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I'm thrilled to see lots of ladybugs all over the garden these day! I found this Asian Lady Beetle on a fig leaf.

1 hour ago

My goal this year, and for years to come, is to create a pollinator garden. I'm so happy the bees are enjoying themselves so far! 🐝🐝🐝

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Good morning ( Bonjour ) ( Czesc ) - Cuteness Overload, going to miss this 13 lb's of fluff while I'm I'm England, but he will be well taken care off🐶😍💋💋💋❤ Peaceful Sunday to all Y'all 🙇 ⛪HAPPY FATHERS DAY! 👤❤ 🌹 #gardengate #gardenfriends #enchanting #gardenflower #pinkflower #pink #friends #rva #patriot #weekend #sunday #breathe #christiannation #church #powerofprayer #joy #sheltie #doglover #akcdog #puppylove #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog #justforwags #keepitpure #pedigree #maintainthebreed #womenfortrump ❤️ 🇺🇸 #lovely #fieldandstream

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It’s the little things...

20 hours ago

Look at that face!! I caught this leaf-cutter bee coming in for a landing on a cat's ear flower.

1 day ago

coral rose (chinook sunrise) . . a little bit of rain to wash away the dust and water down the flowers and garden...a Saturday morning indoors catching up on a neglected old farmhouse...laundry, cleaning and perhaps some baking...always something to do... . life in the country 🌿 . . #allthingsofbeauty_ #oldfarmhouse #roses 🌹 #heartimprint #country_features #countrylivingmagazine #mycountryhome #farmhousegarden #stilllife_perfection #petalperfection #coralroses #chinooksunriserose #flowersmakemehappy #all_gardens #gardenfriends #lifeinthecountry #gardeners #rosegarden #simplethingsinlife #simplicity #rainydays #saturdaymorings #ilovegardening #stilllife_perfection #stopatnature #moodyflowers

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GARDEN FRIENDS . . . Did you know these little ladybugs can consume up to 60 aphids per day? They will also eat a variety of other insects and larvae including scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, mites, and various other types of soft-bodied insects that like to munch on our plants. We’re delighted they are here .. for the health of our garden. She’s one of nature’s checks and balances. Incredibly small, yet exceedingly important 🐞 #garaskincare #gardenfriends

1 day ago

This green anole was in search of water on a small bird bath in my herb garden, going round and round the bowl. Our German Shepherd laps up all the water, so I can't seem to keep it full.

1 day ago

Clematis ‘Omoshiro’ Early, showy, short Clematis (Group II) perfect for a small structure. Prune the plant late winter or early spring to about 6-9” above the ground to a couple of well developed buds. The first flush of flowers occur in mid spring followed by a second flush on new growth. Beautiful plant for front/middle of our border. In Japanese ‘Omoshiro’ means interesting or fascinating. We purchased the plant at a now closed mail order nursery in Toronto, Canada. Gardenimport used to carry interesting, rare and exciting bulbs/perennials. So sad to see it go! Follow @yellowbirdmanor

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Herbs in bloom. My dear neighbor stopped over just before sunset and I easily convinced her to come water my garden while I’m gone, in exchange for the pickings. My phone had died so I borrowed hers to take a shot of the blackberries and lavender, but the blooming cilantro caught my eye instead. We grazed and picked for awhile. I taught her how to pollinate a passion flower. We spotted ladybug larvae. And then she went home, with fresh blackberries for her breakfast. Simple pleasures. 💚 #gardenfriends #gardenlove #garden #addiction #herbal #bloom #myorganiclife #theediblezone

1 day ago

The bumblebees can't get enough of the oregano when it starts blooming. I usually dry oregano from one patch in my herb garden and let the other patch go quickly to flower. While I was in DC last week, I saw tons of bee-friendly plants like anise hyssop blooming all over the place and NO BEES!!! NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. I assume that was due to the use of pesticides and herbicides on the White House lawn, the National Mall and corporate landscaping. I was so happy to return to my messy garden where so much wildlife is welcome and greatly admired. My herb garden is full of buzzy life.

2 days ago

Our metal statuary in the garden - it was labelled chipper cockerel. Chick magnet

2 days ago

Little garden friends 🐞 My little garden plots are doing so well! The sunflowers and peas have started to sprout, and everything else is doing pretty good! It's trial and error at this point still but I'm happy to learn!