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IM SO PROUD😩💙 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @wtfblesiv @blesiv #blesivedits #blesiv #blesivfine #edits #editsofblesiv #blesivfans #blesivimagines #blesiveditsyt #blesivedits 🌴❤️ #blesivfanfiction #blesivfam #blesivismine #bleisvmadcute #blesivishotterthanbrandon 🤤 #blesivfam 🌴 #blesivgang #hailex #fine #cutie #alexguzman #blesivmusicallys #viral #explorepage #viral #blesivrares #blesivfam 🌴❤️

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I support your opinion no matter what. I love Hailey and Brandon together, but I miss Hailey and Alex’s friendship/relationship:( I’m so ready for all the hate. but, I just don’t understand why we have to be so cruel and rude for putting something out there. This isn’t to disrespect Hailey and Brandon’s relationship, bc I LOVE them together. but I simply just miss hailex, and I will forever miss it. say what you want, but nothing can change my thoughts, I love you all. 「please don’t tag 」 cc_ @squishona @vhsaddings ღ. ac/ib_ @intoblesiv ღ. dt_ hailex. #hailex #hailey #alex #ily #forever

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The Marriage CHAPTER 18 He layed down with you cuddling but then someone called… ??; hey is this Hamid Guzman A; yes it is who is this ??; I’m here calling from the hospital we found your mom driving drunk the car and she had an accident A; wait what omg wich hospital H; the wtv Hospital A; okay imma be there You wake up and realize Alex is in a rush y; Alex what’s wrong A; I need to go y; why A; just come with me and imma explain in the car now comeeee y; okay chill I’m coming You guys were on the way to the hospital A; so my mom was drunk and driving the car so they called me and she is in the hospital now y; omg Alex that’s OMGG is she okay A; I don’t know I hope, my mom was the only that was always there for me y; it’s gonna be fine A, I hope You guys got there and where waiting in the waiting ( kinda obvious lol ) D; who is Hamid Guzman A; me D; so I’m sry to tell but your mom passed away Alex heard it and he fainted y; omg Alex alexxx D; nurse come NOWW He was in a room after 30min he woke up and you were waiting in his room y; Alex your awake A; um y/n what is wrong i just had a weird dream i dreamed that my mom died y; Alex I’m so sry to say but it wasn’t a dream A; so she’s… 😭 y; yes im so so sry A; I can’t do this anymore with my dad and then my mother I just want to leave y; i don’t Know what to do to help you I’m sryy A; I have a idea let’s just run away to another state and let’s get us an apartment there I would be free with all of this y; Are you sure your not even really up yet A; I’m sure and imma search for sum apartments in Las Vegas y; really I always wanted to live there wuhuu A; uh y; yeah okay not the right time to get hyped A; um yes let’s just go home and pack our things and go far away from here y; okay let’s go but are you really sure A; yes I am now stop askin' tbc🖤 ( @blesiv @wtfblesiv )

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No hate to blesiv Sorry to crush some of y’all dream but it’s fucking annoying how people keep saying they wish hailex was a thing and hate on Brandon to this day even tho they bout to be a year ahah stfu about it and move on and to those who said they wouldn’t last look at them now 🖕🏼🤣 Intro: @ videostaarpresetssx Ignore #hailex #brona #edits #explorepage

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—baddest bitch. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ac. hazylor rm/ib, ^ 100% cc. beechytutorialsga app, vs fc. 4310 for ronya & tagged tag her pls? @devynkohl @devynwrld im sorry for being inactive, i haf no motivation at all but im back-

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*new edit* don’t judge I haven’t done this in a while😂 * * Hola ppl😝😝o shyttt Issa whole ass year since I started this acc🥳🥳🥳tbh I didn’t know that I would ever get noticed by Brandon or any of their friends but I did Nd that’s all thanks to you guys😌😌 ik I haven’t been active at all but I think I am cuz all the times my “friends” weren’t there for me u guys were Nd u guys congratulated me❤️ so thank u sm for that I didn’t know how much it meant to me cuz of now🥴 • • • • • @cx.hope @ona.bean @beyondbrandon @wtfblesiv @real.ona @jesseunderhill @desixmontoya #onagang #desinators #teambeyond #onanation #onagangordontbang #explore #explorepage #brona #onababy #bailey #brailey #desigo #hailex #onagang #blesivedits #blesiv

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Okay so I’m gonna try new things with this account, I’m going to turn it into a edit account for only Ona for a little while, sorry if I’m inactive when I change my account. Please don’t unfollow ily guys sm 🖤 @real.ona @ona.bean #haileyorona #babyona #haileyona #hailo #musically #tiktok #onafan #fandom #onagang #ona #hailex #brona #pretty #cute #hailoona #orona #onagangordontbang #onaedit #onaedits #explorepage #onafamily #realona #onabean #haileyfan #onanation #oronagang

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my mother said i’m too romantic❣️ • • • ib: @alexgwife • • • tag him please @blesiv @wtfblesiv • • • DISCLAIMER: i’m not “shipping them again” or “missing them” i just wanted to make an edit of him💗 • • • i’m so glad he is happy now and has so many great friends now 💗 • • • dt: @blesiv @wtfblesiv te: 3hrs🙃 • • • #blesivdancing #blesivsad #mamaguzman #blesiv #blesivedits #blesivfanfiction #love #friendship #joy #edits #videostar #softie #hailex #friends #videoedits #blesivclips #blesivvids #alex

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I have no motivation what do everrr🙃 @real.ona

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pretty brown eyes 👀💗 repost on your stories ☻ • • • ac: idk cc: @v.codes