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2 hours ago

True local supporting local ❤️ everyone wins! Local produce delivered fresh 7 days on the Sunshine Coast. Direct from the farm to Brisbane Tuesday and Friday. Get in touch for supply, or talk to @berrygood.foods @producewholesaler • Grown from a waste product ❤️🌎 • ☕️♻️🍄 • #noosaearth #localsupportinglocal #oystermushrooms #pearloystermushrooms #lionsmanemushroom #pinkoystermushrooms #tanoystermushrooms #whiteoystermushroom #sustainable #urbanfarming #freshproduce #localproduce #noosafood #sunshinecoastfood #brisbanefood #sprayfree #healthyeating #vegan #vegetarian #fungi #grownfromcoffeewaste #divertingwaste #growingfood #urbanfarming #slowfoodnoosa #farmtoplate #lowfoodmiles #smallgrowersrock #Repost @hungryfeel with @get_repost ・・・ Our local Brekkie Board showcasing local produce. . Everything on this board is from the Sunshine coast. . Proudly supporting local farmers and producers . @goodharvestorganicfarm @kenilworthfreerangefarm @cedar.street.cheeserie @noosaearth @rhodavalepork #backyardpreserves

3 hours ago

Japanese green eggplant is still hanging on in this cool weather 🍆💚

5 hours ago

Seriously, who said that dinner has to be complicated?? Here ya go: sweet potato soufflé (it only sounds fancy, it’s actually super easy), baked BBQ cauliflower and mushrooms! Easy, delicious and nutritious!! #veganbowls #sweetpotatorecipes #budhabowls

7 hours ago

Though I've been writing for the paper for some years now, it's not everyday I get to see my work while sitting in a coffee shop.

7 hours ago

🍈 Wondering if our figs will continue to ripen after being exposed to sub-freezing temperatures. The fig leaves were frozen to a crisp.

7 hours ago

This holiday season, our goal is not only to raise valuable funds needed to sustain our programming, but to share our impact and engage a new audience. Today we aren't asking you to make a donation, we're asking you to take it one step further. Please take a moment to create a fundraiser on Facebook (link in bio) and share it with everyone you know who joins in our belief that EVERYONE DESERVES A GOOD JOB AND GOOD FOOD. #GrowingFood #GrowingJobs #GrowingHome

8 hours ago

Harvesting sage leaves this morning at sun up. Drying, grinding then bottling tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

8 hours ago

I just harvested the ginger root and will store the sprouts for the spring and use the large root in the kitchen. The freeze we just had was early and the ginger was not a fan.

8 hours ago

Very excited to have moved into my new home for the next 2-3 months! This will be my base until I get my own caravan or something else emerges. The last 2 days have been intense & busy with getting it into shape - heating installation, doors being fixed, the whole thing gutted, cleaned & decorated inside - & now I can finally relax a little & settle in. • It's a fairly communal set up here, where I'll be doing a part cash, part work exchange arrangement. My role will be a part-time gardening job - finally, getting a chance to learn about working with the soil, as I wanted to do back in September with our WWOOFing mission, but with way more flexible & spacious hours, allowing me to still fit in my writing work & walks in the stunning surrounding Dorset countryside. If it works out well here, I may well be able to bring my own caravan (which I can feel getting closer!) here. • The three (or four - when Volt is here) of us have sharings once or twice daily to connect with each other before & after work. I like this a lot! • It's been very emotional, particularly yesterday, ending this phase of sharing a home with Volt. We had a brief custody battle over one of our Unicorns & then the tears came. We've shared such a meaningful & magical journey, travelling around together with no plans for nearly a year. And change is always a big deal, even if it's change you want. After scrunching my entire life into half a van for so long, I'm ecstatic to have a whole cabinet for my clothes instead of one shelf, a whole sofa & bed to myself, & many cupboards!! After having to negotiate with & consider another human for nearly every move, it's wonderful to be free. And, there's a grieving process too. • SO super grateful for how ease-ful & quick this process has been - literally 5 days after becoming crystal clear on what I wanted, & that I needed to get my own space, it happened. Another beautiful & grace-full reminder to get aligned & trust life 💙 • More pics & words to come soon... •

9 hours ago

Lettuce give thanks for fall gardens in Texas.

10 hours ago

Well, it’s snow and slush. Not exactly the nicest combo. But have no fear! We will be at the final @unionsqmarket of the season tomorrow from 9-1 in Somerville! Self-serve on the porch will resume when we can get the parking lot de-iced. Check the website before making a trip! #firstsnow #morelikefirstslush

15 hours ago

Late afternoon snack from my giving guava tree Inunahan ko yung mga ibon, kaya malamang bukas di nila ako aawitan. Walang masayang twit-twit bukas #guava #growingfood #urbangardeningph

17 hours ago

The colours of Autumn coming to a close as the remainder of the leaves slowly fade away... soon be clearing away the vegetation and hunkering the garden down for winter #gardening #Winter #growingfood

17 hours ago

I call this one Lettuce on Agave (to anyone who doesn't know plants that will make absolutely no sense and I will seem completely nuts lol). I may not have raised beds yet but you better believe I have Lettuce! This stuff grows so well in pots and sometimes it works better because you can move it around to avoid it being munched by unwelcome bugs or going to seed if it gets too hot. Lettuce harvest to go with our dinner 🌿

18 hours ago

“We believe that health and happiness come from real, traditional food, a warm home and a mastery of life's fundamentals” - Weekend guidance from Matt and Lentil of @grownandgathered

21 hours ago

I didn't notice that slippery little bastard when I took the photo yesterday! It must be time for another round of coffee grinds and eggshells sprinkled around the plants. Hot tip: save your eggshells and coffee grounds and use them in the garden to help combat slugs and snails and for a bonus they put nutrients into the soil too. Also look at how lush this radicchio is 😍 Ive been nursing this baby from seed for months now, that slug is not going to ruin my plant! . . #slug #gardenpest #organicgardening #chemicalfreegardening #radicchio #growingfood #gardenlove #organicgardening #hobbyfarm #veggiepatch #permies #veggiegarden #gardening101 #growfood #organicgarden #sustainablegardening #permaculturegarden #microfarm #growfoodnotlawns #thehappygardeninglife #gardening_feature #instagardeners #permaculturegarden #growfood #organicgarden #gardeningaustralia #gardeningmakesmehappy #permaculture #organicfood #gardentips #gardeningtips #picoftheday #happyfriday #gardeningtips

22 hours ago

The darkness was blinding Until the water carried light The sky then opened Spattered us with life ♻️ -Microgreens

23 hours ago

I have had a real problem with aphids at the start of Spring. Some of my rose bushes were starting to suffer. I would go out morning and evening and blast them off with a bit of water mixed with vinegar and dish soap but they were relentless. So I am beyond relieved to spot this big fat lady (or fellow?) on my Rose Bush today! Please little guy. Invite your friends to the party! #ladybug #ladybird #aphidcontrol #pestcontrol #organicgrowing #organicflowers #growingfood #recyling #reusing #organicgrowing #feedingthefamily #raisedgardenbed #secondhand #clair #clairrose #clairaustinrose

23 hours ago

So I harvested some vegetables from the garden yesterday because the forecast was for snow today. Froze my ass off doing it, but it's a good thing I did. It snowed pretty hard today (imo). Here's the kale, spinach and lettuce! #garden #kale #spinach #lettuce #growingfood

1 day ago

At Growing Home, we are thankful for many things this holiday season. But we are especially thankful for the support of our donors and followers like you, who help make our vision a reality❤️ What are you thankful for this year? We asked some of our 2018 employment training graduates the same question. #GrowingFood #GrowingJobs #GrowingHome

1 day ago

One of the many reasons I love my hubby and kids is bc they let me test out recipes on them over and over until I get it right. They’re great about giving me honest feedback and helpful ideas. I was on a mission this week to get this Hot and Sour Soup just right. After multiple attempts, last night I got the reaction “this soup is so good” so I think it’s finally ready to post! . . . In a large pot, I combined 6 cups @imaginesoups vegetable broth, 6 oz baby Bella mushrooms sliced, 3 oz enoki mushrooms, 1 large carrot julienned, 7 oz @housefoodsamerica firm organic tofu drained and sliced in 1/4” strips, 1 tsp minced garlic, 1/2 tsp ground ginger, 3 tbsp @kikkomanusa rice vinegar, 3 tbsp @coconutsecretofficial coconut aminos, 1 tbsp @traderjoes balsamic vinegar, 1.5 tsp @huyfongfoods sambal oelak, 1/2 tsp sea salt, 1/4 tsp pepper. . . I brought it to a boil and then simmered for 5 minutes. Then I lightly beat 2 eggs and slowly poured them into the pot while stirring the soup. I stirred in 1 tsp sesame oil and 3 chopped green onions as it was ready to serve. . . The soup is really easy and quick to make. Even the kids liked it! I kept it less spicy for them, but feel free to increase the chili paste for a hotter soup 🍜

1 day ago

I'm on holiday in the Maldives and thought it might be fun to post some of the fruit and veg I see here. This is the Salak or Snake Fruit - native to Indonesia it is now grown in many countries in South Asia. It's a pear shaped fruit that tastes delicious - often described as having a slight astringency to them I found the taste resembled a cross between a Kiwi Fruit and pineapple. Salak are palm trees, individuals are either male or female and both are required for producing fruit. Seedlings generally flower after 3 to 4 years. If anyone would like to see inside just let me know and I'll post a pic! #cocopalm @coco_resorts #cocomoments @maldives #maldives #maldivesinsider #maldivesresorts #beautifulmaldives #salak #snakefruit #allotment #allotments #gyo #growyourown #permaculture #growingfood #growfromseed #organicgrowing #gardenersofinstagram #gardener #garden #gardeningtherapy #organicgardening

1 day ago

Es magia... negra, blanca o verde... la que tu quieras... pero ver nacer la vida y verla crecer hace que se le encojan a un@ las entrañas, que te sientas mas pequeñaj@ que la semilla de una amapola... en este caso son espinacas... pero la verdad... les deseo que sean lo que quieran!!!!!! #vida #espinacas #life #love #seloquequierasser .... .... .... #greenhouse #invernadero #huerto #huertourbano #homegrown #growsomethinggreen #growingveggies #growingvegetables #growingfood #agriculturaecologica #huerticaurbana #huertica #growyourown #eatlocal #eathealthy #eatrealfood #greenhouse #indorgarden #veggetables #urbanorganicgardener #organicbackyard #theorganicbackyard..........

1 day ago

Wir durften an einer Führung beim Schweizer Bio-Saatgut Produzenten Sativa Rheinau teilnehmen. Obwohl auf den Feldern nicht mehr allzu viel los ist, wird noch fleissig Saatgut getrocknet, gereinigt, verpackt und versendet. 🌻 Sativa bietet ausschliesslich biologisches Saatgut an - für Privatpersonen und Landwirtschaftsbetriebe. Sativa erhält viele alte Sorten und züchtet neue, nachbaufähige Sorten für die spezifischen Bedürfnisse des biologischen Anbaus. 🌻 Wir freuen uns für unser neues Projekt mit Sativa zusammen arbeiten zu dürfen! 🌻 #biosaatgut #sativarheinau #organicseeds #savingseeds #prospecierara #rheinau #samengärtnerei #samengarten #saatgut #seeds #sonnenblumenkerne #sunflowerseeds #subfliwers #growingfood #growyourown #urbangardening #urbangardeningswitzerland #urbanroots

1 day ago

Flaming tulip! Enjoy😎🌱

1 day ago

Hey all, good morning! Just a refreshing dose of garden reality this morning. As you've probably noticed, I like to treat my garden like an art canvas. It's probably because I can't paint, draw, or knit to save my life. 😂 But I remembered I had these video clips from after we went on vacation for two weeks, the grueling cleanup, and how the garden looks more recently. Gardening is a lot of work! It's dirty, messy, and always a work in progress. But these are all GOOD things 🌱 When you can love your garden in any state of progress and during the times of mess, give yourself a pat on the back 👏 Our lives are very much filled with constant mess and progress, good and bad. Practicing gratitude and finding beauty in small things is key to a happy life. Just some thoughts for this Thursday morning 💛

1 day ago

ทำเองมันก็จะข้นๆ แบบนี้ละ ... ใช้เครื่องทำโอโซนล้างอีกที เพื่อความมั่นใจ อย่างวันก่อนทานผักไม่พอ ตรวจปัสสาวะ ร่างกายเป็นกรดสุดๆ ถ้าเป็นกรดมากๆ มะเร็งชอบนะคะ เคทขอเตือน ใครที่ควรทานน้ำครอโลฟิลล์ 1. สายบุฟเฟ่ ทานเนื้อสัตวฺ์เยอะ จัดไปค่ะ 2. ทานผักไม่พอ... แต่ไม่ใช่ทานน้ำผักแล้วไม่ทานผักนะคะ เรายังต้องการกากใยไปทำความสะอาดผนังสำไส้ จะได้ถ่ายเอาของเสียออกมาง่ายๆ 3. ท้องผูกบ่อยๆ 4. อยากปรับสมดุล ขจัดพิษให้ร่างกาย ฟื้นฟูเซลล์ พอภายในสมดุล แข็งแรง หน้าก็จะใส อาการภูมิแพ้จะดีขึ้นด้วยนะคะ ทานตอนเช้าวันละขวดพอ ... แต่ถ้าวันไหนกินผักครบ400 กรัม ก็ไม่ทานค่ะ แต่พูดจริงๆ เคทกินผักน้อยมาก เน้นเนื้อสัตว์ตลอด ..... แล้วอิเนื้อสัตว์นี่ ไม่รู้ฉีดเร่งฮอร์โมน อาหารสัตว์ก็ GMOทั้งนั้น น่ากลัว อย่างน้อยกินผัก หรือ น้ำผัก ก็พอจะช่วยได้.... ทำเองก็ปลอดภัย หายห่วง