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Check out my blog post. Link in bio.

18 hours ago

Another tattoo? What you think and where? #tattoos

18 hours ago

Yesterday was the hottest day in NYC in 7 years ☀️. It's was about 100 degrees in Manhattan and with the humidity it felt closer to 110 degrees 😭. It's no secret that we hate the heat and whine about the NYC summer ad nauseam. However the heat couldn't stop us from getting out and have brunch and cool cuban cocktails 🍹 with our friends who are visiting from San Francisco.

18 hours ago

Finally got to celebrate my birthday with new and old friends 💃🕺🎂🎉 Moving to a new country knowing no one and then being able to meet these amazing people is more than I could have asked for. Thank you to those who came and all the gifts too 😍. I had so much fun..... thank you all xx 😘

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22 hours ago

Half face smile why not! 👋

1 day ago

Es war wie ein Traum .. der zu schnell verflogen ist.