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Veel Haarlemmers zullen verbaasd hebben staan kijken naar de groep levensgrote knuffels die afgelopen weekend door de binnenstad heen paradeerden. Dertien zogenaamde "furries" deden in vol ornaat mee aan de Haarlemse Furwalk. 🧸🧸🧸 Furries zijn mensen die zich graag verkleden als dieren of pluche wezens. Jimmy Severins, een van de organisatoren, liep zelf ook mee. Hij verkleedde zich als 'Amon': een roodharige kat met paarse wenkbrauwen. “Het was een topdag. We hebben veel leuke en geïnteresseerde mensen ontmoet", vertelt Severins. "In sommige pakken zit maanden en soms zelfs meer dan een jaar werk. Daar wil je natuurlijk ook wel eens mee over straat paraderen." #wijzijnnhnieuws #noordholland #haarlem #furries #furry #fursuit #furryfandom #furwalk

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What are other pictures you would like to see next ? ☺️ #furry #fursuit

3 hours ago

A couple of people have asked me if I were to dance in Jason. It's a yes and no. I couldn't dance in him for a dance competition because I'd be scared to because of the size of his head mostly. Honey dews head is very snug on me so I don't mind. I will wear him to floor wars though or just general dances like late night con dances and raves. Here is some unedited (except for me cropping he videos into 1min clips for ig) videos of me attempting to dance in him. I apologize on my behalf for wearing a crop top again because it gets pretty hot while dancing in a pile of fur. Anyways Im very excited for #gfm and #astl see ya there! ^·^ Tags, #furry #furrie #furrys #furries #fursuit #fursuits #fursuiter #fursuitdance #fursuitdancer #fursuitdancing #dance #dancecompetiton #gatewayfurmeet #gfm2019 #astl2019

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1 day ago

Me and @berryflammable are doing a suit collab! This is a premade, he will be for sale. She's making tail, feet paws, and hand paws while I make the head, and bodysuit. Plantigrade only I can upgrade to ddigitagrade for an extra cost. Starting bid is going to have to be around $850 The minimum increase is $50 so there's no people spamming "$851! $852!" Thank you. DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT BUY! We'd have to make a sales post all over again just because of it, do NOT do it please!!! AB is $1,300. It's not a complex design but it's a floor dragger tail and big ears lol Please reply to the comment below to bid #furrry #furryfandom #fursuit #fur #fursuiter #fursuitforsale #premadefursuit #fursuitpremade #fursona #fursonaadopt

4 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Though I hate this holiday because I’m always very lonely , but that doesn’t stop me from getting the chocolates the day after !! #popples #furry #fursuit

3 months ago

I had so much fun at my school today !! All the kids where so sweet and cute!! #furry #fursuit

3 months ago

Happy Halloween fellas uh I’ll post more pictures later but here have my brother wearing panda #furry #fursuit

5 months ago

I can’t believe I’m 17 now it feels like the years go by , I’m 1 year away from being an adult . I’ve made so many good friends and met so many people in my life , Happy birthday to me!! 🎂🎁🎉🎈 #furry #fursuit

5 months ago

I cleaned panda feet!!! They where very very dirty from ifc (stupid me went outside and stepped in mud XC ) there are still like spots where the mud was but it’s hard to see #furry #fursuit

5 months ago

Pictures by @salty.shampoo !! Ack please give her a follow ! She’s open or quotes rn! I highly recommend her ily Jenny 🌚 #furry #fursuit

7 months ago

Here’s some old memories of panda! Sorry I haven’t posted I’ll have to post pictures of panda soon because panda 2.0 is coming for my bday and I’m super excited ❤️ #furry #fursuit