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28 minutes ago

best part of the trip was hearing a Scottish dude quote Shrek #getoutofmyswamp 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

19 hours ago

Last night while Megan and I were brushing our teeth I looked into our shared mirror and did the most awful Shrek impression that anyone has ever done before. An impression I knew was bad from the beginning, that I never should have attempted, but for some reason I saw through to the end. It was so poorly executed that I literally wanted to die. I pushed Megan bodily out of the bathroom and closed the door because I couldn't handle the humiliation. But she didn't mock me and will probably never bring it up again even though she would be 100% within her rights as a person who witnessed that to remind me of it every day of my life and speak about it at my funeral. And imo that's what true love is. #shrekisloveshrekislife #getoutofmyswamp #wlw #queerlove #valentinesday

2 days ago

Went grey for Donkey.

3 days ago

Shrek hun, it’s been a while 😁💚 I spent 6 months working as an actress at Shrek and 1 year later I finally get my photo with the main man🌝 what a lovely afternoon yesterday with Ruth watching our favourite Chris absolutely slay as Doris ⭐️⭐️⭐️ and Heather was incred as my bae Agnes the Prison Witch as well 😅 I lovedddd working here - the people, the job; it was an amazing part of my life. I’ll admit I was really nervous to come back as I associate places with feelings and I was really struggling with my eating, my mental health and everything that comes with being too thin when I was acting here, but after the initial weird flashbacks I realised to myself that the last time I was in these rooms I was in such a state personally, and only one year later, I’ve dragged myself pretty much out. 😊✨ so I felt a little proud. Not as proud as I was of Chris’ performance cos soz but he’s insane, but yeah, go on gremlin Danielle 💪 back at @shreksadventure as a happier, healthier little human! Such a SHREKKKKTACULAR day 💚 (sorry, had to be done) 🥰🥰🥰 •••• #getoutofmyswamp #shrek #happy #brunette #girls #smiles #friends #laughs #shreksadventure #actress #flashbacks #memories #edrecovery #recoveryisworthit #gainingweightiscool #performer #london #singer #happiness #love #life #formerprincess #reminiscing #recoveryjourney #fun #dayout #proudfriend #shrektacular #dreamworkstours ✨

5 days ago

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6 days ago

Went to my first swamp and was able to get pretty close to this little bird fella.

6 days ago

good vibes only ♾

6 days ago

Chilly, but fun day for a swamp tour! I loved seeing all of the swamp houses right along the river. And, of course, loving the Spanish moss! 🐊🙌🏻

6 days ago

💚 Get out of my swamp 💚

1 week ago

Get out of my fucking swamp

1 week ago

Shrek was already beautiful🥰♥︎