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Latest Permaculture Design <3 . Suburban property, a family of 4 wanting to improve their connection to nature and their food and medicine, without it being to overwhelming to start. . My job as a designer is to marry the land with the client context, consider the surrounding ecology, ensure the implementation will be easy to carry out for the clients and that the maintenance needs for their lifestyle. . Slowly... we will co create a more connected and resilient world, with the consideration of our relationship with and as nature. . The design is complete with sector analysis, zone map, concept design, final design, planting plan and 36 page management plan to go with it! . Think I am happy with refining my watercolour design style, dusty colours of sunset... mmmm! . #permaculture #systemsthinking #holisticdesign #permaculturedesign #homesteading #permaculturelife #farmlife #growlocal #buylocal #eatlocal #designer #wholistic #melbourne #holisticmanagement #thepermapixie

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// reverse climate change // . . . Can you say that the steaks you eat are contributing to REVERSING global warming? WHAT ?? . . . These beautiful steaks came from a local farm (via @byrongrassfed ) that practices holistic management rotation grazing. This method actually pulls carbon into the soil from the atmosphere & stores it!! To add, this farmer took his soil carbon content from 2% to 15% in 5 years, grazing cattle. AMAZING 🙏 . . . So go stick that up where the sun ☀️ don’t shine, you none believers that think eating beef 🥩 is bad for the environment & health 😜. . . . Also thanks to this lovely lady @hillierheather for her tender love & care of these greens 🥬 she grew & graciously bartered with me. . . . #byronbay #farmersmarket #byronbaylife #byronbayhinterland #byronbayfood #globalwarming #eatbeef #grassfinishedbeef #grassfedbeef #holisticmanagement #carbonsequestration #earth #australia #nutrientdense #meatheals #holistichealth #veganfood 😂 #byronbayfarmersmarket #lennoxhead #northernrivers #organic #organicfood #choices

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We love creating healthy soil to capture carbon and mitigate climate change, but it also retains more moisture so plants and trees can thrive. @npr has a good look at how drought in California is encouraging regenerative farming practices in their article “California's Latest Weapon Against Climate Change Is Low-Tech Farm Soil” . You can find it at npr.org/2019/05/02/718736830/californias-latest-weapon-against-climate-change-is-low-tech-farm-soil. . . . #HolisticManagement #HealthySoil #LoveSoil #SoilLove #ClimateChange #Sustainability #SustainableLiving #Sustainable #RegenerativeAgriculture #RegenerativeFarming #ModernFarmer

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One of my favorite quick bite snacks is almonds. 🥜(I need an almond emoji!) • Working in those healthy fats, fiber, and protein! 💪🏻

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I just posted a picture of cattle doing what cattle do, working as an integral part of the ecosystem to heal and regenerate the land on short grass prairie. And, whaddya’ know, here they are doing the same thing on our forested land. Neither place conducive to vast monocrops. Thank goodness. Why strip the natural world of its biodiversity so we can grow one type of low nutrient food? Weaken the land and then weaken the people. Brilliant idea. Perhaps we don’t need to pillage the land of its vitality, throw up mega concrete complexes with mega animals squished together and fed glyphosate laden pseudo-feed that gets them fat fast and keeps them alive just long enough for us to get them in our plates. When we opt out of not only industrial food production, but out of the industrial food system, and instead look within our communities, we collaborate with the flora and fauna, working within nature’s laws. Laws that heal all of us instead of padding the wallets of fat cat investors. Disempowering the people through control of their food and freedoms will be the literal death of us. We don’t have to go along with their dictates. There will never be a fix for this mess, delivered from a high, that doesn’t leave the rich richer and the powerful more advantaged. And so what? Who needs them? We can take matters into our own hands. Don’t underestimate the power you hold to make a difference. Don’t try to stretch within the confines of their framework. Bust that shit up. We don’t have to feed the world.. we have to feed our communities. The farmers struggling in poverty don’t want to grow your cashews and coffee while their villages starve. They want to feed their communities too, just as they have since the dawn of civilization. To suggest otherwise is arrogant colonialism at its finest. 👇🏼👇🏼book recommendation, below...

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After a fine evening of beekeeping I thought I'd share this with you. Most pollination in Ireland is carried out by bees and our pollinators are in trouble at threat of extinction 🦋🐝 Bee keeping isn't for everybody but here's some info on how you can help by placing pollinator friendly plants in your garden. 🌼💐🌸💮🌼 Go to www.pollinators.ie for more info on the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan; communities, gardeners, school and farmers all can get involved and do their bit. #heatherhillfarm #irishfarm #irishfarming #biodiversity #growyourfood #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #bees #beekeeping #beekeeper #irishbeekeepers

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How do you measure success? One of the most important things to think about when setting a goal for yourself or your company is to determine what success looks like for you. Here is the thing success is not a one size fits all approach. Everyone wants and needs a different thing which creates a different idea of what success looks like for them. When you are setting any goal or creating any type of habit or plan be sure to first identify what success means to you and how you want to measure that. What does success mean to you? #success #teammorethanoils #coaching #holisticmama #holistics #motivationalpage #motivationalmoments #inspirationalquotes #settinggoals #goalsetter #holisticmanagement #motivationalposts #successstartshere

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Diversity rising in the food forest 🕊 Two Brewers Blackbird couples have made their nests in these earthworks this summer, a first! It’s really starting to come into its own, and I am extremely happy about that. It has taken a very long time to figure out best practices for our site, but I think I’ve cracked the code. #permaculture #permaculturefarm #regenerativeagriculture #organicfarm #certifiedorganic #permaculturedesign #keylinedesign #holisticmanagement #marketgarden #familyfarm #fourseasonfarm #biointensive #minimumtillage #compostfactory #waterharvesting #localfood #steppefarm #zone3growing #bridgermountains #shieldsvalley #montana #wilsall #bozeman #buildsoils #biodiversity #farmingwithnature #biomimicry #aridcoldclimatepermaculture #grownwith ❤️ 🌿 🌿 🌿

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You could be spending 6 weekends on the Blanco River earning your #PermacultureDesignCertificate with us this fall! Seats are still available - click the link in our bio for more info. Subjects covered include: 🐚 Patterns in nature & design 💧 Water management strategies 🐛 Soil sciences & conservation 🐓 Small-scale animal systems ♻️ Holistic management 🌱 Plant propagation 🚜 Earthworks & mapping 🏡 Sustainable communities And much more - Register today! . . . #texaspermaculture #permaculturedesigncourse #sustainabledesign #waterconservation #soilfoodweb #healthysoil #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativegrazing #plantsmakepeoplehappy #sustainablecommunities

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Notice the evenness of the graze, not a plant missed that wasn't ate or flattened. The flattened grass covers the bare soil, acting as a mulch, retaining moisture and returning carbon back into the soil. This paddock will need to rest for 40-90 days before the forages have fully expressed themselves, ready for cattle to return. On our farm we use electric fencing to mimic the great migratory patterns of herbivores throughtout nature. Every day (sometimes twice a day) I move the herd to the next paddock. Referred to as mob-stocking-herbivorous-solar-conversion lignified-carbon-sequestration-fertilization by #joelsalatin. "If every farm in North America with livestock would practice this it would build so much soil, humus and organic matter that in fewer than 10 years we would sequester all the carbon that's been emitted since the beginning of the industrial age" -Joel Salatin #climatechangesolution #simplesolution #holisticmanagement #lunaticfarming #saladbarbeef #regenerativefarming #regenerativeagriculture #princeedwardcounty #lynchlineback @savoryinstitute @kisstheground

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To work towards a world in which EVERYBODY thrives, I’ve rounded up some of the most potent tools & methods I use & accounts & resources that help teach us all about them: 💚 - Holistic Management @savoryinstitute - Nonviolent communication a la Marshall Rosenberg, theREALcenter.org - Permaculture @geofflawtononline @wholesystemsdesign @permacultureaction @permaculturepodcast - FOOD FORESTS! 🌳 @foodforestdesigner @greendreamsfl - The teachings of @charles_eisenstein , especially his podcast A New & Ancient Story (free!) & the books The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, Sacred Economics, & Climate: A New Story (available at @firestormcoop 🙌) - Pleasure! Favorite saying: “Pleasure is not one of the spoils of capitalism.” That is from one of the most powerful works I’ve read, Pleasure Activism by @adriennemareebrown. Another powerful source of inspiration & self love in this realm is Asheville goddess @pusssywitch. 💚 What are some of your favorite tools to work towards EVERYBODY thriving? ⤵️⤵️⤵️ #permaculture #holisticmanagement #pleasureactivism #charleseisenstein #foodforest #thriving #ashevillenc #ashevegas #permacultura #permakultur #nonviolentcommunication #nvc

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FYI. The “daily recommended allowance” or RDA of vitamins is a total, and complete JOKE! Don’t take health advice from the CDC or FDA. I promise they don’t have your HEALTH in mind. Fatal drug reactions are one of the leading causes of death, How many deaths have occurred via vitamins? #SpiritualFitChick #vitamins #alkalinelifestyle #cleansethebody #digestivehealth #eatingforhealth #eatsmart #fitnessnutrition #healingfoods #healthandhappiness #healthylivingtips #healthyself #healthyweightloss #healthyyou #holisticapproach #holisticbeauty #holisticcoach #holisticfood #holistichabits #holistichealing #holistichealthcare #holisticlife #holisticlifestyle #holisticmanagement #holisticnutrition #holisticremedies #holistictherapy #holisticwellness

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Posted @withrepost @tk_ranch One of our shortgrass native prairie adapted cows doing her thing, turning what little grass there is this year into very nutrient dense milk to grow her calf. He will eventually become very nutrient dense beef. The little remaining native prairie that is left in Alberta has survived for over ten thousand years, seems rather sustainable. Domesticated ruminants have been around for over 10,000 years as well, seems fairly sustainable. Cattle and grass have quite a record of sustainability. Industrial petrochemical intensive monoculture cropping has been around 60 to 70 years. No record of sustainability though this model has destroyed literally millions of acres of wild grasslands. Feeding the massive energy intensive cities of the world is quite a drain on all resources. Over the long haul my bet is that grasses and cows are more sustainable then our energy intensive modern industrialized pollution belching systems. We are a voracious lot aren't we, kicked into high gear with all our technology of late. We sprint out of the blocks no thought of the long haul, just endless growth and development, we might get winded shortly, gasping for our last breath in a few short years, flash in the pan, time will tell.

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Der Inhalt unserer Gemüsekisten verändert sich, je nach dem was wir jede Woche ernten👨🏻‍🌾☀️ Mehr saisonal geht nicht! Diese Woche enthält unsere kleine Gemüsekiste: 👉🏼Fenchel 👉🏼Frühlingszwiebeln 👉🏼zwei Salatköpfe 👉🏼Salatmix 👉🏼Zuckerschoten 👉🏼Erbsen 👉🏼Karotten • The vegetable boxes change according to what we are harvesting each week 👨🏻‍🌾👩🏼‍🌾 So it doesn’t get more seasonal then that.💪🏼☀️ This week the small box contains: fennel, spring onions, 2x lettuce, salad mix, sugar peas, snap peas and carrots 🐄🌱🥬🥦🥕🥒 #guthaidehof #wedel #hamburg #regenerativeagriculture #marketgarden #holisticmanagement #smallscalefarming #regenerativelandwirtschaft #saisonalesgemüse #regionaleprodukte #regionalelebensmittel #unterstützteurebauern #powertothebäuerin #farmshop

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To integrate knowledge and approaches has been one of my goals in life. That's why I'm happy to have brought these two together during our activities in Brazil. Graeme is as knowledgeble, dedicated and passionate about the use of #perennialgrasses as a tool to restore #landscapefunction as @sergioolaya is about to do the same with #trees. We can't waste time living in bubles, competing and gate keeping. We need to cooperate and support each other as much as possible until everyone around us is fed from regenerative practices. Until all land (in fact everything) is managed holistically. #successionalagrofofesfry #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture

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How did we turn this place into paradise? 🏝⛱ I know! by replacing bad habits with good ones... CBD products are by @lonestargreencbd , cause of my Denver-Texas ties. Shoutout 🗣 @kannondrew

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Es ist Erbsenzeit 👏🏼👏🏼 Nicht so leicht zu ernten aber dafür besonders schmakhaft😋 So knackig und frisch! Hier aufm Gut Haidehof pflanzen wir Erbsen und Scharlotten abwechselnd, was super funktioniert💪🏼• It is now peas season at the farm!! A laboriously crop to harvest, but rewarding when you taste them!! So fresh and crunchy!!! At Gut Haidehof we interplant peas with shallots and works perfectly👨🏻‍🌾👏🏼 🐄🌱🥬🥦🥕🥒 #guthaidehof #wedel #hamburg #regenerativeagriculture #marketgarden #holisticmanagement ment #regenerativelandwirtschaft #saisonalesgemüse #regionaleprodukte #regionalelebensmittel #unterstützteurebauern #powertothebäuerin

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In the fitness world there’s a huge focus on fasted cardio, especially for fat loss. With the increased popularity of intermittent fasting this has become even more prominent. There are a few positive aspects of fasted movement and exercise, however it always comes at the expense of a stress response so it’s difficult to say the benefits outweigh the negatives. Fueling your body tells it “we’re not in danger” and keeps the stress response at bay. Eat up! • Photo by @thenutritioncoach thenutritioncoach

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A perfect #breakfast sandwich is a thing of beauty. We put ours--Breakfast Sausage, cheese and an herby omelet on two buttery biscuits--up against anyone's. Find the recipe at the #linkinbio. You'll thank us later.

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A yellow-headed blackbird on a cattail in Aldo’s Pond on the ranch Saturday afternoon.

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Funny how the most nutrient dense foods on the planet - those from the fat and flesh, the sinew and the bones, the organs and noses and feet and tails and brains, and the milk and cream and.... oh me, oh my... dazed by the beauty of it all. It’s funny how these foods just don’t stack up against the pictures of a zillion colourful veggies or fruits. That whole “eat the rainbow” jazz. I guess Mother Nature never accounted for social media. She just figured that we would eat the foods she offered and be clued in enough to know that we thrived, were satiated, reproduced, and found animal foods delicious enough that we would henceforth be part of the working ecosystems from whence we came. But, not so! Industrialization brought forth grocery stores that separated eaters from farmers. Then came convenience and instant foods to liberate the cook-slave. Then unravelled eons of generational wisdom and traditions. A lightening fast destruction of our health, our skills, and our common sense. Now people make up truths while they swallow pills to take away the sadness. Or at least numb it away from their awareness. Now people drink gallons of celery juice to heal, drink alcohol, eat sugar and call raw milk and meat poison. Now people celebrate victimhood instead of determination. We applaud disfunction and label success as privilege. Brains run on animal fats. We’re not eating animal fats. Children are being raised with no pastured animal foods. Therefore, I surmise, we are a nation of depleted raisin brains running on fumes. How can we be anything but sick, fat, and lazy? No, thanks. Not how I’m living this one kick at the can we call “life”. And to that end, I present breakfast/lunch on the go today, all grass fed and organic: lamb heart cooked in duck fat, goat shank, chicken terrine, fatty hanger steak, beef bacon, and quail eggs Food that feeds the health of the planet, the health of our minds, our bodies, our emotions. This is food that feeds productivity and emotional stability. It’s reproduction, satisfaction, emancipation, celebration on a plate.

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*Land Regeneration* it has taken a couple of years to regenerate this field in viable nutrient rich grazing pasture. The area closest to the forest was covered for 2 to 3 meters with low lying branches of the Sitka Pine. Firstly we took these up in order to expose the ground. We created pig pen using electric fencing, and We raised 5 piglets in this area as they happily dug up the bramble and ivy roots whilst adding manure. After a year we moved the pigs out and let it rest for a couple of seasons. In the meantime we grazed our sheep for short sessions on the existing grassed area and used chicken tractors that moved up and down the field after the sheep. In spring 2019 we cleared down the remaining big roots/ingrown branches and reseeded the area. This morning we moved our sheep onto this lush and healthy pasture. #permaculture #permaculturedesign #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativeagriculture #organicfarming #frenchfarm #afrinoonpermaculture #pastureregeneration #sheeppasture #pastureraisedmeat #healthyecosystem #holisticmanagement #biodiversity

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What a wonderful workshop with these guys and what an honour to have had Graeme Hand sharing his knowledge and wisdom during the weekend. We had from agronomists, biologists and farmers to young social and environmental activists with us. The feedback was just amazing and followed by invitations to work more; just the way I like it. Thanks @gen7.eco for our partnership. Now to a week of open consultancies and talks in which I'll be translating Graeme's Aussie English into Portuguese. It'll be fun as this moment shows. #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #keyline

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Preserving meat, tasty food on the go, making use of meat trim from a whole body. When I get my meat packed into stainless steel containers the trim is packed around steaks or large cuts of meat. Here I am dehydrating thinly sliced trim. Another good use is to make mince, which is also excellent for drying. Salt (electrolytes) is your friend. The only challenge I have found with the carnivore diet is balancing electrolytes. I have been supplementing powdered magnesium, Celtic sea salt & potassium chloride in water morning and evening. I also salt my food and water (especially pre & post training). I am still yet to find the best balance for altogether avoiding muscle cramps, but I am getting closer. Having dried salty meat definitely makes it easy to get your salt intake up. Salt is the best food preservative and is wrongfully villanized with Saturated fat. Unfortanelty humanity has suffered because of this. Salt was replaced with chemical preservatives or abstinence and saturated fat has been replaced with vegetable oils. Why are we blaming something that has been around as long as humans for the problems that arose at the same time as vegetable oils, processed grains and sugar (daily fruit) became a large part of our diet? Our pets are doing no better than the humans with processed food. Our pomeranians love the dehydrated meat especially when it is fatty and chewy with collagen. Some ask why you should need to add salt on a carnivore diet if animal foods are all you need. Some theories are that it is a transitional condition, a lack of minerals in the feed of the herbivores (roots are not deep enough because of poor management) or that we are draining the meat and not eating the salty blood. One of my favourite meals is to have the dehydrated meat while it is still warm. It has a light salty crust on the outside and the fat is warm and almost liquid on the inside. #electrolytes #carnivore #preservingfood #nowaste #nosetotail #regenerativeagriculture #holisticmanagement #pomeranian

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Sabías que los excrementos de las ovejas son mas fértiles que lo de bovinos ? Al tener mayor superficie expuesta son más rápidamente digeridos por la biología del suelo! Además se distribuyen de manera homogénea en el terreno por su forma de bolitas!!! La Lana en los #ovinos actúa como aislante, lo que hace, que a veces se dificulte el manejó con cercas eléctricas! Pero aprenden a respetarlo !!! Contanos tu experiencia con ovejas!!! Si te gustó esta publicación compartila con tus amigos!!! #sheeps #sheepworld #electricfencing #electricfence #sheepfarming #sheepfarm #sheep #lamb #ovejas #cordero #mobgrazing #lana #holisticmanagement #ganaderia #campo #ranch #cows #novillo #campo #agro #organicfarm #farmer #sheepsofinatagram #prv #holisticmanageme #freerange #UHDG #pastoreoracional

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Over the years I’ve developed a real passion for the idea of eating seasonally and from place. This is not the “eat seasonally” slogans echoed by the crew that also espouse salvation in mercury lightbulbs, importing grains from across the world, and wearing clothing derived from petrochemicals because it’s somehow more ethical than natural materials like wool, leather, and linen. (Seems a good time to point out the mammoth amount of glyphosate that is used in the cotton industry to grow their now ubiquitous GMO cotton. And, yes, it does persist and you do absorb that disaster right into your hot body through your skin). When I say “seasonal eating”, I’m talking about trying to emulate the eating patterns of our ancestors as closely and thoughtfully as we can. But when I write about this, I get so many questions about what foods even belong to what season. Grocery stores have won the war on connection to our food sources. This is a post worthy of a bigger blog post and I hope to have one running later this fall. Alas, summer is just too busy for anything but growing, collecting, foraging, preserving, and harvesting. But to sum it up, every food has a season in nature. Eggs slow down or stop entirely in the winter. Milk stops, hence the lovely preservation of cheeses and other cultured dairy products. Vegetables, mushrooms, fruits all disappear. Of course, in times of ole, we could still hunt all throughout the winter, adding preserved fats from our fatty animals caught earlier in the season. We can’t hunt year round anymore and so, I thank the genius that created the modern day deep freezer. To that I add fermented, cultured, and dried foods of all ilk, harvested at their prime. Our animals are all pastured, providing us with the most nutrient dense foods possible. A nose to tail animal foods diet remains the focus on our plates. My garden is planted with only heritage and ancient plants, but I plan on cultivating more wild plants. In the meantime, I forage from the bounty of this place. The gifts of the land are endless and abundant and, I believe, key to our connection to ourselves, to each other, and to the essence of what it is to be fully alive.

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The story is simple. We have lost our connection to the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. A tree can not grow without roots that are living in healthy soil. The tree lives in a community and communication is the key to its ecology. Now - we as humans must learn from nature and surrender to its power in a wholistic manner. As Allan Savory said - it’s all in the management. “Holistic Management” #documentary #filmmaker #filmphotography #filmmakersworld #allansavory #holistic #holisticmanagement #ecology #regenerativeagriculture #earth #nature #spain #storyteller #travelphotography #naturelover #actnow #timeisrunningout #climatechangeisreal @jromanska

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My main man’s birthday beef brisket dotted with marrow butter and an extra generous heaping of love. The marrow butter is simply cooked marrow blended with raw butter, fresh herbs, and salt and frozen in molds. We celebrated in style, complete with a rousing game of croquet, baby niece snuggles, and my sister’s fabulous peanut butter and banana cream pie. She made it using all organic ingredients and sweetened it with a bit of maple syrup. My husband literally ate 1/4 of the pie. When “treats” really are “treats”, eaten maybe once or twice a year, you can get away with such acts of reckless gluttony. We save those moments for the stuff that’s really worth it.

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What is the origin of your energy? We are all connected to sunlight energy through food & products. Think about it, honestly evaluate it. Most people are living off ancient sunlight in the form of fossil fuel even if your eating organic:) What are you doing with that energy? Is it honestly making you happy? All agriculture before chemical agriculture was organic. It was still causing desertification, organic cannot be the standard we want when we have organic monoculture agriculture ruining our planet with excess inputs, off-gassing of carbon through tillage, transporting, processing, packaging and distributing all over the planet. Regenerative agriculture needs to be the standard that we are aiming to transition to. Here I am using 22x 4 Litre stainless steel containers (bain marie pans with 2 bulldog clips) in a 200 Litre Chest Freezer. I am using this set up for 1/2 a body of grass-finished beef. This makes eating regenerative beef cheaper, time efficient, even more environmentally friendly by not having plastic packaging. The average plastic packaging takes 500yrs to break down. I have thrown too much plastic away in my life. We need to get more into long term reusable containers or bottles as an optimal solution rather than recycling, which eventually down cycles to landfill and ocean islands. These stainless steel containers can be multi-generational. A more practical solution for the not so extreme is biodegradable like @groundedpackaging offers. It is still a process that has energy input requirements but at least it is compostable. @ethicalfarmers are in the works to transition to these. Transitions are not easy, it is still optimal to finish using what has already been manufactured. Throwing away or not using what we already have is a big part of our obsolete, disposable problem. We need to support all the food producers that are trying to make a difference so they don't have such tight margins. We can vote with our dollar. Thanks @ethicalfarmers for my amazing beef. Scroll to watch a video of the beef body being broken down. #environment #honesty #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #reusable #health

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We have SO MUCH to learn We are constantly reviewing our impact. We try to critique our decisions and assess our mistakes. If things don't work we find out why and then make changes We are always asking 'how can we make our soils healthier, how can we improve biodiversity?' If we look out for nature, nature will look out for us 🥔🥕🥩🥚 #LynbreckCroft #croft #crofting #regenerativefarming #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativeliving #holisticmanagement #holisticplannedgrazing #farmingwithnature #NatureFriendlyFarming #farmtobewild #biodiversity #nature #mothernatureknowsbest @savoryinstitute

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Life begets life. Where in nature do we see forests or prairies sprayed with toxic chemicals? Many people tell me it is impossible to maintain pastures without spraying herbicides and pesticides. Not only is this a ridiculous statement due to the fact that people are spraying toxins on the living organisms that produce their food, but this is also a flat out lie created by the very industry that controls our "food" system. We cannot afford to sustain this broken system any longer. We must regenerate the soil to restore health to our planet and to all people. The proof is in the photos above. In ONE season, we regenerated a pasture that had been neglected for years. The blackberry briar was knee high and the thatch was so thick that it chocked out the majority of the grass. By mob grazing livestock and using absolutely no herbicides, we brought this pasture back to life. First, we mob grazed cattle, followed by goats, followed by one mowing of the field after the livestock grazed. Food belongs in the hands of the people who live and work with the land. The large companies who produce "food" on a mass scale while destroying soil health have no right telling us what to eat. Heal the soil, heal the people. You can make a change today. Find a local farmer, support them. Even if it is only one item such as eggs, beef, produce, etc. By doing this, your community is one step closer to becoming a thriving garden city. I am sick of death; let's cultivate life. #regenerativeagriculture #soilhealth #soilfoodweb #soilbiology #mobgrazing #grassfed #grassfinished #soil #soilbiology #guthealth #healthylifestyle #food #holistichealth #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing #healthandwellness #microbiome #microbes #bacteria #fungi #foodsecurity #regenerate #sustainable #sustainableagriculture #soilscience #gardencity #farmer #life #cows #goats #change

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Twice a year we brand our so called "weaners". These are 1 to 1,5 year olds that are ready to move up to the next group. Moving up to the next group means that they will move from being close to the farm to further away paddocks in #mybackyard . If these weaners wouldn't be branded -indicating they are ours- they would be become very vulnerable to theft. Branding for us is also a way to identify a specific animal and for some bulls we can also see their breeding. Of course it's not a pleasent procedure but with cows living in the bush (like ours) it an absolute necessity. . . . #farmlife #farming #farmphotography #farmafrica #farmanimals #farmtour #farmview #thisisafrica #africadairy #bushdairy #branding #cattlebranding #weaners #crossbreed #boran #boranbulls #friesian #holsteinfriesian #holisticmanagement

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There is something about cows & green grass that makes my heart happy! 🌿 ✨ Watching them work knowing they are improving the land as they go makes me so proud of our girls, who have no idea how big of an impact they are making. ✨ Through management of our animals and improving our land we have increased our grazing days by an average or 5.1 days/ year. That’s huge!! ✨ That means that In just 4 years we have been able to graze almost a month longer than before we started with holistic management. ✨ It is amazing that by changing how you manage your animals & integrating different species (like chickens) you can not only improve the land, but you can save a ton of money on feed costs as well in just a few short years! ✨ That’s just the land improvements, I haven’t even mentioned how as our land improves the quality of our beef has improved as well! ✨ Have you noticed a difference on your farm through your management? I’d love to know how much of a difference you have seen. . . #armstrongacres #3x_cattle #3x_landimprovements #holisticmanagement #cattle #farm #improvingtheland #yqu #knowyourfarmer #knowyourfood #eatlocal #beef #grassfedbeef #raisedongrass

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Little Misha enjoying the benefits of a mama that produces the most lux-deluxe creamy, sweet milk there is. If that’s not a face of pure pleasure, I don’t know what is.

3 days ago

After spending over a month in Africa, filming and learning about the power of holistic management and Allan Savory’s work, our film crew followed him to Spain. Seeing miles and miles of land dying from a lack of management has yet to hit me. Miles (hectares) of dry brittle land we traveled through. Endless. Beautiful as it would hit the afternoon sky, vast and empty, but it just seemed something wasn’t right, some deeper connection was missing. What is the solution? And if it’s so simple as better land management- bringing life back to it, through planned grazing, why isn’t that happening? I have a dream - that one day we would all become stewards of the land. Working closely to the natural rhythms of Mother Nature. This dream belongs to us. Still much to learn... #spain #spaintravel #holisticplannedgrazing #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #globalwarming #climatechange #actnow #filmmaker #storytelling #agriculture #earth #stewards #land #curious #photographer #landmanagement #dream @jromanska @apex_videography @oneseason.global

4 days ago

Our Chickens are starting to really pump out the eggs now. So we are looking for some more cafes for wholesale and retail suppliers to come on board. So if your looking for ethically produced eggs of the highest quality get in touch.

4 days ago

Work happens a lot faster and easier when you’ve good products and got a great little helper. Waratah Jio posts and clips make the job easy to throw up a couple of hundred meters of internal ring lock in a few hours for a fraction more then traditional posts and everything is reusable. Nowadays if it’s not reusable, theirs no point. Guess it also depends on what price you put on your time. It also helps when your assistant will work for cookies. #ruralfencing #waratahfencing #gallagheraustralia #holisticmanagement #holisticfarming #regenerativeagriculture

4 days ago

Winter mornings on the farm! We still have beef available for our next delivery if you want some grass finished beef and like the idea of carbon being pulled out of the air! Insta won't let us put our web link in our bio 🤔 so look us up or send us a DM for more info! #regenag #localfood #regenerativeagriculture #betterbeef #grassfarming #grass #beyondorganic #grassfed #holisticmanagement #queensland #plannedgrazing #biggenden #widebayburnett #knowyourfarmer #farming #saladbarbeef #northburnett #farmlife #grassfedbeef #beef #cattlelyst #organic #sunshinecoast

4 days ago

Feeling overwhelmed? Are things getting too hard? Then you’re doing something right! When things become overwhelming for me I realise that my business is growing faster than I had expected. Great problem to have, right? Staying on top of your scheduling and calendar and taking 5 minutes a day to plan your attack! Will create so much freedom and joy in your personal life as well as your business. If you’re interested in a quick free no strings attached lesson in scheduling your way through success shoot me a private message and I’ll HOOK you UP!

4 days ago

Meat as a condiment is a trend. And we’ve nailed it with this terrific #summer salad that mixes our juicy Ginger-Scallion sausage with watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon radishes and spicy watercress in a bright South Asian vinaigrette. See recipe at our #linkinbio #therevolutionisdelicious

4 days ago

En esta época es muy importante cuidar nuestras carreteras y terrenos de incendios forestales ya que miles de animales y familias se ven afectadas por estos eventos. Gracias a todos los que nos ayudaron a frenar este lamentable incidente. 🇲🇽 Buenaventura, Chihuahua MX ☎️ (656) 285 8147 🐮 www.terrenates.com #hereford #herefordmexico #herefordcattle #calf #holism #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing #regenerativegrazing #cattlemen #cattle #cattleranch #ranchlife #cowboys