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4 minutes ago

Snuggling with my bff on cold winter nights #furbabies

4 minutes ago

Dino Kong

8 minutes ago

Meet Sue, aka Piggy Sue 🐽 She joined the family last week on Valentines Day. She has the sweetest soul, and just wants to cuddle constantly. We all have some training and adjusting to do, and that’s just fine. She lets me put my cold feet under her warm squishy belly, so I think she’s worth it. And now we’re outnumbered, it’s officially an animal house 🐶🐷🐱 @awbuente #adoptdontshop #iacs #indianapolisanimalcareservices #pittyparty #furbabies #adognamedsue #imagoodgirl #ladydog #rescuedogs #piggysue

9 minutes ago

When all your dogs are ready to ruff you up 😳🐶

13 minutes ago

Today is my baby boy’s birthday! @Alextheiggy I can’t believe my little boy is 5 - he’s so goofy, lovable & so energetic. I can’t imagine life without him even though he drives me crazy- it’s a good kind of crazy! #furbaby #birthdayboy #furmomma #furbabies

14 minutes ago

My fur babies ❤️

22 minutes ago

My FIRST shot with my new Sony a5100 camera! 📸 . . So far, so good! I like it . And so does Gussybear . 😁

22 minutes ago

Seriously the sweetest and most needy fur baby ever. I wouldn’t give her up for anything. #furbabies

22 minutes ago

So I was at the veterinarian's office today. While waiting on X-rays and a sonogram, I met Tyme the pet turtle! Tyme’s mamma has had him for 9 years and estimates he is 12 years old. She also said he has quite the personality and makes a great pet. No aquarium for this lucky turtle he has his own area to roam. Tyme came in for a beak and nail trim. Unfortunately, our little Bailey (second picture) needed to stay in the hospital overnight for IV drip and antibiotics. She has sludge in her gallbladder and high white blood count. 😔 On a more positive note, our veterinarian clinic is owned by the family Miracles From Heaven, the book and movie starring Jennifer Garner are based on.

22 minutes ago

My level of exhaustion and it's not even Friday yet. 😭 One more day!

23 minutes ago

Fear. Fear is one of the biggest things that holds us back from chasing our dreams. When I started this coaching thing a year ago, fear and limiting beliefs held me back from actually doing the work or sharing much about it. I was afraid of what people would think of me, and I didn’t want to be “that girl." BUT, a few months ago something clicked, and this time I finally went for it. I took the step out of my comfort zone to DO THE THINGS from continuing to sharing my own journey, working on my personal growth, and connecting with others who need this healthy shift too. Through this action I realized coaching has actually BUILT the confidence to no longer let this fear control me. I am excited to continue to work on myself, develop as a coach, and lead a really confident team of other women kicking fear out & going for something more! 👯‍♀️ If you're curious about what I actually do as a coach we are hosting a webinar next week--No strings attached, drop a 🤗 below and I’ll get you an invite!

27 minutes ago

Playing in the fleece, cuz we think it helps mom clean the cage 😅🙄