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Leveraging the very last of the warm grasses before first frost. Eat up while you can!!

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I’m beyond excited to announce that our mobile farm store will be open Saturdays from 10 am-4 pm here at the farm! To celebrate we are offering 1 dozen of our #farmfresh eggs free with every purchase (while supplies last 🙂)! 🥚🍳 Stop by the farm at 4900 Carson River Rd tomorrow to stock up on meat and eggs!! #pasturetoplate #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood

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Do herbicides really get to the root cause of the cheatgrass or any "invasive" species issue? The question should be: why is the "invasive" there in the first place? And usually the answer is because of an unintended consequence of a management decision (over rest, overgrazing, mechanical disturbance, chemical application, etc). A (W)Holistic perspective understands that cheatgrass (and most "invasive" species) is simply a pioneer species (succession anyone?) whose role in nature is to cover bare naked soil (bare ground is BAD), not an evil species that we must wage chemical war against! By poisoning it, the soil life is damaged and these toxins are put onto the earth, which leads back to bare soil which eventually (if we are lucky!) will lead to more cheatgrass. Yesterday's invasives are tomorrow's natives. #desertification #lifenotdeath #nomorechemicals #animalimpact #beyondorganic #holisticmanagement

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Good Morning.. It's Friday and it's raining. The goats hate it because the have to be inside. So to bright this grey day, here you have a pick or our little one Marlon. 😍 Happy Friday Everyone. #angoragoats Buenos Días. Por estos lados llueve y las cabritas están enfadada que se tienen que quedar a en la cuadras. No les gusta. 🙈 Os dejo una fotos del pequeño Marlon, es un peluche ❤️ Feliz Viernes! #RobledalMohair #farm #mohair #elrobledaldelasantamohair #smallholding #marcaespaña #grassfed #holisticmanagement

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At Bill Milton assessing forage supply, grazing utilization, and creating g dormant season grazing plan. #maiagrazing , #holisticmanagement , Moving 400 head of cows in less than 4 minutes.

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The most rain we have had in about 18-20 months... good for the grass, it hasn’t done anything for dams, but please read on. 💚 WATER & DROUGHT: The same amount of water cycles around the planet in various states (and quality). Since we moved to @bulamirri 24 months ago, there has been a rainfall deficit in this area - causing dry conditions, making it difficult for us to set up and re-establish ourselves after moving here. With low moisture, plants cannot access nutrients, many microbes cannot proliferate, slowing down the decomposition of material, plants and associated biological community suffer. The land lies in stress, plants release sugars and forced to bolt, they attract pests and diseases taking advantage of the weak. Groundwater is significantly reduced and the already built areas of stored water here are poorly placed to benefit from rainfall other than the few mm that land on top of it. We need to store some water here to grow food, to slow it down to reduce erosion and run off down stream, therefore improving water quality. Watching this happen is hard, when there is no water in the system and action gets holted, confidence is eroded. Rain like this breathes life into the grass, the top layers of the parched soil profile sigh happily, we hear it. Having good ground cover allows it to sit in the soil, filter slowly, the most valuable place to store water on any farm. We are taking action, all we can do and all we can afford so soon after moving here - our I’LL BE DAMNED: FARM RESILIENCE FUNDRAISER (in bio), invites you to be part of a farm taking action to use landscape centric design and planning to better see water stored in the landscape and slowed down... Improving the local water cycle aims to improve microbes and plant growth, which aims to improve photosynthesis and solar energy cycles, which sinks carbon into the soil and benefits the planet, imagine if action like this was supported globally...giving a future to the land all life relies on. It’s a positive outlook, a positive way to take global action, focus on the locally achievable...no longer flattened or immobilised by dinosaurs in denial.

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This post is in praise of our pigs. After watching them in a new section of pasture we just put them in, we discovered that they really like poison oak. Anyone who knows me knows I'm very allergic and usually have a patch or two going at any given time. So this discovery has sent me over the moon!! We've been trying to get the goats to eat it for almost a year, but they've been too prissy. The pigs though, love it. Which means I'm more in love with our piggies than ever - long live the pigs! #kunekune #kunekunepigs #grassfed #grassfedpork #pasturedpork #grazingpigs #foodmatters #knowyourlocalfarmer #eatlocal #eatwholefoods #pigs #piglovers #countryliving #homestead #simplelife #homegrown #food #healthyliving #holisticmanagement #holistic #farmlife #countrystyle #morninglight #plannedgrazing #happy #rural #backyardinspiration

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Double Entries Today Only ✅✅ | Regenerative Giveaway (link in bio) . $1 = 2 entries $25 = 50 entries $500 = 1000 entries …all to help support regenerative agriculture. Every amount earns double! . One lucky person will win all of this: ▶️ a trip for 2 to @RoamRanch ▶️ a @BigGreenEgg grill ▶️ an @Otterbox cooler filled w/ regeneratively-raised meats ▶️ a 100% #grassfed cowhide rug from @whiteoakpastures

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Don’t miss out on your chance to win DOUBLE ENTRIES today for @savoryinstitute ’s #regenerativegiveaway. 🌎🌱 . One lucky person will win all of this: ✅ a trip for 2 to @RoamRanch ✅ a @BigGreenEgg grill ✅ an @Otterbox cooler filled with regeneratively-raised meats ✅ a 100% #grassfed cowhide rug from @WhiteOakPastures . ▶️ENTER TODAY: savory.global/giveaway . . . . #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #carbonfarming #holisticmanagement #sustainability #sustainableag #grassfed #pastureraised #climatesolution #purchasewithpurpose #knowyourfarmer #soilhealth

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Amigos ganaderos aquí les pasamos otro beneficio del manejo holistico intensivo, en las siguientes fotos se muestra como el impacto animal afecta a las arbustivas en este caso mezquites y los FORZA a convertirse en árboles por medio del alto pastoreo, de esta manera nos brindan sombra,comida,y permite que crezca el pasto debajo de ellos. #holism #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing #regenerativegrazing

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Alimento para el pensamiento Johann Zietsman 18/oct/2018 Traducción: Daniel Suárez "Para hacer lo correcto, tenemos que hacer lo OPUESTO de lo que se cree". Algunas “VERDADES” institucionalizadas que son FALSAS: 1. Las razas probadas de rendimiento (razas "científicamente mejoradas") son más productivas. Las pruebas en pastoreo en Sudafrica comprueban exactamente lo contrario. Las llamadas razas nativas "no mejoradas" son muy superiores en términos de ganancia por unidad de tierra. 2. La degradación del suelo (ecosistema) es causada por tener demasiados animales pastoreando. NO, la tierra se está degradando debido al sobrepastoreo selectivo por parte de muy pocos animales. 3. Los animales magros son más eficientes. NO, los genotipos que acumulan grasa son más eficientes en pastoreo. Un animal gordo es más fértil y sano. 4. La fertilidad es poco hereditaria. NO, la fertilidad es ALTAMENTE hereditaria. El reto es medir los parámetros correctos. 5. La grasa BLANCA (feedlot) es buena. NO, la grasa AMARILLA (hierba) es saludable y anticancerígena. 6. La ganancia de PESO y la FCE (eficiencia de conversión de alimento) indican la eficiencia de conversión de césped. NO, esto no es cierto debido al hecho de que tales medidas están correlacionadas negativamente con la condición corporal inherente. Animales de menor tamaño estructural (frame) y precoces son más eficientes. 7. Los animales de alta ingesta son derrochadores y menos eficientes. NO, lo opuesto es verdad. Los animales con una alta ingesta RELATIVA son los más eficientes. 8. Más grande es mejor. NO, MAS CHICO y PESADO es mejor. 9. Parir antes de las lluvias. NO, para la máxima fertilidad las vacas deben parir sobre la hierba VERDE. 10. El potencial genético de un animal debe expresarse a través de un manejo mejorado (nutrición, control de parásitos). NO, el potencial genético de un animal debe ser determinado por el ambiente. Necesitamos cambiar seriamente nuestro pensamiento. Nada cambia hasta que nuestro pensamiento ca #hereford #hereformexico #herefordcattle   #holism #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing   #regenerativegrazing #cattlemen #cattle #cattleranch #ranchlife #cowboy #bull #profitableranching

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Today was a BIG day with a monster harvest before the long weekend. Thanks so much to our epic team who boogie through the extra workload and leave us some time to take in the nashi blossoms at the end of the day.

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Elmsleigh Farm - The Black Angus locals love. With the Spring calving season upon us we are just about ready to start selling our 12-18month Black Angus beef packs. To help you gauge why pasture raised, holistic managed beef is value for money we are sharing some basic facts from the Australian Feedlot industry website (photo included). Approx 80% of beef sold in major domestic supermarkets is sourced from the cattle feedlot sector. 100% of our beef is raised on pasture. #elmsleigh #elmsleighwwoofers #paleo #positivemind #positive #holisticmanagement #regenativefarming #paddocktoplate #supportyourlocal #macarthur #sydney

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A series of basins linked by leveled spill ways designed to receive roof rainwater during a storm event. These basin were installed away from the tree crown and major root system to avoid rotting and disturbing trees’ most sensitive roots under their dripline. Homeowner is now excited to cover crop the basins with clover to increase the infiltration and the biology of the understory. How do you plan ahead for the rain?

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Alimento para el pensamiento 17/oct/2018 Johann Zietsman Traducción: Daniel Suárez En cuanto a precios: tomador, productor o manipulador ???? Por lo que veo, ninguno de nosotros es “Productor de precios”. El que nos paga define el precio. Podemos ser tomadores de precios (aceptar el precio actual, ofrecido) o podemos ser manipuladores de precios (influir en el precio final y disminuir el costo). Manipulación de precios: 1. Aumentar la capacidad de carga (crecer más hierba). 2. Aumentar la eficiencia de la cosecha (pastoreo no selectivo). 3. Aumentar la eficiencia de conversión de hierba (fertilidad, tasa de madurez). 4. Producción en sincronía con la nutrición natural. 5. Aumentar la ingesta relativa (manejo del pastoreo, suplementación del rumen). 6. Aumentar el valor del producto final (variación estacional de precios; aumento de peso barato; genética; valor para el consumidor). Es mucho mejor concentrarse en mejorar la eficiencia biológica que depender de un precio final alto. Preferiría recibir un menor precio por un producto “indeseable para el comprador” pero con menor costo de producción, que obtener un precio alto por un “producto deseable” obtenido en un sistema biologicamente ineficiente, de alto costo de produccion. Lo mejor que podemos hacer es producir un producto de bajo costo y agregar valor tanto como sea posible. #hereford #hereformexico #herefordcattle   #calf #holism #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing   #regenerativegrazing #cattlemen #cattle #cattleranch #ranchlife #cowboy   #profitableranching

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Nuestro último curso del año! Para cerrar el programa de especialización de #manejoholistico terminaremos aprendiendo a leer los signos de la tierra para tomar decisiones en nuestras planificaciones de pastoreo. Hay +15 indicadores que se relacionan a los ciclos del ecosistema: agua, energía solar, minerales y dinámica de las comunidades. Y con estos puedes saber si tu campo va mejorando o regenerando y qué hacer para lograr mejores resultados. Será en la Estación. Experimental de INIA Hidango (Litueche) durante 3 días! Infló al mail contacto @efectomanada.cl #holisticmanagement #secano #ganaderia #ganaderiaregenerativa #agriculturaregenerativa #ecologia @ecobioteca @savoryinstitute

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#Repost @pasturebird ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Industry beware! This is eventually what happens when you build factories (aka farms) that are destructive to the local community 😷, air quality 🤢, water toxification 🤮and poor animal welfare ☠️. . Eventually, the community speaks up and says NO. In this situation, it was the Cherokee Nation that ultimately stepped up and put their collective foot down. . We simply cannot continue to ignore nature with our food production systems. She will make us pay one way or another, whether that’s antibiotic resistance, disease outbreak (avian flu, Newcastle, etc), fish kills, polluted drinking water, or community backlash. . Thankfully, the answer is simple. Let’s look at nature as the template while we design the next 50 years of food production in our country. Let’s build strong and resilient systems that leverage all of the amazing innovation and hard work but move away from these stationary livestock systems that just don’t work. . We are so proud to be on the leading edge of this charge as it comes to poultry production. It’s an honor to be a small part of a movement that respects nature so deeply and cares to leave a legacy of agriculture that’s regenerative for generations to come. - Farmer Paul #endfactoryfarming #factoryfarms #CAFOs #animalwelfare #regenerativeagriculture #pastureraised #pastured #pasturedeggs #pasturedchickens #animalsonpasture #sustainability #ethicalomnivore #environment #holisticmanagement #holisticgrazing

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Good Morning Everyone. How are you all doing? Finally the Sun is out 👏🏽👏🏽 and is colder. Glad autumn has arrived. And soon we will be shearing all the goats and I think santa is on his way (🤐 our goats Mohair yarn) can't wait! Is been a busy summer! Here you have Marlene and Geraldine 🐏🐏 . #angoragoats . ¡Buenos Días Amigos! ¿Qué tal va la mañana? Por fin sale el Sol 🎉 y bajan la temperaturas, ya es otoño! ¡Qué alegría! Y ya la semana que viene esquilamos las cabritas unas ganas y creo que los reyes se adelanta (🤫 nuestro hilo de Mohair) Qué ganas! Aquí tenéis a Marlene y Geraldine 🐏🐏 #RobledalMohair #farm #mohair #elrobledaldelasantamohair #smallholding #marcaespaña #holisticmanagement #grassfed

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Spring greens are growing in crazy tasty abundance right now, we've got baby spinach and cavolo nero back as of tomorrow, I think they're my two faves - what's yours?

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The Savory Institute leads the charge on research related to using animals to regenerate earth and reverse climate change. Most cows raised in the United States live in small dirt (aka manure) paddocks with no access to their natural food of grass. This is extremely bad for the environment, the cows and anyone who eats their meat. Notice these cows who are managed holistically are on bright green healthy grass. That makes the planet, the cows and their meat so so much healthier that there is no comparison to CAFO meat. #regenerativeagriculture #holisticmanagement #KalevsCow #betterbeef #SavetheWorldwithCows #Repost @savoryinstitute ( @get_repost ) ・・・ We have a tremendous opportunity to shift agriculture to methods that remove carbon from the atmosphere. Learn More: https://www.savory.global/science-library/

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Vegans and Ethical Omnivores can and shoud find common ground and work together to take down industrial animal factory farms, learn about solutions through Regenerative Agriculture, which address Animal Welfare, Climate Change, Human Health, Human Food and Environmental Health. https://www.organicconsumers.org/blog/vegans-ranchers-and-regenerators-unite-why-fake-meat-and-eliminating-livestock-are-really-bad

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https://www.organicconsumers.org/blog/vegans-ranchers-and-regenerators-unite-why-fake-meat-and-eliminating-livestock-are-really-bad #Repost @sustainabledish ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Fantastic post by the International Director of the Organic Consumers Association @organicconsumers Link to full article in profile. Listen up @leonardodicaprio because you need to hear this! . . . “Even more bizarre, elitist and uninformed is the recent trendy chorus calling for the elimination of the planet’s 70 billion livestock as a major solution to the climate crisis. These “no livestock” fundamentalists ignore the fact that over a billion people, especially in the developing world, rely on raising livestock for their food and survival. They do this on the billions of acres of pasture and rangeland that are simply not suitable for raising crops, but which can and do support properly grazed livestock. Besides providing 37 percent of the world’s protein, animal husbandry and livestock today provide 33 percent – 55 percent of the household income for the world’s 640 million small farmers, 190 million pastoralists and one billion urban peasants, more than 50 percent of whom are low-income women. Should we just tell these billion “backward” peasants to go into town and line up for their genetically engineered “Impossible Burgers” and forget about raising their cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, ducks and chickens like their ancestors have done for thousands of years?” 👊🏼

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“Examine each question in terms of what is ethically and aesthetically right, as well as what is economically expedient. A thing is right when it tends to perserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” ⠀ ― Aldo Leopold⠀ ⠀ Last week #DiabloTrust joined the @NorthernArizonaUniversity #EcologicalRestoration class with Professor Pete Fule, @AZGFD Wildlife Habitat Expert Steve Cassady, and a few pronghorn antelope. There was much discussion about #water #wildlife #holisticmanagement and #aldoleopold. Thank you @NAUforestry for including #DiabloTrust in this important lesson.

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SI NO LO MIDES.... NO PUEDES MEJORAR LO QUE ESTAS HACIENDO! @aristimvz_consultapecuaria Independiente de la herramienta que se emplee, se debe medir para tomar decisiones objetivas. 1️⃣ Mide lo que estas haciendo, para conocer tus sistema 2️⃣ Evalúa los resultados obtenidos y traza un plan de mejora continuada 3️⃣ Decide en base al análisis de la información para tener acciones más certeras Independiente de la herramienta que utilices, no dejes de medir! lo más costoso es no hacerlo. . . . #ganaderia #consultapecuaria #campocolombiano #ganado #vaca #holisticmanagement

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Doing the pumpkin patch a little differently this year, running it along the natural amphitheatre, with a strip of peas and sunflowers to each side, aiming to break in/prep the area for the orchard that will be planted there next year - annuals produce lots of sugars for our soil fungi and bacteria to feed on, and building those populations will be vital to maintaining a healthy, fungal dominant soil for our baby fruit trees to thrive and flourish. Also on the farm today - cabbages, caulis and brocs going in and the flower beds are prepped and ready to rock for our Flower Manager when she returns in two weeks (we may have accidentally doubled the amount of beds we intended to have in flowers, but hey, no one here is worried about double the blooming beauty!)

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#multispeciesgrazing helps to keep things balanced, nature benefits from all different kinds of animals working together. We as humans benefit too. I think this approach to raising animals, is the right way, also for the production of human food. Healthy animals mean healthy soils mean healthy plants mean healthy environment mean healthy food. Working with nature is the way we need to understand food production. Growing only wheat or rows of lettuce will never achieve that. 🦃🌿🦗🐝🌲🐂🐓🐜 #Repost @roamranch ( @get_repost ) ・・・ "This summer we have struggled with plagues of grasshoppers competing with the same forage as our bison. At times we were feeling defeated and discouraged by the millions of undesirable insects ravaging our degenerated pastures. Without knowing what to do, we turned loose an army of heritage breed turkeys to cohabitate with our bison herd. The results have been nothing short of incredible! As the bison graze, they cause the grasshoppers to jump. At that point in time a hungry turkey hones in on the action and like a sniper takes out the insect in one swift move. After 4 weeks our turkeys have been able to remove 90% of the grasshoppers from our farm! These animals are true American heroes." #pasturedpoultry #heritageturkey #grasshopper #grassfed #regenerative #holisticgrazing #holisticmanagement #regenerativeagriculture #ecosystem #animalsonpasture #sustainability #sustainablefarming #ethicallyraised #ethicalfarming #ethicalomnivore #farmtotable #wisetraditions

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Delicious fresh goodness coming out of the packing shed today. Loving working in this new space!

4 days ago

Had the opportunity to attend the Holistic Management course over the last few months hosted by the MSU Extension, a @savoryinstitute hub. Talk about valuable sessions. We learned best practices on building our sustainable farm to benefit society and the environment from renowned instructors like Dr. Rowntree and @matt_raven. Highly recommend Holistic Management for anyone interested in regenerative agriculture or learning about the social, environmental, and economic impact of each decision. We are proud to participate in the Ecological Outcome Verification program. Neat to make a background appearance in their recent video. See if you can spot me, @kyleapsey in the light blue shirt. #Repost @savoryinstitute ・・・ Soon, consumers will be able to purchase products with the EOV seal and know that their purchase supports farmers who are regenerating ecosystems, building biodiversity, and improving soil health. Learn More about #LandtoMarket : https://www.savory.global/land-to-market/eov/

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Yankee's headed to South Carolina right now with the M family. There he'll get to meet their gilts and get to work making baby bacons. He shows a lot of promise as a boar and we can't wait to see how he turns out. Enjoy your new girlfriends Yankee! ❤

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People think this is not sustainable, keeping ruminant animals on pasture, and making enough food for humans. But Holistic Management is proving this to be one of the key ways to move forward. It is working. It has a positive effect on carbon emissions which have so much impact coming from conventional agriculture. And it is vital in areas that cannot grow crops that cannot give back to the soil the way animals do. Growing real food requires the presence of animals. Also for plant foods. The more this will happen, the more food for humans without an environmental cost - on the contrary. The environment benefits from regenerative farming practices and biodynamic agriculture. #Repost @savoryinstitute ( @get_repost ) ・・・ "The animals are my tool to make photosynthesis go." #holisticmanagement #farming #ranching #agriculture #regenerativeagriculture

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Animals. Soil. Plants. Ecosystems. Food. Life. Future. 🐂🌱🐝🌿🍒🌲🦃🐏💦🦌🐛🌼🐟🦊🐗🐑🌧️🍀 #Repost @savoryinstitute ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Ecological Outcome Verification: The science inside #LandtoMarket. Watch the whole video here - or tune into our Instagram TV channel: https://www.savory.global/land-to-market/eov/

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Tenacity. Almost at the end of 10 days working solo on drought feeding our cattle. Probably over a 1000kgs of manual weighing, bucketing, barrowing, feeding out, electric fence moving, in all types of weather. Time for a lot of self learning...and loathing water connections. Take a step outside, do something physical. Learn, grow, experience life and be tenacious. #wwoof #wwoofingaustraliaatelmsleigh #elmsleigh #positive #positivemind #regenativefarming #holisticmanagement #paleo #pastureraised #doingthings #sundays #explore

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Que lindo recuerdo! La comida de celebración del curso intensivo del Savory Global para los candidatos a Hub. Acompañados de nuestro vino chileno y #organico de @migueltorrescl que todos disfrutaron mucho. Teníamos que llevar algo que nos representara porque había gente de distintos lados del 🌎. @savoryinstitute @the_sustainable_smiths @sarahkgleason @yunkified @danofba @ecobioteca @parkerpasturesgrassfed @jelliehugh @coldharbourinstitute #holisticmanagement #manejoholistico #farmtotable

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Playing around with some more detailed #agroforestry design on these wet days, in preparation for the upcoming planting season. sure what else would be at on a wet Saturday night...? - - - It’s a lot of fun to imagine what @an_caora_dubh_farm will look like in 10 yrs, 20 yrs or even 100 yrs from now! - - - Shelterbelt, contour planting on 12m centres, grid & diamond savannah-style planting, riparian planting; all blended into one #regenerative solution for this 20 acre site.