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FOR SALE - 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, 1 owner Arizona car with only 667 miles, 808 hp supercharged 6.2 liter HEMI V8, 8-speed automatic trans. • See www.Highline-Autos.com for listing details and photos. Link in bio

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If you're going to highline for the first time do it across the beautiful canyon lands in Utah right? #ggby

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Fin de semana increíble, muchas sensaciones y motivación para seguir entrenando y evolucionando a nivel personal. Agradecer a toda la gente del mundo de Slackline que se a movido para poder juntar-se y hacer que el fin de semana fuera increíble. Espero que nos volvamos a ver muy pronto todos. . Dar la enhorabuena al éxito del evento de ayer @cntmsonrisas , Gracias por hacer que todo esto sea posible, deseando que llegue el año que viene! . 📸: @ferran_sw . @acemgir @slackerosbarcelona . #slacklinegirona #slackline #slacklife #highline #longline #slackliner #eventos #slackfr #chill #freedom #free #equilibrium

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Wine can be healthy, too! Red wine is rich in antioxidants, boosts the immune system, increases bone density and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Everything in moderation, though).

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hey si me ven

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Ready for spring 🌼🙃

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Fusion of concrete and glass on a canvas of natural beauty.

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My monkey mind has taken over lately. I have not given my body or mind time to rest in months. I have not worked on breathing in the same amount of time. . . I have been neglecting my business, my health, the family and resting my body from my very taxing job. . . @ucancallmeflower and @walkingawesomeness took me to this waterfall,to highline for a day; to try and help me find my breath. This was the first highline I ever got on years ago. Then, also not able to silence that inner chatter I barely lifted both legs. Though I've walked much longer lines since at much higher elevations it was awesome to come back and play around. After several laps and some spreadies I went down to film David on the line. While packing up he scrambled down to tell me I wasn't going anywhere until I sat under this fall. I call slacklining forced meditation. Cold water submersion could easily be referred to as forced breathing as well. . . I may not have fully regained my focus or cleared my head but that day and this water definitely led me to breathe. Enough I guess to have written 3 times since I've been home. That's a start. . . Find your breath. Look for perspective. Through a little suffering we can find our way.

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The Hight Line -Un paseo por una vía férrea transformada en un recorrido por Midtown West, Manhattan. Caminando de Uptown a Downtown, hacia la derecha se puede apreciar a lo lejos el estado de Nueva Jersey y a la izquierda una de las muchas zonas artísticas de Nueva York. . . . . #travel #design #newyork #love #photooftheday #instagood #ny #beautiful #like #arquitectura #usa #bigapple #photo #follow #goals #highline #instagram #travelphotography #dóndeestamos #life #happy #chelsea #adventure #fun #thehighline #amazing #westmanhattan #viaje #couplegoals #timetravel

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Si può essere felici senza equilibrio?😊 --- Can you be happy without balance?😊