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5 days ago

Cheers to new and exciting adventures! 🏠 Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way, especially my amazing sis/lender for moving mountains & getting us to closing in only three weeks and my oh-so-patient realtor, Rick, for putting up with Particular Ari on what felt like the never ending house hunt—truly couldn’t have done it without ya guys! && Congrats little cuz on your first day of college! Live it up—30 will be here before ya know it! 😉 #adulting #youknowyouregettingoldwhen

10 months ago

Everything I’m doing is all because of Faith. I have full trust in my God that He knows what’s He’s doing and He wants me to succeed so that I can do what He is calling me to do. If you think about it, you have had faith too. You had faith when you married your spouse, when you took a job, when you had kids...have faith and listen to what He is telling you to do. He is in control not you! #Hecalledmetohelppeople #Helovesmeandwantsmetosucceed #losecontroltogainfullnessoflife #trustinHim #HeknowswhatHesdoing #youarenotincontrol #letitgo #Godlovesyou #Hesgotyou #youarenotincontrolGodis #steppoutofyourcomfortzone #Hewantsyoutoopenuptonewopportunities #letHimin #Hewantedmetostartmyownplexusbusiness #Hetoldmetodoit #ihavefullfaithinHim 🙏🏼🙌🏼