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4 days ago

😭 Went to pick a nectarine for dessert and realise the birds have outsmarted us! This year we've been trialling a large net (wildlife friendly/small mesh) over the whole tree, which appears to be failing miserably. Last year we used individual fine mesh net bags over each of the clusters of fruit. We had no issues with pests and ate all of the ripened fruit. This year we've had birds and beetles smashing them all, so tomorrow we bag the remaining fruit individually! Lesson learned. Little birds have zero cares about tent pegs and will find a way to destroy your crop. The chooks will love a sweet treat tomorrow morning though! #wastenot #nodessert #nectarine #gardenerproblems #backyardpermaculture #edenurbia #chickentreats #retrosuburbia #gardeningforall #mostlyforthebirds #gardener #aussiesummer

1 week ago

I'm pretty sure we're going to have no mates after this move. I'm not posting too many pics, no one will show up on moving day if they see the true extent of the collection 🤣 We're gonna need a bigger truck 😂 16 years of renting and plant collecting = a lot of pots to deal with after everything is in the ground. I have plans for a lot of them, most will go to a local nursery who reuses them, some to a friend who sells plants and I'll keep some for propagation. But I've got the guilts about having so much plastic to deal with 😐 #planthoarder #plantlady #rentalgarden #gardenerproblems #nevermovingagain

1 month ago

💥Fall bulb project update: it’s slowly coming along as we have had the great flood of constant water to deal with as my husband plants his winter rye grass. . #GardenTip : Too much water can be deadly for both bulbs and succulents. It causes root rot which makes both good options for #droughttolerantlandscape. Therefore, part of the delay. . Also, I’m running out of room for all the bulbs I have stashed away🤦🏻‍♀️ #GardenerProblems . But I love it ! It’s making my heart full ! . . . #TheGiftingGarden 🍃 #TGG 💚 #PlantJoy #FallBulbProject #ContainerGardening #CraveJoy #GardenWithLove 💕 #GiftJoy #IGetSoExcitedIWetMyPlants #Garden #Gardening #PassionProject #Succulents #GardenInspo

1 month ago

Can anyone tell me if these are Buttercrunch lettuce sprouts?? 😩 . . Ha ha ha. I planted buttercrunch lettuce seeds in October 13th. There are a lot of sprouts in the area I planted that look like this but also some other sprouts. And I’ve seen these sprouts all over the garden... so. I’m not weeding my garden at this point because I don’t know if I planted it or not.

1 month ago

🇪🇸 Ahí están los terribles pulgones que os comenté antes de ayer. Esta semana voy a probar una infusión de laurel que encontré en internet, ya os contaré si funciona: . - 30g hojas de laurel + 1L agua = hervir. - Dejar reposar 48h y después guardar en la nevera (supuestamente aguanta hasta 1 mes). - Aplicar diluido con agua 50/50 usando un spray. . 🇧🇷 Esses são os terríveis pulgões que eu comentei antes de ontem. Esta semana vou testar um chá de louro que achei na internet, vamos ver se funciona: . - 30g folhas de louro + 1L água = ferver. - Deixar descansando 48h e depois guardar na geladeira (teoricamente aguenta 1 mês). - Aplicar diluido com água 50/50 usando um spray. #huertox #vidaemverde #pulgon #pulgão #backyardgarden #gardenerproblems #huertourbano #minhahorta #huertinadetoni #huerto

1 month ago

Oh no!! Something’s already eating my peas 😡 Thins happened in spring with my peppers. Just completely nubbed down. I’m thinking slugs or snails. I’ve seen both.

1 month ago

I've been escalated up four levels to the owner of our landscaping company. I've been trying to get rid of clovers that have taken over the yard for 2 years, and it is now catastrophic. The clover is everywhere. To add to it, even the owner tells me something different than the account rep said a few hours before. I'm definitely firing them once this season is over. #wherestheowner #yourfired #highmaintenance #cloverproblems #gardeningproblems #grassenthusiast #manicuredlawn #lawnservice #landscaping #landscapingfail #homeownerproblems #yardproblems #needagoodgardener #homeandgarden #whosthemanager #clovers #weedproblems #weedsthatwontdie #gardener #gardenerproblems #ineedhelp #savethegarden #thegrounds #thegarden #greengrass #landscapingproblems #lawncare #propertymanagement

1 month ago

The pelargoniums are now inside - on top of the fridge, might I add #gardenerproblems. So I'm using the display shelf-thing for daffodils and tulips - and any other early bulbs I get my hands on. This year I've gone for #tulip James Last, Peaches & Cream, Spring Green and Montreux. #Narcissi are Pueblo, WP Milner, Sailboat and Bridal Crown. All from @gee_tee_bulbs 🍂🍂 #autumn #springbulbs #plants #plant #garden #gardening #containergarden #patio #patiogarden #urbangarden #urbangardening #ukgardening #urbangardensrepublic #instagarden #thehappygardeninglife

2 months ago

🇪🇸 Si, me he comprado una piña en el #ikea en pleno otoño 🤔. No se quien hace la planificación de las plantas del Ikea y no voy a discutir sus razones para vender piña en esta epoca del año. Lo importante ahora es averiguar cómo hacer para que la piña salga adelante dentro de casa durante el invierno palentino. ¿Sugerencias? . 🇧🇷 Sim, comprei um abacaxi no Ikea em pleno outono europeu 🤔. Não sei quem é a pessoa que faz a planificação das plantas do Ikea e não vou discutir as suas razões para vender abacaxi nessa época do ano. O importante agora é descobrir como manter a planta viva dentro de casa durante o inverno palentino. Alguma sugestão? . . #huertox #🍍 #urbanjungle #gardenerproblems #thehappygardeninglife #huertinadetoni #greenthumb #hortaemcasa #huertoencasa

2 months ago

Squirrels have been relentlessly digging in my pots. I had to put this hanging basket to keep the netting up off the peas (that have been uprooted several times!) Today i found they dug THROUGH the netting into my tiny spinach seedlings 😡 I have plenty of neighbors that don’t garden - PLEASE GO HIDE YOUR FOOD THERE 🐿 . . . #squirrels #wildlifeinthegarden #gardenerproblems #growfood #smallspacegardening #mygarden #lovetogarden #garden #gardening #gardenersofinstagram #instagarden #gardenlife #gardenlove #gardeningindelaware #suburbangarden #gardener #ilovegardening #inthegarden #urbangardening #thehappygardeninglife #smallwondergarden

2 months ago

🇪🇸 ¿Alguna vez has visto estas líneas en las hojas de tus plantas? Son larvas de insecto que viven en el interior de las hojas y se les conoce como “minadores”. Hasta lo que sé, no hay ningún tratamiento ecológico que lo solucione al 100% aunque algunos ayudan a controlarlo. Yo lo único que hago es cortar las hojas afectadas y vigilar para que no vaya a más. Importante: no eches las hojas afectadas a la compostera, échalas lejos del huerto. . . 🇧🇷 Você alguma vez viu essas linhas na folha das suas plantas? São larvas de inseto que vivem no interior das folhas conhecidas como “minadores”. Até o que eu sei, não existe nenhum tratamento ecológico que resolva 100% do problema mas alguns ajudam a controlar. A única coisa que eu faço é arrancar as folhas afetadas e vigiar para que a praga não se descontrole. Importante: não jogue as folhas afetadas na composteira, jogue elas fora longe da horta. #huertox #vidaemverde #hortaurbana #huertoencasa #crazyplantlady #greenthumb #gardeningtips #gardenerproblems #huertocasero

2 months ago

Crazy Plant Lady 🌵 Do you want one? Check it out through the link in our bio 😀

2 months ago

🇪🇸 Estaba tan contenta que apenas he tenido plagas en el huerto esta temporada y ahora me toca revisar a las coles cada día... ¿Conoces a la oruga de la col? Pues te la presento: empieza con unos huevos amarillos chiquititos, luego salen unos pequeños gusanitos que en una noche te pueden comer toda la planta. Finalmente, se transforman en unas mariposas blancas y los gatos se lo pasan pipa cazándolas por el huerto. . 🇧🇷 Eu estava tão feliz que este ano quase não tive pragas na horta e agora tenho que revisar as couves cada dia… Você conhece a larva da couve? Te apresento: começa com uns ovos amarelos bem pequenos, depois nascem umas larvas que em uma noite podem comer a planta inteira. E pra terminar, se transformam em umas borboletas brancas que os gatos adoram caçar na horta. #huertox #hortaemcasa #gardenerproblems #thehappygardeninglife #backyardgarden #huertourbano #huertinadetoni #hortaurbana #minhahorta

2 months ago

Added even more diatomaceous earth because I went to check on my plants and they were eating my spinach!! My backyard is riddled with them. I must have hit a nest next to my green bean plant. There is just so many I have to do something about it. Any suggestions help. UPDATE: I got them under control. Read about it in my blog. Link in bio.

2 months ago

Scored new seeds at the flea market! 7 packs for $6. Got some varieties I haven’t been able to find before. A lot of heirloom. Accidentally bought Detroit beets when I already had them 🤦🏻‍♀️ I swear that happens every time I buy seeds.