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2 years ago

Silhouettes of blindness Sometimes silhouettes can block our veiw and sometimes they are the veiw themselves. Its easy to, at times, look past the silhouette and pretend we have a clear picture. Sometimes even, over time, we get so used to the silhouette so much that our minds create the illusion that it is not there. Silhouettes can come in all different forms. Every single shape in this universe can be a silhouette. Silhouettes can be beautiful, they can block out the buildings we wish not to see, they can make a picture interesting and they can add the aspect of mystery. There are places and uses for the sillhouette but the question is how clear do you want YOUR vision to be? We see what we want to see. Silhouettes become a problem when we hide the harmful, and freeze the movement of our vision so that we don't see the truth. Meaning sometimes we hide harmful people, events, tramas, etc. that keep us from standing in our true and natural vibration. The reasons for this are extensive but usually stem from fear, pain, or the need to diffuse self- knowledge of self-greatness. These are legitimate reasons and of course come down to the choice of how clear we want our lives, soul, bodies, path to be. If we choose to face our silhouettes and then face the issue, no matter how hard, we may find once we see clearly then we may find peace, stresslessness, clarity and Zen as a weight is lifted from our soul. When the silhouettes stand as an object in our soul instead of a blinder then our vision can appreciate the beauty of the silhouette, decide if it is benificial, see with the clarity of vision. Its amazing what a change of perspective can bring and sometimes that change of perspective is all we need to gain awareness needed for transformation and progression. #changeyourperspective #seeclearly #baskinselfknowledge #exciteinclarityofvision #bravehealingsoul #sillhouettes #sillhouettesofblindness #bravechoices #facingself #findingtransformation #selfprogression #selfknowledge #healenergeticwounds #healtrama #embraceyouandlivelifetothefullest