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viva indifference by Frank Iero played at a low volume in the dark bc im a pussy and my family is all asleep:// (bully me in the comments and I’ll do a full volume remake of it and film until my mom comes in and yells🤭😫)

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i had a good day today other than school but yeet 📷preciousfrnk

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Happy birthday to one of the best albums on the face of the Earth!! Pretty. Odd.turned 11 today and it's still such a beautiful piece of art! I'm so proud of panic for this album Also sorry I didn't post earlier I may be pretty inactive for a week or two cuz I have a lot of assignments in school ° ° ° #mychemicalromance #mikeyway #frankiero #raytoro #gerardway #brendonurie #dallonweekes #panicatthedisco #ryanross #jonwalker #spencersmith #danandphil #crankthatfrank #falloutboy #patrickstump #petewentz #andyhurley #joetrohman #Twentyonepilots #tylerjoseph #joshdun

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|| We got through another Monday, or are about to for some of you!! We did it! We did what we had to, hopefully laughing and smiling a little along the way, and learning a thing or two. It's another day down. But, tomorrow another chance to live the best life you can!! Don't give up! Be proud to be you! Live. Love. Laugh. ❤️🖤❤️ . . #mychemicalromance #mcr #mychem #mcrx #gerardway #gee #mikeyway #raytoro #frankiero #tcfsr #threecheersforsweetrevenge #dangerdays #tbp #theblackparade #revenge #emo #music #bands #poppunk #mcrmy #alternative #rebel #killjoys #rockmusic #rockband #mcrfanpage

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I just ate a MilkyWay and then saw this picture on Pinterest

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imagine this: you’re in the woods taking a small hike and you sit down to take a break because you’re tired. You light up a cigarette and inhale deeply, letting the smoke seep into your cells. You stand up to stretch but realize you left your cigarette box on the ground, u bend down to pick it up until you feel something tickling your asshole, you turn around and you see a bear with black lace panties on. He bends you down, throws his panties to the side and fucks you gently. Then you you get home and go to sleep after your asshole has been destroyed. you have now been fucked by a bear with black lace panties, you’re welcome - jay (i wrote this last year ok don’t judge)

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it's 3am and I'm listening to the black parade album THIS IS THE WITCHING HOUR what the gerard am i doing

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tell me an interesting bed time story so i can read it before i go to sleep tonight -jay

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Umbrella Academy’s finest, Klaus Hargreeves.☂️🖤

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have some sort of rares -(dm for full photos)

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who do i love with all my heart? bert mccracken

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Hey guys, what's up? I'm sorry I've been very busy lately. My other colleagues are no longer part of the management of the page, so it's just me Ammy again lol I'll keep posting photos/videos and whatever else you want, but have patience, my week is very complicated. For the next post I chose a cover of a fantastic girl! SURPRISE

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Y'all, stream Folkin Around on April 1st and request it on the radio

1 hour ago

"The World Is A Vampire," sebuah lirik hasil kutipan dari "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" milik Smashing Pumpkins ketika liat foto saya tanpa rambut minus kaos "Zero". • Jerawat di kepala sudah biasa saya alami sejak SMA. Biasanya langsung hilang dan tidak kembali atau pindah ke beberapa titik lain. Hingga suatu malam saya sulit tidur bukan karena overthinking atau stress, tapi karena gatal luar biasa di kulit kepala. Rontok dan gatal ini dimulai tengah tahun lalu . Saya pikir kerontokan rambut ini terjadi karena penyesuaian berat badan yang turun cukup banyak, atau salah shampoo. Ternyata tidak. Asumsi dokter gatal ini disebabkan karena saya mulai rajin olahraga--produksi keringat lebih. Kegiatan ini tidak saya imbangi dengan penambahan cuci rambut, hingga akhirnya gatal, garuk, gatal, garuk, dst, sampai menyebabkan infeksi. Jerawat ini biasa disebut folikulitis. Tampak pada gambar ke-2 penyebaran folikulitis terlihat lebih dominan di area belakang kepala. Lalu gambar ke-3 lebih jelas lagi dan ada beberapa spot kecil petak/botak hasil dari kerontokan rambut. Bahkan hairline saya juga kena imbas dari folikulitis ini. "Kalau udah gini enaknya potong rambut gak, Dok?", tanya saya. Lalu bu Dokter menjawab," baiknya ya begitu mas biar kelihatan dan gampang kasih olesin salepnya." Tanpa pikir panjang saya potong sendiri dan voila! CONCLUSION: IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR SCALP, GO SEE DOCTOR, RAPIDO! • P.S. Will regrow my hair after these shits done, but at least i look like Billy, Gerard Way's Dad. • #hair #bald #hairloss #foliculitis #billycorgan #nwa #impact #gerardway #mychemicalromance #smashingpumpkins

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i want a pb&j so fucking bad but i dont have bread im so fucking sad im on the verge of making a pb&j on a tortilla