You don’t need to smile. You can just be. The smile is inside. Any moment we can be ourselves around people we don’t need to impress— Well, I could live in a moment like that forever. We have to hold on tight and love while it lasts; the moment happens once, the memory of those we loved lingers.

3 weeks ago

Missed opening weekend of @creatingartsco James and the Giant Peach? 🍑 We have 5 more shows headed your way throughout March. Don’t miss this fun, immersive, & interactive show that‘s perfect for ages 3 and up. 🐞 Get tickets at https://creatingcentral.com/

3 weeks ago

An amazing screening last night with @imvictoriaprice watching her father’s work House of Wax! 😱

3 weeks ago

A good time this Saturday watching House of Wax in 35mm at the Hollywood Theater. I have been a fan of Vincent Price since I was kid watching Mystery! On PBS and Batman on KOFY 20. Really nice meeting and talking with his daughter Victoria Price. She has an interesting story as someone who continues to carry her fathers legacy. Also someone who talks about joy and who’s home is the road 24/7. Looking forward to having the time to read both of her books! #hollywoodtheater #masterofmenace #vincentprice #victoriaprice #houseofprice #houseofwax #joy #thewayofbeinglost

3 weeks ago

Way too cold and windy to stand outside @hollywoodtheatr searching for the best angle for a shot of tonight’s marquee! Thirty-six, feels like 25!!!!! I like how this quick video turned out. I can’t get my mass transit app to reveal an arrival close to when the movie ends. What’s up with that, I’m wondering. May have to Lyft to @bluediamondpdx for live music after House of Wax. @ms.erin.wallace and the Sporting Lifers, fantabulous! Blessed. #houseofwax #movie #bluediamondpdx #hollywoodtheater #vincentprice #victoriaprice #livemusic #trimet #lyft #windchill

3 weeks ago

Had a nerdgasm on Wednesday! I have become obsessed with Star Trek in the last year, binge-watching almost all the series (almost done with Voyager, then Enterprise). It was so fun being in a room full of other trekkies. Also I never thought I’d ever ever care so much about something like this (Zelda aside), but goddang it’s good. I get it now.

3 weeks ago

Happy Saturday! Clip of my Baphomet set at Portland Horror Film Fest’s SATANIC PANIC. 💀 I’ve got a lot of new stuff in the works right now! My first show back in town is next Friday @missiontheaterpdx for Scarlett’s Siren and the Howlin Tramps record release party. See you there! 💃

3 weeks ago

Yup, Vincent Price’s daughter is here tonight and tomorrow night. So we’re seeing both movies (they are different) and then we’ll get to hear her talk about life with her dad. Can’t wait!

3 weeks ago

First in the theater! In my favorite seat! See the bit of silent video. I’m so looking forward to this @hollywoodtheatr weekend engagement House of Price with his daughter Victoria Price in attendance, including a Q&A afterwards. I ate my leftover chili and the last of my best-ever baked russet potatoes at home and caught the 12 here. Blessed! #71yearsold #cancersurvivor #oldladybouldering #trimet #vincentprice #victoriaprice #Q &A #hollywoodtheater #favoriteseat #supper #chili #bakedpotato

3 weeks ago

In 2015, I was blessed to begin a 3 year work-related journey across America — I was fortunate to meet numerous veterans and extraordinary Americans along the way. Aren’t we all extraordinary? Though I don’t go to church often enough... I saw evidence of God in every state I visited (both in people and in places of breathtaking beauty) ... But here in Great Falls, Montana... I was certain that God was just around the corner of this tree on the Missouri River— And everyone I ever knew and loved was dancing in the reflection on the water.

3 weeks ago

You can’t sit with us. 💋