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1 day ago

Let’s be honest .. Not all Realtors are equal, and with plenty of us working in Las Vegas it can be hard to know who to work with .. A few things to consider . 1. Go with a Pro 🙋🏼‍♀️ 2. Experience Matters🦸‍♀️ 3. Get Referrals🗣🗣 4. Think Locally🧐 5. Interview a Few Candidates👬 Make sure you choose someone you like and trust , This is the biggest purchase most people make in their lives , it’s important to have an agent that is looking out for your best interests !

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Can Not Even Begin To Describe These Nails To You! They looked A-MAZING! ❤️😍 Swipe Right to see 4 weeks regrowth! Created with CND Tropix Shellac, Lecenté Smooth It & Lecenté Flamingo Chunky & Carnation Iridescent ❤️😍 @lovelecente @cndworld @sweetsquaredscotland #cndshellac #gowithapro #servethepro #lovelecente #tropixshellac #lecenteflamingo #lecenteflamingochunky #lecentecarnation #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nailporn #s2nailart #lecentepickme #nailmagazine #lecentesmoothit #nailart #nailsaddict

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Can Not Even Begin To Describe These Nails To You! They looked A-MAZING! ❤️😍 Created with CND Tropix Shellac, Lecenté Smooth It & Lecenté Flamingo Chunky & Carnation Iridescent ❤️😍 Video to follow... @lovelecente @cndworld @sweetsquaredscotland #cndshellac #gowithapro #servethepro #lovelecente #tropixshellac #lecenteflamingo #lecenteflamingochunky #lecentecarnation #nailsofinstagram #nailstagram #nailporn #s2nailart #lecentepickme #nailmagazine #lecentesmoothit #nailart #nailsaddict

2 days ago

A foyer this large calls for some artwork. 📷 Claudine C.

2 days ago

It has been a crazy, hectic month for us here at TSG and we actually let a HUGE milestone slip by this past week. The 16th of May marks 5 YEARS since we took the leap and started our own agency! With 30+ years of experience between us, that was a big jump. We had always worked for others. . . We have seen our share of success and are so proud to have achieved many of the goals that we set early on. None of that would mean a thing without all of our clients! With God leading our path and ALOT of time, work, change, and learning, we have been able to create this amazing business that allows us to prioritize that which we believe in. It has always been about family. Our families. Helping you create lasting and wonderful memories with your families and your loved ones. We truly believe that what we do enriches other's lives while it does the same for us. . . THANK YOU to all of our #travelsalesgroupies. We could not do what we do, what we love, what we are passionate about....without YOU! Thank you for trusting us to design adventures for you and those you love! Thank you for referring your loved ones. Thank you for allowing us to live our dreams while we try to create your dream trips! . . Happy 5th Anniversary TSG!! Heres to many, many more!

3 days ago

We're here for the afternoon snacks. 📷 Jim W.

4 days ago

Jeg er ikke fan af disse “gør det selv” apparater. Du har muligvis set dem i diverse reklamer, selv nogle bloggere reklamerer for dem....😔 Det voldsomme sug den laver på huden, vil over tid medføre karspringninger, rødme og irritation. Hygiejnen er helt i bund. Har du uren hud, vil du hurtigt få spredt bakterier fra et sted i ansigtet til et andet. Dette vil blot øge inflammationen og forværre hudens tilstand. Den eneste sikre og ar- forebyggende måde at fjerne urenheder fra huden, er ved at få hjælp fra en proffesionel. Hudpleje er en investering. Vedholdenhed er vejen til sund og fin hud i balance ❤️. Lad dig ikke blive forført af urealistiske resultater i reklamer🤗❤️❤️. #gowithapro #skincare #hudpleje #hudibalance #glowmeup #egenomsorg #tidtilmig #investeridigselv #hudplejeklinik #birkerød

4 days ago

🌸✌Encapsulated flowers for this sweetie✌🌸

4 days ago

We've been so busy with spring cleaning season that we forgot to say CONGRATS to our April Golden Plunger winner, Shona! She is a super valuable member of our team, and her customers can't say enough glowing things about her. Thanks SO much for all your hard work and dedication, Shona! 💙

4 days ago

Our 10 year anniversary is fast approaching! It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun in Real Estate! To show our true appreciation to our friends, clients and community, we will be hosting a month long contest, starting June 1st, our anniversary month! Everyone will have a chance to enter and win one of 10 Mystery Gifts! Each submission will put in a raffle and the winners will be selected on July 1st! How do you submit an entry? Simply LIKE, SHARE FOLLOW and COMMENT on our Facebook Page (jkprorealty) with “10 Year Anniversary” Stay tuned for the contest to start on June 1st!! Thank you all for your continued support throughout the years! We wouldn’t have done it without you! . . #jkprorealty #gowithapro #realestate #contest #nwi #nwirealestate #nwirealestateagent #wesellhomes #fff #tenyearanniversary