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2 months ago

Early bird, literally. ✝️ . Visayan Tarictic Hornbill or Rofous Headed Hornbill, locally known in Antique as Dulungan, is endemic in Panay and Negros Islands, it is now considered one of the critically endangered species in the world. Just learned this recently when I saw billboards in every town of Antique with a campaign to save its kind. . One morning, this adult male Dulungan landed in one of the trees outside our house, and with its loud calling, I went outside and was surprise to see it. We then fed him with some bananas. I’ll upload our feeding video soon. After eating, it flew and landed at our garage roof. My aunt said, the bird has been visiting our house in the past several days. I work in Aklan so it was the first time I saw the bird. . Weeks later, my aunt said that the bird was killed by our neighbor’s cat when it landed in their kitchen. It was heart breaking! . #TaricticHornbill #Hornbill #VisayanHornbill #birds #birdsofinstagram #endangeredspecies #Antique #PanayIsland #Philippines #Dulungan #Kalaw #Tuklaspinas #Tuklaspinaskalikasan #Kalikasan #traverseph #seepinas #sinopinas #travellingpinoy #allaboutphils #the_ph #Pilipinas #nature #naturelovers #Haribon #denr #haribonfoundation @goharibon

3 months ago

"At the end of the day, it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about who you've lifted up. Who you've made better. It's about what you've given back." #haribonfoundation @goharibon

4 months ago

Yes! I am DIOKNO Survivor this weekend! 😭 Di ata air run ang sinalihan ko. Kundi DIOKNO HALF MARATHON AT KALAYAAN HALF MARATHON! I failed to get SUB3 PR! Dahil nga sa Diokno na ito. Pero still Diokno reminds me na kahit ulit-ulit ang problema at the end of the day matatapos din ito. Basta wag susuko! This is my first 21km distance! Thank you Lord for the safe and enjoy run today! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ OFFICIAL TIME: 3:18:00 #survivor #AirRun #HaribonFoundation #21kFinisher #dioknomarathon #halfmarathon #GoPAR #PushandPray

5 months ago

This card's message "I choose to learn through love" warms my heart and made me realize that we have come full circle. From the time I learned to make natural cleaning products out of love for my asthmatic son and then later inspired to give back by conceptualizing the Tropical Forest room spray to help restore our forests with @goharibon through the support of our retail partner @sesounaturesource (100% of proceeds go to Haribon), we chose to learn and give back through love so we can stay centered in love. Tomorrow, we are sponsoring and also giving away Tropical Forest room sprays to 12 intentional ladies who have willfully chosen to learn through love in the #getblisstified workshop with @martinedeluna and @kimilulifecoach. Content and fulfilled to say we have come a long way from a place of love in everything that we do. 💖 📸 @martinedeluna

6 months ago

woooh 30 mins na hike pa lang feeling dehydrated na ako.. tapos sabi ni punong guide 3 hours pa daw..😱😱 Pero natapos ko.. I am lgend hahaha Deadtired but feels great 😊👍 #haribonfoundation #treeplanting #mtbanahaw

7 months ago

Are you trying to wind down for the night but your Monday to-do-list is beckoning? Such is the reality of city life. Most likely, you need to cook, clean the house, drive the kids ... You never have enough time. Amidst the chaos in your mind, how lovely it is to dream of tranquil forests, letting go and perhaps allowing yourself to get lost in the deep woods. Stress less this Sunday night. Create that calm and serene atmosphere with our Tropical Forest room spray which also helps in rebuilding our forests through the @goharibon in cooperation with @sesounaturesource. 📸 @martinedeluna #sesounaturesourcealabangtowncenter #sesounaturesource #everydaygreenliving #haribonfoundation #savethephilippineforests #roadto2020 #goharibon #tropicalforest

8 months ago

Series of 4 FUNRUNS “Takbo para sa Kalikasan”. #RUNNING for #mothernature #globalwarming awareness🏃‍♀️ last Sunday’s #waterrun2018 was a very refreshing way to start my day . Our shoes soaked in water puddles, hair drenched. As the rain poured, it brought out the inner child in me. The serious vibe of the runners turned into a playful laughter amongst the older gen🤗 what a way to celebrate #fathersday UpNext: #Airrun on september 2018. * * 📍CCP complex * * #CCP #igmanila #fitspiration #sweatitout #rainydays #funrun #igdaily #finishstrong #running #staystrong #moveforward #innerchild #hydrate #snapchat #energizerbunny #nosleep #hyper #endurance #levelup #haribonfoundation #sports #finishline #morningmotivation #fitness

8 months ago

"Another achievement again that I got in a running event, first time kong mag 18km and ayun nanginginig ang tuhod ko pero buti at hindi ako nalumpo hahahaha, sa ngalan ng finisher shirt talagang tinapos ko sya, and I am preparing for the upcoming milo marathon, (I hope so? Na makaya ko din ang milo marathon) sobrang nakakaloka pala tumakbo from CCP to makati to Senate vice versa grabi, but for me that's a challenge na may mga bagay na hindi nakukuha ng madalian, kailangan ay pinag hihirapan,...then chararan I receive my finisher medal hehehehehhe" #pinoyaspiringrunners #pinoyfitness #takboph #sportsenthusiast #funrun #parasakalikasan #haribonfoundation

8 months ago

Shade of ipil trees, shore of shells, breeze of the sea and a majestic sunset. These, we've deprived oursevles of with Manila Bay's current state. This would've been a great park to enjoy nature in - or near the Metro. It's surprising to see that the most trash we collected were the odd stuff like clothes bags and shoes (teka lang, d naman ukay ukay pinuntahan namin ah!?!); plastics and styros only came next. I've had not-so-good experience with organizations, which led me to stick to my own belief of being who and what we are when we are no longer with our groups is what matters. Do we still make that same effort to make an impact as an individual? It takes a lot of work given that we're living in a society that is used to convenience. Doesn't mean that I lost all faith in them though. I still respect and adore those few who continue to make more than the usual effort and drive others too to make an impact. Kudos and thank you to all the great people of #GreenTeamManila #Spectrum and #HaribonFoundation ! . #SPGlobalImpact #GiveBack #CommunityImpactMonth #coastalcleanup #LPPCHEA

9 months ago

CSR activity for FY18

10 months ago

Grateful to be a part of "Takbo para sa Kalikasan: Fire Run Edition!" Thanks to the swift and fit - @seannahswift ! Promoting environmental awareness and a healthy lifestyle with #haribonfoundation ! Coming soon: Water Run! Complete all the elements!

10 months ago

Done supporting the #haribonfoundation thru finishing the Fire Run organized by my amazing team-PinoyAspiringRunners😊🔥🏃 Kumoconsistent sa glitch si Strava😡 I hope that next time, runners should keep in their mind the essence of the race, that everyone should be responsible in proper disposal of those paper cups. This is #formotherearth 🌍