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They be wilding

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Meet Klaus Nieminen, 23. Klaus is the most promising weightlifter of recent years in Finland and - proud to say - my friend. He once deadlifted 255 pounds! (I was there!) Klaus started ketogenic diet 6 weeks ago to lose some of extra weight. He died 5 weeks ago. God, I miss the smell of his armpits in the gym. 😭 #drawingday #weightlifting #gymshark

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How does 4 x FREE tickets to Africa’s largest comedy festival sound? Simply tag your 3 partners in comedy crime plus the hashtags #JICF and #FunnyAF and you could #WIN ! T&Cs:

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So fun having @bripruett on our show last week! She’s one of our favorites. Join us tomorrow for another great show! 📸 @troyconrads

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I almost got in trouble one time because of this 💀

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Can’t forget about “chill out buckaroo”.

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