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6 minutes ago

-Possibly for trade- I forgot to mention in the last post she has a phone wallpaper! Here are some Badges and all the pins. I'd accept Medium Quality suits or High. She's a brown tabby her tail is a floor dragger, I love this suit so much so I might not end up going through with it. You'd have to pay your own shipping I'd pay my own. #fursuitforsale #fursuitfortrade #Fursuit #Fursuitoffers #Furrytrash #Fursuittrade

11 minutes ago

My part of an art trade with @taz.rine !! Drawing your lil Bee was a pleasure, thank u for trading with me 😁😁😁

19 minutes ago

Thanks to everyone who helped in the search of my baby. I know stealing a Fursuit maybe tempting. Maybe you don’t have anything more than a Dino mask as a “Fursuit “ maybe your parents won’t buy you a Fursuit. Maybe you can’t afford a Fursuit. Maybe you don’t know how to make one. I know not everyone has the same beliefs/ morals as me. But stealing won’t fulfill what it is that you’re wanting. Think about what it is you’re taking from that person. Their #hardwork. Their #investment. Their #escape. Part of their #identity. Their #creation. Having someone else’s character/suit might be easier, but it won’t be satisfying as making it yourself. This applies to everything really. I don’t care if it’s a #multicolorbark suit or the ugliest #maskimal . Stealing is never okay. And to anyone who even considered stealing her is just as guilty. Thank you to everyone who reposted. Who looked for her. Who helped report it to staff. Deeply. I thank you. I know it’s my fault for leaving her. There was some sudden bullsh*t in-law drama I had to sort out and we had to rush out suddenly. But still that’s no reason to steal. I don’t care if you’re 4 years old or 40 years old. Please don’t steal. And stealing characters is just as bad as stealing a Fursuit. Because today someone tried to do both. #psa #stolen #dontsteal #fursuit #texasfurryfiesta2019 #found #arttheft #charactertheft #fursona

54 minutes ago

Masking taped and pattern drawn out, ready to cut off, trace, and cut the fur! Its a lil lopsided, but its my first real fursuit head so Im not mad that it isnt perfect u3u Im happy with my work and thats what matters~ . . . . . . #fursuit #furry #cosplay

56 minutes ago

Vähän edistystä, tein tänään Pineapple boille hiukset ja korva reiän!!😉✌ tänään tai hyomenna alotan karvojen trimmauksen!!! OWO!!❤ OWO!! #angeldragon #fursuit #pineapple 🍍 #boiiii

1 hour ago

Detective doggo is on the case at #AWU2019 !

1 hour ago

Such an awesome suit! Glad I ran into him & got a pic 😁✌🏼

2 hours ago

🌱✨MINT MAN✨🌱 • ✨!!!!REPOST! ENDS TONIGHT AT 10PM PST!!!!✨ • HECK, almost a year in the making, (both character and suit) I got around finishing this baby! They’re up for sale now, and I’m hoping for them to get a good home and be loved :’0 • So he is up for bidding! But these are the SB, MI, and AB ! • SB: $500 (Currently at $580!) MI: $10 AB: Not figured out yet! • If they do reach more then $600, they’ll get a pair of handpaws, the ones used in video DO NOT come with the suit. They were poorly made. The higher it does go, some items will be included (feetpaws, arm sleeves, collar, etc) • I can definitely consider trade offers, but I’m looking for money so it might not be very likely I’ll accept trades. But offer them if you wish, who knows :0 • What you’ll be getting if purchased: The fursuit head with full character rights, the tail, and a green bandana. • The head is lined with a balaclava! • The buyer has right for them to request me to make them a ref sheet. But it would be my design, they can ask for certain details though! • Payment plans are accepted, however it will not be shipped until it’s completely paid. At least 40% down! • I take paypal and venmo. • Shipping would be around $35 for around the USA. International would depend! • I hope this goes to a great home! I worked very hard on them and I’m proud to put them up for sale. They’ve only been worn for the video and a little bit when it was only the base at a convention. Other then that, they’re completely new. • The head is made for a 23 inch around or smaller, but can be easily fixed if buyer requested! • They were furred by me and the base was made by the incredible @possiblysangwoo with small modifications and new ears by me. (please check him out though, he’s a literal god and incredible artist!) • That’s all for this bean! ✨🖤✨ • ~ ~ ~ #fursuit #fursuits #fursuitforsale #fursuithead #fursuitmaker #fursuitfortrade #fursuitmaking #fursuiters #fursuitmakers #characterdesign #furry #cosplay #cosplayer #forest #dog #sale #oc

2 hours ago

Hello and welcome to session one of fursuit wars on this account . I thought it be fun to hold one of these so here we are x3 . . Please share to help it fill up faster . How to get in Tag 3 fursuiters that may want to join, it helps fill things up faster And post on your story If I say you're in I will dm you Please have a photo of your suit ready . How to vote . When posted there will be 24 hours to vote . Vote by commenting the number on the suit you want to stay in, person with the least amount of votes is out . 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. . . All suits are aloud, no hate comments or you'll be kicked out . Don't steal a suit online, has to be YOUR suit . Have fun . #furry #furryfandom #fursuit #furrywars #fursuitwars #fur

2 hours ago

💗💜💙Ik I posted this on my old account but I just wanted to say ilysm alysa u mean everything to me💞💕💗💘💓💖 (even tho ur sleeping rn lol😂) Also When I say base obviously if ur a Dutch angel dragon or a skull dog ur not gonna get the same base I ues for a lava fox what I mean by bases are , headshot,ref sheet, holding pride flag or it can be just a picture of ur fursona standing straight up! #furry #fursuit #furryart #digitalart #edits #freeart #freefurryart #furrys #furryedits

2 hours ago

This is my new oc I don’t like the eye I’ll be fixing them soon I’d love to get a suit of her one day but like I said I think I got that lavafox anyways abt her ,, her name is coco or marshmallow I’m not sure yet she’s a chocolate covered marshmallow with sprinkles Dutchie idk I just rlly like making foods into fursonas I think they are so cute uwu #furry #fursuit #furryart #digitalart #edits #freeart #freefurryart #furrys #furryedits

2 hours ago

Art for @furry_boi_69 Guess what I can’t sleep it’s 12am lol oopsy anyways here’s a new request I have one other to do well I did it but like I messed up which base they wanted so now I’m waiting for theme to respond to see if they want that one or they want a new one and I’m waiting for someone to dm the picture they want me to use also I used a free base for most of this Anyways this was fun to draw I never drew a dragon like this before he kinda reminds of those how to train a dragon movies #furry #fursuit #furryart #digitalart #edits #freeart #freefurryart #furrys #furryedits

2 hours ago

Alright this super cute partial is up for grabs!!! His head fits up to a 24 inch. Super light weight. Comes with head, armsleeve paws and tail! Starting price is $250 plus shipping. Please make offer under my comment! No trades. US ONLY. I am fine with short payment plans. :) if you prefer to dm me a private offer I will put it in the comments for you anonymously. #fursuit #fursuitforsale #fursuitpartial

2 hours ago

My mom called my manager and said I was resigning without my consent, so I’m being forced to quit my job. She’s also stolen my paycheck, so I need some extra money to hold me over until I can get this figured out, so I’ve decided to sell Renegade. She comes with her head, handpaws, armsleeves, slim digitigrade legs, tail, one pair of sockpaws, and one pair of feetpaws. The tail is about 3 and a half feet tall. One claw is missing on the feetpaws, and another is scuffed, I did get them from DVC so a replacement can be ordered. The sockpaws are lined but the top part isn’t sewn. Both sets of paws are made to fit women’s size 8-8.5 feet. The legs will fit someone who is around 5’5” tall with slim legs. Id consider her medium quality, Id give her 3 stars out of 5, 1 being the absolute worst and 5 being the best. I'm not getting rid of the character, Renegade is still special to me. The design and name MUST be changed. I HIGHLY prefer money offers over trade offers. I'm looking for offers somewhere around $595 but I'm willing to haggle! Please keep in mind lowball offers will ALWAYS be ignored/declined. I’m tired of getting lowball offers. Please feel free to message me for more pictures, or if you have any questions! c: #fursuitforsale #fursuitfortrade #furry #furryfandom #fursuit #fursuiter

2 hours ago

Had a absolute blast at the Santa Monica furmeet today! I also was able to wear and test out Kawanii’s new bad boi head!

3 hours ago

Here's something i did HH These are one of my original specie's characters there called bumbleweeds and there gonna be open for a few weeks then closed they would be open around August or early. Please don't make one yet there's still rules I need to address - ° - ° -Tags #art #myart #commison #commissionsopen #furry #furryart #furrycommission #fursuit #furry #artcommissions #anime #manja #kawaii #artist #fursona #furrybadge #cartoon #illistrator #digitalart #kemono #furrybadgecommission #originalspecies