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4 weeks ago

- The capital, the metropolis, the amalgamation of buildings, the unnecessary construction, and so on. All these words came together to make Tehran populated, Iran's most populous city. A worker is one of the city's busiest jobs. A man who has created a beautiful scene in his workplace and works in one of the city's busiest streets. | Aug 2019 | © Bahram Bayat | @kiarang.alaei _ پایتخت، کلانشهر، تجمع امکانات، ساخت‌وساز بی‌رویه و... همه این کلمات کنار هم قرار گرفتند و دست به دست هم دادند تا تهران پرجمعیت شود؛ پرجمعیت‌ترین شهر ایران. کارگری یکی از پرتعدد ترین شغل های این شهر است .مردی که همخوانی اش با مصنوعات شغلی صحنه زیبایی خلق کرده است و در یکی از پر ترددترین خیابان های این شهر مشغول به کار است.- مرداد ۱۳۹۸

1 month ago

_ ‏”Respect for nature” . And trees are condemned to patches of human to sale of goods for a comfortable life...Everything created in this world is revered,Maintain the respect of the tree that is useful and Has created a path to beauty and do not let yourself to hurt the life of a tree.In Indian culture, there is a ritual to cut down a dry tree that they ask for forgiveness from God.A little respect for a more beautiful life is enough. | Sep 2019 | © Bahram Bayat | @kiarang.alaei -

1 month ago

_ Muharram 1441 | Sep 2019 | © Bahram Bayat |

1 month ago

Çakır Sokağı.