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💖Blue Andalusian Pullet - - - 💖 Via : @ferraro_farms 💖

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💖In the two months since the release of my first book from , 50 Do it Yourself Projects for keeping Chickens has remained on the top 100 list of garden projects books on Amazon. But the book is more than projects. In addition to telling you step by step how to build and make items that will keep your chickens safe and happy, I also tell you why you need it. Lots of years of chicken keeping knowledge went into this book. Not to mention all those years in college studying animal science! Are you planning on getting chickens soon or make your chicken’s world happier and more secure? You need my book! As Pam Freeman, editor of said in the preface,”These are useful projects that can be adapted to most any situation and need”. I sure hope you agree! 💖 Via : @timbercreekfarmandhomestead 💖

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Inspections WILL be made.....

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My peerie Dave 🐣💛

15 hours ago

What a fabulous day for Holly’s Hen Do! A very busy morning full of gorgeous ponies, chukkas and equine based games! Such a fun gang- from event riders to girls who haven’t even touched never mind ridden a horse ! Prize giving with exclusive gifts for MVP, best bride and best newcomer. After an exciting day the hens enjoyed Champagne and Afternoon Tea in our club house hosted by EatWild . #oklequestrian #hendo #bath #hendoideas #henhouse #bridetobe #gloucestershire #fun #gettinghitched #beaufortpoloclub #visitbath #letsgetmarried #girlstrip #tetbury #beaufortpoloclub #fun #saturday #shesgettingmarried #hendoactivities #polo #polopony #horses #games

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Richard, you’re adopted.

16 hours ago

I checked the eggs yesterday and there were only 2. Today there were 8 in one nest. Little Miss Red has been holding them in for awhile I think 😂🐓❤️🐔🐣

1 day ago

Woops, haven't collected for 3 days! My happy hens have been laying so well lately. Maybe it's because they live in a fabulous upcycled hen house? I dont just love upcycling clothing and textiles, my darling husband and myself love to use lots of old recycled bits and pieces to build hen houses, garden beds, cubby houses! I'll share some pics in the weeks to come of some of our around the home upcycles 🏡🔨🔧♻️ #isolde #upcycle #recycle #aroundthehouse #henhouse #eggs

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Fun Saturday spent at the swim meet where Kade had a great race in the 50 freestyle and 100 freestyle!! Then lunch at the Henhouse... breakfast for lunch is always the best. #SaturdayLunch -38 #NoRepeatSaturday2018 #HenHouse

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💖🌿Quail Egg Shooters🌿 . Did you know that the protein in an egg is one of the most easily absorbed forms of protein for our bodies? 🌿 I have mentioned it before, but it is worth saying again that quail eggs are safe to eat raw. Why? Because the internal body temperature of a quail is higher then that of a chicken, which makes it impossible for salmonella to grow. 🙌 🌿 What I appreciate about quail eggs is that their small size makes them ideal for a quick snack. Shoot them Asian style (pictured above), poach them, fry them, hard boil them, pickle them, the possibilities are endless. 😊 A perfect bite for little ones, they are a favorite in our household and as the years go on we have been reaching for them more than our chicken eggs when breakfast rolls around. 🌿 Want to try some? We ship boxes of our quail eggs for eating nation wide with special little scissors to open them up! Send us a dm if you want to try some 😊 💖 📷 : @alchemistfarm 💖 Follow me : @mychicken_love 👫⤵ Double tap & tag your friend Below! Thank You !!

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Made a lot of progress on the new chicken coop today. Hope you don't mind me sharing some real life, behind the scenes, photos that don't really have anything to do with my art (except the hand painted door to replicate our house door). So to give you some more info about my life outside of art, we have 3 hens that are 5 years old. We bought them to help give our boys a daily responsibility and help them develop a work ethic. We bought our little flock of 5 hens (what we originally started with) the same year I decided to home/virtual school my twins. My dad thought I was turning my family into "Little House on the Prairie" 😂. I've really enjoyed having chickens, more than I thought I would. I absolutely love animals and will probably introduce you to more of our pets over time (we kind of have a zoo). #saraaycockart #chickens #henhouse #hens #backyardhens #chickencoop #coop #backyardchickens #chickendreamhome

2 days ago

I’m in the big nest and I’m doing my first goodnight post on Instagram. Everyone knows I’m long winded and love to tell my stories so I don’t really know how this will work out but I’m going to try. Nana said I can do anything I put my mind to. Mr Juan said my stories put him to sleep. Nala Marie said I’m no Charles Dickens. Loo said my stories suck and it’s good that Instagram will limit my post so I just shut up already! I give up! Maybe this isn’t going to be as bad as I thought! Goodnight everyone! I love you more than being long winded! 💛❤️💙💜💚🧡🐥 #chicken #chihuahua #chihuahuasofinstagram #chickendog #facebooksucks #henhouse #birddog #birddogs #shelterdog #blankets #poultryofinstagram