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More than just a smart doorbell, the Control4 Mini Door Station is a sleek and robustly built device that beautifully blends in with the Control4 entertainment and automation ecosystem that truly outclasses any diy doorbell system. More than just a standalone combination camera/doorbell/motion sensor with intercom capabilities it shines for its seamless integration and programmable connectedness. This is a premier choice for any smart home. ⠀⠀ #TETRAAV #modernhome #smarthome #homeautomation #av #control4 #integration #technology #architecture #interiordesign #security #familyfirst #gowithapro #installation #smarthomesystem #customizable #customhome #homerenovation #newbuilds

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Here is a project that we worked on last summer. The home owner called us because a fence contractor convinced them that he could pour and finish a concrete driveway slab. Needless to say that immediately after the slab was poured significant ponding along with a ton of other finishing issues came up. We were called in to cut out and dispose a 1 month old slab, lay Sub grade stone and pour the concrete. Needless to say, the customer no longer had ponding issues and is very happy with their properly built driveway. #gowithapro #toronto #woodbridge # Vaughan #concrete #driveway

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There have been a few ‘Miracle Gel Remover’ ads doing the rounds recently, claiming to remove your gel polish within minutes. I don’t normally comment on products that I don’t use myself, but in this case I can’t emphasise it enough ~ THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT YOU WANT TO BE USING ON YOUR NAILS. This pic shows a client who had bought one such remover to take off her gel polish (NOT CND™ Shellac™) at home, which she had put on at another salon & would normally take at least 20 minutes for her nail technician to soak off. This was the state of her nails after she had used it. As you can see, the nails are visibly damaged & she also told me that the product had caused a burning sensation when it came into contact with her skin. This suggests to me that it contains ingredient(s) which are not safe for such cosmetic use. I don’t know which particular remover she tried, but I do know that some of the leading scientists in the nail industry have been investigating these products & have found that they contain potentially harmful industrial solvents which may cause severe chemical burns. There have also been difficulties in obtaining the Safety Data Sheets (documents required for hazardous chemicals) or for those SDS that were provided, they were found to have listed false ingredients. These products are not miracles - they are dangerous & should be avoided. If you would like a gel polish which removes quickly, choose CND™ Shellac™ with the Xpress5 Top Coat or CND™ Shellac Luxe™, both of which can be safely removed in 5 minutes or less. If you would like to ensure the health of your nails, choose a professionally trained nail technician with the relevant qualifications for the treatments they provide & the SDS for the products they use. If you would like to remove your gel polish yourself, ask your nail tech the best way of doing so - they may even be able to retail you products to help. Finally, remember that I offer free removal for any gel polish that I have applied (even if you don’t want a new set put on!) & I am fully trained in IBX™ which is designed to repair damaged nails such as these. Please share & stay safe! ⚠️☣️🚫 #nailsbylauradlee

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Sharing the love really does help you shine online 🌻 How often do you share the love? Did you know that engaging with other accounts will help increase your own engagement? Aim to comment on 🔟 posts a day next week and see what happens? 🌻 Don’t just comment for that reason though. You can expand your expertise, collaborate, win competitions, lust over pretty flowers, stylish outfits, your next red lipstick - best of all I’ve connected with some fabulous people through Instagram, some of them have even become friends 🌻 Research says that commenting on at least 🔟 posts a day helps beat the algorithm so why not give it a whirl - you might even enjoy it 🌻🌻🌻

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📚Today is Roald Dahl day, how fitting that this truly magical man is celebrated today on such a superstitious day📚 🌻 His books defined my childhood and gave me my love of words which I since gone on and made a career of and build a business from. He’s also been a source of strength and inspiration to me as an adult - a fellow member of the ‘ugly shoes club’ as I read his books with my own children and fall in love with them all over again I notice that his words are laced with an almost secret code of loss and his grief 🌻 I see my daughter’s eyes widen with wonder and excitement as his stories unfold and wonder if we have another budding wordsmith 🤞🏻 🌻 My all time favourite is Matilda - always and forever 📚❤️ What’s yours and why? 🌻🌻🌻

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Thanks so much Classic Vacations for arranging for the amazing Shannon Rains to take professional pictures for us in paradise! @classic4agents @shannonrainsphoto Can’t wait to see the photos! Did you know that I can Connect you to professional photographers in any location that I send you too? These sessions can go from 30 - 90 minutes. My clients have been loving this service, it’s really less expensive than you think, and it’s as personal a momento as it gets!! My clients love ❤️ receiving their photos when they get home. They are lasting personal memories of their experiences. What’s your favorite picture memory of a trip? #✈️jen . . . . . . . #luxurytravelsdvisor #loscabos #photomemories #vacationphotos #vacationmemorieslastalifetime #e3loscabos2019 #e3 #classice3 #loscabos #photopro #gowithapro #classice3contest

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😉✌Nobody is you, and that is your super-power Dahling✌😉

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This Thursday I am feeling thankful. I am surrounding by fabulous people who support me and my business in 100 different ways 🌻 I’ve got some exciting client work going on right now with clients old and new and I am extremely grateful for their business and faith in my skills. Thank you so much for all your referrals, the compliments have been flooding in the past week or so - it makes me happy to know my clients are so happy with my work they refer me to others 😊 🌻 Shout out to @samanthastones.co.uk she has the most awesome hair and I’m hopeful that there will be opportunities to collaborate after with put the world to rights over coffee yesterday 😍 🌻 Thank you to all @wombizclub I’m feeling so motivated after Monday’s meeting. I’m thankful to be amongst such strong and inspiring women 🌻 Also big thanks to @kazdave4 Fairy Godmother/father of dreams! Not only do they lend us their beautiful home in Spain for holidays they also help out all the time with childcare and my kids couldn’t be in better hands - without them running this business would be a lot harder 🌻 I love my squad to bits. Who is in your squad? 🌻🌻🌻