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Where I would rather be than back at work #happyplace

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kalanchoe arrangement 🧚🏼‍♀️ here’s the final product of plants + crafts • these buddies brighten my home, as we share harvest blessings with them and cheer on their upcoming blooming process! • i really do have the sexiest plants 🌱 • different plant spam coming soon 🤓 #cantstopwontstop

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‘It’s what’s done outside, that gives you the best results.’ - Let me make this perfectly clear, the title of this blog is not one of those clichéd trite fitness you see every day. It isn’t a ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ or ‘strong is the new skinny.’ But there is meaning in the above...let me explain. - Whilst ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ might have some truth to it, what I’m really trying to get at, is that results – whether they are aesthetic, structural, physiological, mental or performance related, all come down to some pretty important fundamentals -The Big Three. - So what are The Big Three? - 1) 😴 Sleep quality – Probably the most important for recovery, mental awareness, mental health, growth hormone production and overall energy. It is about quality not quantity. A person sleeping 11 hours might have trash sleep as opposed to someone who has a consistent 6 hours of deep sleep every night. - 2) ⏱ Routine & Consistency – routine is a hugely overlooked area of human life. People take it for granted, and do not understand that the body and the mind likes consistency and routine. We are animals at base level. Try giving a dog or a baby inconsistent times to eat and sleep, and see what you’ll get. - 3) 🏝 Find your happy place – ok, so this might sound a little kooky, but it really matters that you are happy in your life. No matter what it is make sure you are happy. Happy people have better lives – fact. Happy people live longer and, generally, happy people make things happen. I won’t go into the hormone side of things, but trust me when I say you need to find your happy place. - Focusing on getting ‘The Big Three’ right and your training will be made that much easier. The problem is; people find it incredibly hard to manage even one of the big three let alone get a good balance between them all. - Have a little look into yourself, and see if you fulfill all three. If you don’t – do not be alarmed – I don’t either. - If you do – let me know the secret! - 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - For online training & bespoke diet mentoring, contact me: - matth @themphmethod.com - 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

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☁️☕️☁️ the skies here in Chicago are hella grey but allll the coffee & allllll the @tvontheradio is keeping this artist arting all day long... what’s your sunshine disguised as today?? . . . . ☕️ #keepgoing #sleepyhead #gratitude #sunshine #artlife #color #painter #butfirstcoffee #musiclovers #inspiration #motivation #paint #art #livecolorfully #enjoylife #lifeofadventure #happyplace #chicago #coffeeaddict #monday #artstagram #makeithappen #studio #artbyAmandaShell

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I love the fall! The colors are so beautiful up Little Cottonwood Canyon right now. Thanks for always adventuring with me @bscoth I loved this trail.

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Always happy in the water 🐬🌊🔝 . .

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So they named my horse Riah, meaning Wind, cause he’s supposed to be damn fast. Did a test - totally confirm. 😅 SO. MUCH. FUN!!! 🏇🏻💨 #happyplace #happyface 🧡💛

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Heart opening atop a mini-peak in the Papago Mountain Range. Embracing the fullmoon, opening to life's possibilities, humbly and strongly becoming my True Self in each new moment. This was a beautiful full moon, the energy was loving, motivating, and inspiring. The universe is eternally guiding us to our inner Truth, may we learn how to listen and follow it. May we learn how to become the most authentic versions of our Self. May we find the opportunities that embrace and amplify that Self, your Truth. May we find acceptance, love and understanding without judgements and without fear. May be we free, Free Your Self. How was your full moon? How did you feel and process this intense, loving energy? -------. #fullmoon #phoenix #arizona #phxaz #yesphx #local #experiencearizona #papago #outdoorenthusiast #hiking #yoga #heartopen #mountain #redrocks #papagopark #exploreaz #nature #naturelover #happyplace #warrior #consciousliving #wholesomelife #wholesomeliving #clouds #yoga #appreciation #betrue #outdooradventures #landscape

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do you have a favorite thai spot in Denver? // @aloymodernthai has happy hour daily 3-6pm (and all day at the bar) • $5 small plates • $2.50-4 beer • $5 cocktails • and more! ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ #denverhappiesthours #cheers

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~~~~Multipost Monday~~~~ So second post of today revolves around how I will be spending the rest of this yucky rainy weather day. Can you tell what I’ll be doing? There’s nothing better than cuddling up in a comfy chair with a good book and a warm blanket when there’s icky weather! 🌧 ☔️ 🤔What type of weather do you prefer? Hopefully I’ll get to finish the Red Queen series today. Have you read these books? #weatheraffectsmymood #rainydays #rainyreading #victoriaaveyard #redqueenseries #cozy #happyplace #cuddlypanda

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KALANCHOE growth progress ♥️ these fellas are now potted and expected to bloom in the winter! • i’ve been placing them in a dark, cool closet and limiting their exposure to the sun to two hours in order to mimic the winter. they’ve now been fertilized (only twice a year) and resumed their position in indirect sunlight. • the most important part is not overcrowding them, as their leaves can be brittle. i just repot the clusters as they get close to each other. it’s also important to prune the leaves that appear unhealthy to encourage healthy growth. • though they form like a bush, they are succulents, so little water is a must • i’ll have clusters available for plant exchanges in october (more details on that coming soon!) 🧚🏼‍♀️ #garden #fairy

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CONFESSION: Sometimes I stand in the shower a little longer than I need to. This is my “break” from kids...most of the time. I mean, there have definitely been many moments the kids have opened the shower door on me, or they’ve been screaming and I’ve thought one of them lost an arm so I throw my towel on and run dripping wet to their room only to find out someone stole a lego from the other one. So when the planets align, I take advantage of it and stand there longer, inhaling the essential oils in my shower products, pretending I’m at a spa, and letting the water just rush over me. It’s my happy place. What is your everyday happy place?

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I lost my first 25lbs in 2016 & gained the courage to continue to love me. Making myself priority and taking control of my body inside out. . . I'm not saying it was easy but it's damn sure worth it. My journey is mine I wouldn't change it if I could! . . Start your own journey of #Selflove & #Journaling create peace ☮️ in and around your life, It's amazing what happens. . . #Thatsmymondaytea #sipsip

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~• morning sun •~

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Para el reto mensual (septiembre) de las chicas de @cuandopuedoscrapeo había que utilizar materiales de reciclado. Aunque no lo creáis la base sobre la que está hecho el layout es una bandeja de madera de juguete que mi sobrina no usaba, un barquito que había por casa que creo que es del chino, gasas, pintura extendida con esponja y algunos diecuts de una colección de BOBUNNY. #conloquepuedoscrapeo #scrapbooking #scrap #scrapbook #scrapgirls #scrapera #scrapping #painting #mixmedia #mixmediaart #watercolor #mixmediaartist #craft #crafter #craftergirl #layoutscrapbook #layout #scrapbookinglayout #scrapbooklayout #creativedesign #diy #homedecor #happyplace

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Жгите свечи, пейте вино, кушайте из красивой посуды, не копите хлам. Носите нарядное белье и никогда, никогда не ждите особого случая! Можете даже сервизом из серванта пользоваться!