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4 hours ago

Transformation Tuesday isn’t just about our bodies. I’ve transformed my relationship with food on this journey. • • I’m so fortunate to have garden beds. Saturday, before the snow came, I finished harvesting the last of the carrots, beets, and kale. That huge double carrot transformed from a tiny seed just like the rest at the end of last winter. • • My husband created some compost bins so we can give back to our soil. Using kitchen scraps, gardening fails, fall leaves and grass clippings, we will have more rich soil to garden again in the spring... and the cycle continues. What transformative experience do you reflect on to find power in your life? • • • • • • #transformationtuesday #wellnesswarrior #fitteacher #edsurvivor #obesitysurvivor on a mission to #obliviateobesity #plantbaseddiet #gardengirl #compost

5 hours ago

Thanksgiving break is almost here. I couldn’t be happier or more ready to ditch my (real job) for the work I truly enjoy doing... Gardening. 🔸 The space you see in these photos has come a long way but has so much further to go. We own a whole acre, mostly a small forest but we’ve cleared a lot out and found this lovely open field 🌾🌾 at the back of our property. 🔸 Over break we will be weed wacking, tilling, and flattening a lot of this space to create a good place for some winter cover crops. We plan to fence in the area we do our vegetable garden. There’s already such an array of beautiful wild flowers 🌺🌼🌸 all spring and summer long. So, we will keep that going a long the outside of the vegetable garden. Maybe even buy a cheap greenhouse to put somewhere back here. Things are coming together and I couldn’t be more excited for our garden season. But first... the hard strenuous labor to get the soil ready. 💪🏼👩🏼‍🌾🌿🍅🌶🍉

6 hours ago

Finished Part 2 of My Project!! 👏 This video also has a #blooper section at the end - If yall enjoy that more than the tips on #sustainable water management practices 🤷‍♀️😆 . . Learn 4 ways to reuse #greywater at home for your plants! 🌱 . . ✔ With a growing global demand for water, I want to do my part to reduce my #environmentalfootprint . . After all #thinkofthechildren !! 😄 but actually 🤨 . . Find full video on my Instagram TV Channel, my Blog (link in bio), or my youtube channel called "Laurin's Life" 😊 A BIG THANK YOU to @randomactsofgreen for sparking my fire inside with your positive green #vibes !! #feelingcreative #gotmymojoback . . Can you think of other ways to save greywater at home!? I wanna know!! Spread that knowledge, baby!! 😍 . . . . #plants #urbangarden #ottawalife #canadalife #meanwhileincanada #thinkglobal #actlocal #water #watermanagement #growyourown #garden #gardengirl #eco #green #randomactsofgreen #environmentalmind #environmentalist #enjoy #laugh #love #happiness #plantlife

9 hours ago

The weather is truly beautiful in Liverpool today 😀. The fallen Acer leaves look so gorgeous but there’s billions of them to pick up 🙈🌿

11 hours ago

Oh I got #buds honey 🙋 -wheter u like it or not- Must credit the #rat for at least tryin' 😂 You did not succeed 🤷‍♀️ 💁I did, as you can see 🐀 So today it has FINALLY come to the best part of it all; #harvest 👩🏻‍🌾💕 . . . . . #growyourown #growyourownmedicine #budshots #trichomes #greenthumb #marijuana #cannabis 🌱 #weed #weedporn #womenofcannabis #cannabiscommunity #womenofcannabis #dankdivas 🙋 #dankgals #ganjagirls #somegirlsgethigh #420girls 💯 #bud #budbunny #crop #mindyourownbusiness #flushing #weshouldsmoke ( my weed 👩🏻‍🌾) #gardengirl #cannabiscultivator #fueledbythc - I will always #stayhigh - You got nothing on me so rat for all you're worth!! 🐀🤷‍♀️🙋 But thank you so much for "caring" & truly letting me know how u feel😏 JUST STOP FOLLOWING ME if u don't like what I do!😵 #coward // 🙏🏼💕🌱 May karma bring you further in life 😍 🖕🏼😂🖕🏼 Jealousy is a bad disease GIRLFRIEND 💋 . . 👩🏻‍🌾 HARVEST-DAY 👩🏻‍🌾 -it is just a plant after all..

19 hours ago

At the risk of sounding repetitive, I’m going to remind you to fill your plate w veggies, after you choose your protein, and before you choose your healthy fat! This broccoli salad gets sneaky by adding the fats to the veggies: homemade mayo, hemp + sunflower + pumpkin seeds (all healthy fat). Never underestimate the power of dressings or condiments to BE your healthy fat. • I chop a few raisins and add a splash of apple cider vinegar to this variation on an old favorite recipe from my friend Crystal❤️. • If you haven’t learned to make homemade mayo, it’s time! THAT may be the only holiday strategy you adopt. I promise you won’t regret it. I mean, who doesn’t WANT all-the spinach dip, the artichoke dip, the caramelized onion dip? (do you see the theme here?). Healthy food CAN be scrumptious. In fact, it should be! • #foodfreedomstrategies #broccolisalad #homemademayo #Paleo #whole30certifiedcoach #EatRealFood #RadishLifeStyle #GardenGirl #EatGreenStuff #whole30lifestyle #HealthyLifestyle #healthyfats #improvetheview #designyourhealthylife #healthymenuplanning #realfoodheals #specialdelivery #curatedkitchenbox

20 hours ago

Well this is tedious...trying to find a protection solution for these fruit trees, I have a row of 9 along the back of the house. Only 2 are full of fruit so I thought I would try bags this year. I’ve only really got through half one tree, so I guess I can keep chipping away at it. Doing it this way means I can thin and inspect the fruit as I go. Might need a different solution in the future! Kinda wishing I had espaliered them into a flat fence for ease of netting 🤷🏼‍♀️ Maybe it’s not too late? #fruittree #espalierfruittrees

20 hours ago

20 hours ago I was stopping to say “goodbye for now” to a few of my babies.

22 hours ago

The beautiful common arum/calla lily has a terrible reputation in #australia because the Arum lily #zantedeschiaaethiopica is regarded as a significant environmental weed in Victoria and Western Australia, and as an environmental weed in South Australia, New South Wales and Tasmania. I still love it so I’m growing a clump in a planter so that I can use them as cut flowers. There was a wasp at the one I wanted and again, although it looks tiny and harmless, it has a bad rep too. Wasp has been attacking citrus trees in my backyard and there’s nothing much I can do about it (I don’t kill unnecessarily coz I kinda believe in karma). #citrusgallwasp #gardengirl #homegarden #beautifulblooms #lifeisbeautiful #springinmelbourne #melbournelife #whenimnottraveling #plantlover #plantsforlife #gardeningrewards #stunningflowers #flowersofinstagram #plantsofinstagram #gardeningmakesmehappy

23 hours ago

Grapefruit for morning tea! The kids seem to love sour things like me and they certainly love grapefruit! I will keep the skins to put in the garden to trap slugs under! Slugs love to eat under cover and they are partial to grapefruit pith so fingers crossed I will catch the slimy creatures that escaped my night rad last night!

1 day ago

Almost got these in the dirt and then MOLD! Well my timing was off but I did love having something to grow in my window sill...will be trying this experiment again soon!

1 day ago

Sad to hear of the legend’s passing. Thanks for everything Mr.Lee. #stanlee

1 day ago

I could say it's not about the money. But, being real, like really real. It's about the freaking money! In April of 2017 I left the corporate world to take on the role of chauffeur, personal chef, story teller, tickle monster, and kisser of boo boos. I became a stay at home Mom. And things have not been the easiest. Transitioning to a family of 4 and now living on a single income came with financial struggles. Sometimes our basics were purchased on credit cards. My first small business was purchased on a credit card only to leave us still drowning in debt 2 years later. My husband worked tirelessly and what seemed like endlessly to make our ends meet but we still came up short from time to time. It didn't take long to realize we needed some help. So I applied for WIC benefits for our children. I never wanted to need those benefits! But I'm beyond thankful that they have been there to help us when we did. So when I decided to become a health and fitness coach it was definitely about the money. It was about providing better for my family. It was about contributing to our annual income and getting myself out of this outrageous debt. It's about getting to a point we no longer need WIC benefits. But it was also about paying it forward with intention! It was about helping others reach their goals and go for their dreams. It's about showing others that you can love yourself in this very moment! While you work towards being a better version of you. And I believe it can be 100% about both ❤

1 day ago

Is anyone else feeling happy it’s Monday! 🙋🏻‍♀️ If not, sorry to break it to you but I’m that person. I’m always happy to be starting off a new week. . Today I’m in the office wrapping up a couple of projects I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks. I’m also finalizing a few holiday plans, sorting through Christmas decorations, and making a list of must-watch Christmas movies for this year. . I bought a warm new blanket for our sofa so we can all cuddle up for all of our favorite films while sipping hot cocoa and loving this season. Since adding our new art from @canvas_hq I’m loving every second in our living room. It really was the perfect finishing touch! I’m sharing all the 411 about it today #ontheblog. 😘 #ad ————————— #thehoneyhive #everydayisanewcanvas #everydaycanvasgirl #happymonday #mondaymood #youcantotallysitwithme #gardengirl #floraldesign #alltheflowers #littlestoriesofmylife #livethelittlethings #abmhappylife #theeverydayproject #bloggerdiaries #littlethingsinlife #simplemoments #stlbloggers #homestyling #athomewithme

1 day ago

Feeling really low energy this week. Maybe since we haven’t been able to get down and dirty in the garden due to all this rain. Anyways, here is a peak at one of our methods we used this past summer for tomatoes. The bucket method for sure gave us the best harvest compared to other methods of growing. 🍅🌿 Has anyone else tried this?

1 day ago

Autumn garden jobs? Preparing to go no dig 🙌🏽🍂🍁Covered in mud, out in the fresh air, happy as Larry ☺️🌿☀️ (the glam can pick up where it left off tomorrow...but today, I catch up on garden time ❤️🌿🥕)

1 day ago

My own garden is a bit neglected because I’ve been away with work. Came back to a lot of leaves 🍁 but I still have a fair amount of flowers left 🙌🏻. I quite like how the Verbena Bonariensis are looking when almost dried out. When do you cut yours back? I’m a bit late getting started with the Autumn / Winter prep...

1 day ago

Garden views in fall ... Did you see my calendula picture last week? Well, I took a few more pics! This fall weather and the light is just too beautiful. To tell you the truth, I'm now the proud owner of a documentation of every corner of our garden ;-) Here is our herb garden. I've tried to cover the retaining wall with a wild growing honeysuckle. It's a really nice wall, so shabby and chic, however, without any cover it would just look shabby. How do you hide parts of your garden you don't like, with plants, with DIY decoration, ...? #gingerbychoice #gardenviews in #fall #fallseason 🍁 #autumnishere #colorfulleaves #coolertemps #autumndays #changingseasons #fallinspired #herbgarden #retainingwall #honeysuckle #shabbychic #diyprojects #plantcover #gardendecoration #gardenlove #backyardgarden #raisedbeds #outdoors #getyourhandsdirty #homegrown #harvest #inmygarden #porchgarden #gardengirl #gardentotable #photographerintraining #photographystudent

1 day ago

Who’s that chillin in my little bali garden 😌✌🏽

1 day ago

Throwback to 2010!! Gosh in 8 years I have grown and changed so much, constant showing up, learning, self healing, researching, meditating, turning vegan, selling art, doing a degree, overcoming so much, undoing all those societal beliefs, stepping away from people who no longer are for my highest good, opening a community space, organising and creating the northwest’s biggest vintage and handmade fairs, growing a beautiful base of empowered women, putting on weight, getting in touch with my cycles, channelling, moving to a dream home with my own studio, creating more peace, inspiring and encouraging, working together with @tomwalsh77 to create our beautiful relationship, working on ourselves helps make that happen, being grateful. So much in 8 years, it’s exciting to think what the next 8 can bring. ❤️