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1 day ago

my katsucon experience was p good this year. nothing crazy happened, it was just a nice, chill time with my boyfriend, @jk_edmonds_ . i got see my buddies @frozen__custard and for the first time in awhile , me and my boyfriend went to @kayosudoenvy7 ‘s torture dance meetup (ive never seen jojo but my boyfriend is a fan, it was a p cool experience and i wish i got a chance to say hello rip :’), I got lots of compliments on my team skull + uzumaki cosplay which is always nice, and I got to spend some quality time with the bf 👌. overall, it wasn’t anything extravagant; however, it’s probably one of my favorite con experiences 💗☠️ —> #katsucon2019 #katsucon #katsu #pokemon #teamskull #teamskullgrunt #teamskullcosplay #pokemoncosplay #pokemonusum #guzma #couplecosplay #bananafish #cosplay #cosplayer #anime #manga

3 days ago

Pulled this bad boy today. Bought a box of shiny gx at Frank&son and oh boy did I get lucky #pokemon #guzma #shinygx

3 days ago

The #villains of the current season of #pokemon. #teamskull #guzma #plumeria I googled Cardi B pink hair and got this from the search engine. Cause I was not about to hunt for her past photos. And I just went on Bruno’s apple #music page. Well that was easy. Some Pokemon cards are banned in the U.S because of how our culture views things as compare to the Japanese. Nudity or not? The irony because stereotypes make it seem as if Asians are innocent. Well probably? Shielded or not though. Now at the same time it is awkward. Also some Pokemon episodes are banned at the U.S. For reasons like racism/black face for the most recent example I can think of. Culture vulture or not. Being more sensitive-aware or not. It all could be taken the wrong way and Pokemon does not want to be in and out of court. Meaning who wants to be sued. I didn’t even know how to play Pokemon cards when Finesse released. I was just starting to collect along with me attending a new church. For the new year. And it wasn’t until a while later that I knew more about these ’flashy’ cards. Needless to say. A coincidence. I had typed something about this on my private profile. But I forgot. It’s been a while. I think I was stating how retro some of these Pokemon cards look and so with the music video. They make a good musical duo and I mean share the same record label company. But lyrics to these songs always got me like...not about that life.

3 days ago

Here's an updated version of my Art VS Artist collage!! The previous one featured my best drawings from over the past few years, but this time I decided to limit myself with only choosing from the art I posted after April 2018!! It's a little hard to tell since each character had different details to draw, but I'm so happy to see how much my art has improved!! Hopefully I'll have some time to draw even more stuff this year since I've been slacking off with that lately 😅 #artvsartist #artvsartist2019 #pokemon #nharmonia #guzma #trainermoon #puellamagimadokamagica #sayakamiki #angelsofdeath #isaacfoster #rachelgardner #cuphead #kingdice #osomatsusan #osomatsumatsuno #karamatsumatsuno #choromatsumatsuno #ichimatsumatsuno #jyushimatsumatsuno #todomatsumatsuno #akatsukinoyona #princessyona #art #myart #myface #nepkattierart

5 days ago

☠️🖤☠️🖤☠️🖤 - - - - katsu is tomorrow and im so excited! i still don’t have everything done... but even if i don’t finish it’ll be gucci. this’ll be the first con i go to with my boyfriend (with us dating) and im super hyped for couple photos. i’ll be there as a team skull grunt for all three days (i might do a junji ito cosplay for one of the days but we’ll see) so if you see me come say hi! - - - #katsucon #katsu #katsucon2019 #cosplay #cosplayer #pokemon #pokèmon #pokemoncosplay #pokemonusum #pokemonmoon #pokemonsun #teamskullcosplay #teamskullgrunt #guzma #teamskullgruntcosplay #aesthetic

6 days ago

~ Team Skull Family ~ With The Best Boss ! 👌🖤 Memories about some great and funny moments than I had last year with my awesome Team 💖 (I forgot to share all pictures 😆) -------- Fr : Souvenirs des moments super et drôles que j'ai eu l'année dernière à Senyu avec ma super Team 💖 (j'ai oublié de partager les photos 😆) *Bientôt Senyu 2019 j'ai hâte mais ça sera une année "calme" cette fois xD - Team Skull Pokémon Sun / Moon - - Guzma & Grunt : @amy_lovelegacy - Others Grunt : @red.hylian , Me - Photos : @gentleman.phenix #cosplay #pokemon #pokemonsunmoon #pokemonultrasunmoon #pokemonultrasun #teamskull #teamskullgrunt #teamskullpokemon #guzma #guzmacosplay #pokemoncosplay #game #videogames #nintendo #nintendo3ds #anime #manga #animation #cosplayer #frenchcosplayer #cosplaygirl

1 week ago

where are those +4 cards when you need them- - auUghh i heart and i collabed with pokemons hottest men 🥴 - part one(aka god): @inurics part two: yours truly. - ac @/antisovl

1 week ago

When ya boi isn’t ready to get up yet 💤 I had this dumb idea of “what would guzma look like if he just woke up” so here it is messy bed head guzma lol

1 week ago

— Hello I love this man so much. Also highkey a practice edit but 🥴 [dt: Instagram user @grymynor 💝 ac: ??? cc: me, custom media: Pokémon program: video star]

1 week ago

[ #kiimonthly - edit a character you’d like to be your valentine] - i couldn’t choose between my best boys so ... why not edit them both? 🥰 - credit me if you use this audio! + THIS IS NOT A SHIP EDIT - dt myself 🥴

1 week ago

happy birthday to my darling aryah. she’s 20 now! and what is a better gift than to introduce her team? in ascending order of meeting them, these are aryahs friends. the zoroark is eclipse, the rayquaza is dusk, the absol is tsuki, the sableye is crescent, the umbreon is wane, the mismagius is luna, and the darkrai is ajambo.

1 week ago

Here’s some real #selfindulgence right here lmao featurin ya boi #guzma some fresh dye jobs were in order (we all know damn well that ain’t natural.... then again we’ve all seen that scene in fruits basket... huh)