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30 minutes ago

We have some AMAZING news! Thanks to a Nontraditional Agriculture Matching Grant from @moagriculture , we will be receiving the equipment needed to plant, harvest, and process two acres of peanuts right here on the farm! Tractor implements, harvesting supplies, and a commercial roaster and grinder are headed this way. Who’s ready for local, all-natural peanut butter?!?!?!

1 hour ago

I'm dreaming of being able to ice skate on the pond...the temperatures here on the farm need to come down if it's ever gonna happen😄

1 hour ago

Vlad and Miracle, my two most favorite on the farm and the patriarch and matriarch of my breed project. Imagine with me if you will.....a black V comb within a black crest, gorgeous black waddle, followed by Black and White feathering explosion across the back towards the tail and green translucent feathers throughout and extending into the tail followed by dark blue legs ....😍😍😍 gorgeous right!! Well it sounds great to me anyway, lol! I think Vlad is a beautiful rooster no matter what any Facebook hackler may say. One of the reasons I like Instagram better than Facebook. Anyway, thought I might share some beauty shots of these two lovely babies since I love them so much 🤗 #AppenzellerSpitzhaubenAyamCemaniCross #AyamCemani #FibroZeller #ChickenFarm #Chickens #ChickensOfIG #ChickensOfInsta #ChickensOfInstagram #BackyardPoultry #BackyardChickens #FloridaChickens #BackyardFarm #HobbyFarm #Farmers #FloridaFarm #FloridaFarmers #BeginnerFarm #BeginnerFarmers #Homestead #Homesteaders #BeginnerHomestead #BeginnerHomesteaders #FloridaHomesteaders

1 hour ago

Today's Advent reading comes from Luke 2:15-17. I love how much agriculture is referenced in the Bible! My two passions ❤️ These two beauties are Mollie and Millie and will start our small herd of Angus cattle in the next two years! They enjoyed some hay out in their field while we gave their section in the barn a good cleaning! #jesusandagriculture #anguscattle #heifer #iamcountryside #ag #agriculture #farmher #farm365 #farminglife #farmlifebestlife #farmingfamily #mollie #millie #cowsofinstagram #cattlefarming #manuremanagement #lovemycows #countryliving #country #hobbyfarm #wednesdaymotivation #advent #day11 #thegreatestlovestory #holybible #bookofluke #inspirationalquotes #jesusisborn #jesusismyking

1 hour ago

Well, it’s day 4 of snow on the ground and I’m over it. Our barn is a pretty decent walk uphill. Our cars and four wheelers are snowed in, so we have to walk it every time the animals need to be taken care of. Trekking through 18 inches of snow to get to the barn gets really old really fast. I love the snow, but it has prolonged its stay. I truly cannot wait for the green to come back. For now I’ll just look at old pictures from last spring and reminisce 😊

1 hour ago

Winter isn’t always my friend. The days are short, my energy is lower. Work is busy. Kids are sick. It’s hard to admit sometimes that we don’t have it all together. But none of us really do. That’s okay. Tomorrow will come. There will be light. We will find the door. There is a shoulder to lean on. Sleep is good. Friends will make you laugh. Maybe you forgot who you were or why you’re here or what’s the bigger purpose. And then, you breathe deeply and let it all wash away. Because you are here. And, that’s enough.

2 hours ago

Unbelievable, you take your eye off these hens for just a minute and they are sneaking a nightcap. 🙄 🥃

4 hours ago

Santa Babies 😍 🐾🎄💕💫

5 hours ago

I am so happy to see Butch eating without us having to spike his food with oil 😬 Last week, we had him checked out as he was losing a lot of weight and coughing. We found out that he is in heart failure and the fluid as well as enlarged heart were hindering his breathing 😢 Luckily, his bloodwork was normal! A week into meds and he is back to his regular old snuggly, cuddly, happy old man self. We will find out next week what the plan is going forward, but for now, we are just grateful he’s comfortable again.

5 hours ago

WINTER WARMTH / / I’m often asked about Winter wraps. For my colonies with telescoping lids, I prefer to use a 2” styrofoam insulation. You can get big sheets of it at any hardware store and use a utility knife to cut them down to size. They go between the lid and in the inner cover. You can even tape the left overs together to minimize waste 👌 In the Pacific Northwest wrapping or insulating doesn’t have a huge effect on winter survival, but it can help for those ‘once every few years’ cold snaps. The real reason we insulate is to allow the colony to manage a bigger brood nest in the Spring, accelerating Spring build up. . . . . . . . #beekeeping #beekeeper #winter #warmth #insulation #honeybees #honeybee #bees #savethebees #brrr #spring #management #pacificnorthwest #bc #fraservalley #backyardbeekeeper #backyardbeekeeping #hobbyfarm

5 hours ago

Could he be any more adorable? All baby bunnies are cute, but something about the torts just makes them even more so. This little buck is a touch shy, but once he's decided he wants petting, he doesn't want you to stop. And his nose is the cutest 💕

5 hours ago

Hiiii, ponies! . Not ponies, not even that shorty up front, but we still call them ponies 😂

6 hours ago

Chickens being chickens, doing what chickens do 🤷‍♀️. A little green down the hillside, blue sky, fall-like temps, and everyone's free ranging, including me. Feels so good to move around!. - - Happy Wednesday! The forecast promises wine!

7 hours ago

Duke, Harvard and Aggie...? Now that’s an unusual group. The boys just want to be petted and given animal crackers. Aggie on the other hand is giving me the stink eye, but I’m not sure why. She’s a bit of a bully to the other chickens, but she keeps the bugs at a minimum in the field. The girl is a straight up ninja. If you guys could only see her moves when she is in hot pursuit of a bug. She also is the first to hit the feeders and to greet me when I have treats for them! #CrewsFarm #SouthGeorgia #chickens #goats #barredrock #hobbyfarm #farmpets #goatsofinstagram #goatsandsunshine #chickensofinstagram #chickensandsunshine