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2 minutes ago

This lovely candid photograph shows two ladies with several children in a very verdant area. The boys look splendid in their sailor uniforms and wide brimmed hats, and the little girls are engulfed in white gowns and frilly bonnets! The two ladies seem to have gotten the children under control for their photograph, it seems they had been playing croquet! The image had to be cropped due to size restrictions, but on either side of the photograph there is a croquet ball and hoop! It must have been a wonderful day for the children. {Two Ladies and Children in an English Garden, circa 1901} #atimelesswindow

3 minutes ago

I’m loving the sculptures in the neighbours’ gardens here in Greenwich Connecticut - we might need to upscale @ian_turnock_sculpture and @emiow71 in Esher?!?

3 minutes ago

Purple roses! Enjoy!😎🌱

3 minutes ago

Birdseed cupcakes and flowers for friends. A piece I made for my contemporary art mixed-media conceptual series, The Simple Livings, featuring Mrs. Livings at her woodland cake and flower stand, giving away cupcakes made of bird seed to her feathered friends, and the tiny miniature poppies I grow in my garden (that I shared a photo of yesterday on here ) that the hummingbirds are flying back to their nest.

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