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3 weeks ago

We walked through the woods to collect wood for the fire and I found this bunny statue under a bush. It’s about 2 feet tall and in good condition. The original owner was a Master Gardner and I’m starting to see how much time and money she spent on landscaping. There are thousands of bulbs coming up every where and hosta, ferns, oak leaf hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellia trees and so much more that I haven’t identified because it hasn’t bloomed. Last year it was an overgrown mess so we’re slowly trying to clear out as much of the 5 acres as we can before the growing season. I feel like we have remnants of our own little park. . . . . . #rockroadliving #sustainableliving #landclearing #hiddengarden #hiddenpark #getoutside #diy #bunnystatue #greensboro #northcarolina

1 month ago

Keep your eyes peeled - there’s traces of pixie dust everywhere in Magic Kingdom Park! ✨ Take this hidden Tinker Bell, for example. If you look closely at the rocks at the exit of Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland, you can see a profile of the mischievous pixie. It shouldn’t be too hard to find - after all, all you need is faith, trust and pixie dust! 🧚‍♂️

1 month ago

OK, so this is one of the pictures I took completely on purpose… I wanted a High contrast image at #HiddenPark with snow on the ground, in the #deadofthenight... This is important because the amount of time it took me to capture this was very small, I simply park next to one of the entrance is on the west side, grab my walking stick/mono pod, And joged down the snowy entranceway, Talk to myself out loud about what a bad ass shot it was, LOL and then jog back towards my car. When I rounded the corner, I was not sure what I was saying, whether it was a shadow, or whether I was just seeing one of the headrests being backlit From a streetlamp. To my surprise, and another fellow’s dismay, I caught a dude Opening the passenger door, and climbing into my car, completely unaware of my presence… I have prayed to have this happen for many years, and if you know any of my history with burglaries and thefts, you might understand why… I caught this motherfucker red-handed. But I surprise myself sometimes, and did not Lose my temper, and with relative ease foughtback my urge to physically harm him? BUT I sounded tougher than I ever have in my life when I said, at full power, and medium volume HEY MAN, what the fuck are you doing?!?! “Huh?” Was his reply, while jerking with surprise so hard he lost his balance. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, That’s my car” He started to tell me that he saw the door open and blah blah blah, and I cut him off off and said (quite a bit like Gandolf, but more loco) “get the fuck outta here, before I cut your fucking hands off” he shook out a “sorry...” and I said “don’t be sorry, just don’t be a thief” And then walked to my door and climbed in while He scurried off…. #PointlessStory. I’ve sworn off violence (unless ABSOLUTELY necessary), And this is my first real test, and it was the kind of thing where I would’ve been fully justified and giving this guy a new set of eyelids, but I didn’t

2 months ago

ADVENTURE TIME! Do you have a go to adventure spot? Yogi and I have been going through training at a local training facility and it’s been AWESOME. Today after class we stopped off at this little park and had the whole place to ourselves and found some HUGE leaves! For a while now we have been have adventure days where it’s just me and yogi and it is SO calming! Do you ever do this with your pet? . . . . #adventuretime #dogsofinstagram #jeeplife #saturdays #weekendroadtrips #dogtraining #california #hiddenpark #jeepadventures #getoutside

2 months ago

Paley Pocket | New York, NY

3 months ago

Dreaming of drier days.

3 months ago

Athens secret garden 🌾