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Repost @_rezyms ・・・ That will kill ya whole mood 🙄😆 This happens to women at work often ... the labor phenomenon known as "occupational hoeing" by women also issa underreported story in this country ... what is the National Labor Relations Board gon do bout women allowing themselves to get hit on or have multiple work husbands (workplace polygamy smh ... these new age hoes I tell ya smh) ... men go to work and bring home the bacon, women go to work and bring home the fakin ... the next time, a woman tells the truth about what happened at work will be the first ... someone get @wolfblitzer White Santa Claus headass on this story #themoreyouknow 🌈 #girlsbelike #womenbelike #bitchesbelike #hoesbelike #hoeshit #thelies #girlsbelying #whatthesebitcheswantfromanigga #hoeing #ontheclock #underreported #girlscheat #womeninbusiness #womenintheworkplace #notyourman #entertainingniggas #mensrights #howwaswork #or #hoewaswork #occupationalhoeing #letstalkaboutit

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On everything 💯🤣🤙🏼

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Hola Fam! I is back with a new episode of Hoe Tales. This sexcapade was MOST def HOT 🔥🔥🔥. Check it out, leave ya feedback and let’s talk about it ☺️

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Watch My Story, I be wildn 🥶⬆️❤️ #hoeshit 😭

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Y’all know what this mean and this letter I got in is all types of 🌶🌶🌶 😭 . Do y’all want me to drop the new episode of #HoeTales tonight or tomorrow?? Lemme know. Either way I may drop it tonight, may drop it tomorrow. Just lemme know fam ☺️

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This picture is of the awesomeness herself @gabalexa (follow her if you already don’t!) wearing one of my shirts from my shop @shopuntamedflowers. . Not sure if anyone was aware but May is National Masturbation Month and I want to talk about why masturbation is amazing and something that should be practiced regularly. . Masturbation can help you connect with yourself while also giving yourself pleasure. Masturbation provides your nerve system with hormones such as oxytocin— the bonding hormone (the one that be having you thinking you’re in love with a fuckboy, but you’re not ☺️). ALSO it’s SAFE AF, so you aren’t worrying about STD’s or accidental pregnancies 🙌🏾. . Regularly masturbation sessions has benefits such as relaxation, balancing your hormones, you become comfortable with your body PLUS you give yourself ENDLESS amounts of pleasure when you let go and enjoy yourself. . How to set the mood for masturbation if you’re not sure: . Give yourself personal time: maybe like 30 minutes or however much time you need. . Set the scene: you can think about an awesome sexual experience you’ve had in the past. A scene from one of your favorite shows or movies. Just whatever it was. . Get in the mood: if you’re someone who needs help to get in the mood, you can take awhile to relax. Take a hot shower/bath with oils. Your favorite music, wine, candles, lights, no lights, just whatever helps gets you right. . If you regularly masturbate and want to change it up: do something new such as watching porn (if you don’t already do so), read erotica (there’s some damn good erotica out here, very visually pleasing). . Toys: I’m all for this, experimenting with gadgets instead of using ya hands 👋🏾 can possibly teach ya something you didn’t know about your body and what you like. If you’re not sure where to start I would go to a local sex store and ask questions OR you can use google if you’re not comfortable with going in public. . Anything else you want to add? Let’s talk about it 🙌🏾

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#questionoftheday 🤔 . Can women do hookups without catching ANY types of feelings? . Do guys catch feelings doing hookups? . Are hookups toxic? . I know I asked three questions 🙄 . #letstalkaboutit

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So these are some of the pictures clicked as a part of photoshoot. It was for a song which was neve released due to lack of ppl's interest, I've had like almost twenty songs which was started and they neve came out. Why? Coz I joined wrong ppl always. They fooled me and I kept on geting fooled 😂. Met music producers, dj's, rappers, singers etc. Dreams were similar but I guess passion wasn't the same talk, shit I can't believe it's been eight years I got on the mick but it took me years to realise the reality 😱. So what have I learnt from last few years is you don't depend on ppl to carry forward with you if u wanna do something big. You're the only power you can hold and be ready with. Yes, I know alot of years wasted coz of alot of ppl and my own mistakes but HERE I AM AND I DON'T REGRET SHIT COZ I NEVER GAVE Up. .☠️. #like4like #followforfollow #thuging #thuglife #cardib #tupac #em #talkback #haters #inthemakingof #fuckpussies #eminem #stan #musicvideo #videoshoot #givemymoneyback #debbie #krish #atitude #killshot #Selfmade #fakeassbitches #hoeshit

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It’s #sexualsunday and while working on other things I wanna be random and #letstalkaboutit . Ladies, have you ever experienced this? I have on several occasions with a partner. I dunno if he didn’t get how important foreplay is or he just didn’t give a damn as long and was selfish. We had several discussions about it because I didn’t wanna give up on the kid. He was the boyfriend so I tried to be patience but omg! I FUCKING HATED when he touched me, he couldn’t even kiss, it was sloppy AF it was just all bad 🤦🏾‍♀️ . One day I got fed up and I told him that he was horrible and I couldn’t keep faking it. We didn’t last much longer after that cause yea it was an ego bruiser I believe but 🤷🏾‍♀️ . Ladies, ever been bold enough to tell a guy he was horrible? Fellas do y’all appreciate the art of foreplay? Let’s be honest.

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**I DONT THINK IG LIKES WHEN YOU MENTION PORN BUT IMA TRY AGAIN 🤗** . Posting on my IG for memories cause a ninja was apart of a magical evening. . Friday, @awfmemphis had his first headline show titled “A Very Red Show” & indeed it was. I’m still really in fan mode as to how he brought his vision to life. If you were there you witness greatness, if not 🤷🏾‍♀️ . My role was basically Awfm’s security guard, I had to make sure people didn’t bother him before the show while holding an axe 😌. To stay in character I studied North Korea’s army, Wednesday Adams, & I just thought about horrible Porn where the guy gives the chick oral for barely 2 minutes, but she’s gives oral for 15-20 mins, & gets pounded for over 15 mins. DISGUSTING 🤬 . My outfit/hair was very last minute. I was going to wear something very plain Jane, but @_shechinah mentioned that if I was going to be a woman security guard my outfit should represent that. while listening to Megan Thee Stallion album, I asked myself what would “Nina” wear & changed EVERYTHING 😅. If you’ve seen Trick Daddy & Trina’s video “Naan”, you’ll see that’s where the hairstyle inspo came from 🙃. Outfit was “Nina” inspired. . I love my team @weareunapologetic , @thecltv . picture: @vothecreator